4 Reasons Not to Buy Counterfeit Vape Products

4 Reasons Not to Buy Counterfeit Vape Products

If you vape, have vaped, or are thinking about vaping, all the stories in the news might be deterring you lately. People are now being hospitalized from vaping after everyone seemed to think vaping was a harmless alternative to cigarettes.

You may be worried– Should I throw away my Juul? Is my vape juice safe? What were the people hospitalized using? Although there are no definitive answers on how dangerous vaping is, it is imperative not to buy counterfeit vape products. If you have no idea what is in the vape juice, you could be inhaling heavy metals, like nickel, tin, and lead or diacetyl, a chemical linked to serious lung disease.

1. Testing

Most things we consume have some sort of regulation. The FDA controls our food supply and makes sure that what we either ingest, or put on our bodies won't harm us. Vapes have similar regulations put on them. For example, the batteries vaping use must meet certain standards as well as having a premarket tobacco application. The batteries must be made out of lithium ion, steel, or plastics. I

f you are purchasing a counterfeit vape, these regulations are no longer in place. Business owners selling counterfeit vape products may skirt around these standards. Therefore, the products can be dangerous and potentially harmful. Vapes have exploded while charging, as well as during use.

Vapes have seriously injured people. Even if a counterfeit vape is cheaper, it is not worth the risk of getting hurt. The reason fake vapes are cheaper, is due to these government requirements not being in place.

2. Materials

Fake and counterfeit vape products use cheapcheap products and materials. They cut corners in many ways to save money. This can include the batteries, the chip, the processor, and even the way the vape is engineered.

Having lower quality materials in a vape is dangerous, but also can waste your money in the long run. You may have to buy batteries more often since they won't last as long, or even cause your vape to break after a bit of use because they aren't made as well.

Using counterfeit coils is also dangerous on many levels. The coil wire cannot properly resist heat, so it causes you to inhale vaporized, metallic particles.

3. Unreliable Manufacturers

When you are buying from 3rd parties or unreliable manufacturers, it can be impossible to get in contact with them for any problems. If something does go wrong, there is a high possibility that you may not recover the damages. This leads to spending more money on buying vapes because if you can't get in contact with the suppliers after an issue occurs, there is no way to get refunded or a new product.

4. The Experience

The actual vaping experience may not be as good with a counterfeit vape. They are not crafted as well, don't use high quality materials, and skirt around regulations. It is not worth it to save money when you are jeopardizing first your health and safety, but second, the whole reasons you are buying a vape anyways–for the experience. The way the vape hits and how smooth it is can be different with a higher quality vape.

How to Spot a Counterfeit

There are many ways to spot a counterfeit vape. Some of the most common are looking at the authenticity code, typos on packaging, and price. Price is the easiest to spot a counterfeit because if you are looking to purchase a vape significantly lower priced than most, it probably is using lower quality materials.

A good rule of thumb is that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Many fake vapes are sold on places like Amazon, Ebay, or 3rd party websites. Looking at authenticity codes is important as well. However, the only way to check these are by having the physical product, so you have to purchase it to find out.

This doesn't allow for you to have as much of a chance to return or exchange your product. If the authenticity code is fake, it will not check out with the manufacturer. Counterfeits either fake a code or use a stolen one.

Staying Safe When You Vape

Now that you hopefully have not purchased a counterfeit vape, there are still precautions you need to keep in mind when vaping. Make sure to take care of your batteries. This includes not leaving your vape in a hot car because it can cause the battery to overheat and explode.

The juice is also another part of the vape to be mindful of. If it does spill out of the cartridge, ensure it doesn't get on your skin. If it does, wash it off as soon as you can. This hazard can be mitigated by purchasing juice from reputable sources.

There have been some issues lately with putting other substances in vapes when that's not what they are meant for. It can be extremely dangerous to put other liquids inside a vape because the vape is specifically crafted for a certain substance. Other forms can cause the vape to malfunction. Keep your vape in a safe place and make sure to stay healthy in other ways as well!

It's up to You

All in all it is on you to check your vape and make sure it is not counterfeit. Some ways to tell are by looking to see if your product has a unique id code, ensure you are only buying from an authorized vendor, and only purchase vapes directly from the e-comm channel or manufacturer themselves.

Also do your research. Look up the name and place of origin of your vape, as well as the supplier and information you can find about them. Vaping is a great way to curb cigarette addiction and socialize, but it is so important to be careful and informed. Like anything, knowing what you are putting into your body and lungs is essential for good health. Just don't be stupid about it and you'll be fine.

How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes Using a Vape

How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes Using a Vape

Are you ready to quit smoking for good, but aren't sure which method is right for you?

This is a common problem smokers run into. Prescription medications, special chewing gum, and therapy all claim to reduce cigarette cravings and help a person quit smoking. However, what works for one person may not be right for you.

Fortunately, vaping offers a way to cut out cigarettes while still enjoying the act of smoking. In fact, vaping offers something totally new – a wide variety of flavors and devices.

Plus, vaping doesn't come with a laundry list of health hazards like tobacco cigarettes do. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 16 million Americans have a disease caused by smoking cigarettes. Any way you slice it, it's time to quit.

But before you go all in and buy a vaping kit, you need to know some basics. Let's go over some easy tips to help you quit smoking with a vape.

Know Your Device Options

Vaping is vaping, right? Not quite. The first thing you'll need to consider is the device you use. This may seem like an insignificant detail, but if you're taking up vaping to quit smoking, it could have a big impact on your success.

The primary distinction you need to make is between the e-cigarette and the vape pen. Both are effective vaping devices, but there are some features you need to consider before making a purchase.

An e-cigarette is a small device made to look like a real cigarette. They're compact and come with a rechargeable battery and e-liquid cartridges. You inhale just like you would a real cigarette. This is a good option if you want to ease into vaping and feel like you need the same oral satisfaction you got from cigarettes.

You may also opt for a vape pen, which is what you see most vapers using. These are larger devices that contain a chamber for the e-liquid. Vape pens have a longer battery life and are typically a bit more expensive. However, they're often much smoother and can be modified to fit your vaping preferences.

Be Choosy With Your Flavors

One of the biggest benefits to vaping is the wide range of flavors to choose from. In fact, this may be the best part about choosing to quit smoking using a vape.

However, choosing the right e-liquid flavor is more important than you think. If you make a decision without thinking it through, you could end up hating it. The next thing you know, you'll be ditching your new vape for cigarettes.

You'll be amazed at how many flavors of e-juice are out there. Fruit, candies, and foods are all available. However, it may be better to try more adventurous flavors after you've gotten used to vaping.

A great tip for beginners trying to quit smoking is to choose a flavor closer to tobacco. The familiarity with real cigarettes could help you acclimate to vaping. Keep in mind you can have a special blend created that suits your taste.

Consider the Strength of Your E-Juice

According to the National Institutes of Health, 75-80% of people who try to quit smoking relapse within six months. This is due to the power of nicotine addiction.

E-juice comes with different levels of nicotine. If you're trying to quit smoking, choosing the right strength is important. Initially, you'll probably want something fairly strong.

It may seem strange to go with a stronger level of nicotine while trying to cut out cigarettes. However, if you start with an e-juice with very little nicotine, you may be prone to overusing it in order to feel satisfied.

The best approach is to think about how often you smoked cigarettes and start with an appropriate level. For instance, if you smoked a pack a day, you need a high nicotine level. Moderate smokers can start with less.

Lower Your Levels Over Time

After you've chosen the right flavor and nicotine strength, you'll probably start vaping all the time. There's a good chance you'll enjoy it right away. This is great news. You're no longer consuming cigarettes but still enjoying the pleasure of vaping. However, you have some work to do before you've officially quit smoking for good.

The next step is to start lowering the nicotine level of your e-juice. This means you'll be giving your body less of the nicotine it's been used to and cutting down your dependency on it. The process can be tricky, so don't jump the gun.

One of the best ways to know it's time to lower your level is by considering how much you use your vape. If you started by using it all the time and now don't seem to rely on it as much, it's time to think about moving to a lower level.

Try intentionally leaving your e-cigarette or vape pen at home when you go out. If you start having serious cravings, you may need a little more time with your current nicotine level. However, if you feel fine waiting until you get home to vape, you may be ready to lower your dose.

Take the Plunge and Cut Out Nicotine

If you've gone as low as you can with your nicotine level and don't feel like you depend on it, think about making the switch to zero-nicotine e-juice. This may be intimidating at first, but once you do it, you'll realize there was nothing to worry about.

It may help to set a date when you plan on cutting out nicotine. Or, you may just need to be spontaneous and start right away. Whatever method works for you.

The great thing about vaping is that you still get to enjoy the act of smoking, even if there's no nicotine or tobacco involved. In fact, if you've been using an e-juice with low nicotine for some time, you may not notice a difference.

Invest in a Vape and Quit Smoking Now

If you're ready to give cigarettes the boot for good, vaping may be the answer. Moving to a vape will allow you to quit smoking on your terms. Plus, you may find a new hobby in vaping.

Keep the tips discussed above in mind when vaping for the first time. You'll probably find that quitting smoking was easier than you thought.

Check out these starter kits with all the gear you need.




Which E- Cigarette is Best to Start With?

Which E- Cigarette is Best to Start With?

Photographer: Quaid Lagan | Source: Unsplash

It can be hard to decide what e-cigarette to use when you are just starting out. Some people have heard about them, but they do not understand the differences between the several models very well. There are several kinds of models in the market today, so it is important to know the right one for you.

E-cigarettes are, basically, electronic devices that you can use to smoke. You can use them to stop using nicotine, in which case you will vape other substances. Some people, however, just use it as another way to smoke. Why? Because it is cleaner and there are models with special flavors.

Vaping is pretty popular today, so why not give it a chance? In order to start out, you need a great starter kit, though. They got everything that you need to begin using.

How To Choose the Best E-Cigarette Starter Kit?

When you are starting out, your major concern will be to buy something that is balanced in both quality and price. First, it should not be too expensive. It is a waste of money to buy one of the most expensive models when you are still learning the ropes.

You also have to take into account that you need something that is easy to use. Complex models are not for beginners, so they may confuse you more than actually help you. A cheap and simple model won’t do any good if it is simply not good, however, so keep an eye out for quality.

Good models have a great vapor production and come in complete, polished kits. There are many mediocre packages out there that do not have everything that you need in order to have a great experience right from the start.

Other small points should also be considered, too. For instance, ask yourself whether you need removable batteries or in-built ones, how important size is to you, etc. In the end, what matters the most is whether the product is a perfect fit for you.

Here are several options of the best e-cigarette starter kits in the market today.

Morpheus Vape Mod Kit

Created by Mig Vapor, the Morpheus Vape Mod Kit is one of the most complete and accessible options that you can get. It is very portable, easy to use and it can hold up to 3 milliliters of e-juice. The model has a big 3000 mAh battery, too.

This is a very resistant product. Morpheus has a tank made of stainless steel and multicolored rubber seals. It produces a good amount of vapor and its design is perfect for users who are not used to the vaper world yet.

This product costs $69.95 and it can be found in black and silver colors.

Innokin Endura T20

Another great option for new vapers is the Innokin Endura T20. Many devices seem too complicated for new users, but this one really makes the whole experience be easier and it feels great. You only need to use a single button to operate it, so it could not be simpler than that.

With a capacity for 2 milliliters of e-fluid and a 1,500 mAh battery, you can probably spend a whole day vaping using this e-cigarette and you’ll still have a charge.

Innokin Endura T20 has a great cost and you can pick it up for only $24.95 on the company’s store. This makes it one of the best options when it comes to value.

Mig 21 Clear Fusion

This model offers a pretty solid kit. It has an excellent production of vapor and a good flavor, which makes it a sophisticated option for newbies. Its tank capacity is of 1.3 milliliters of e-fluid and it comes with two batteries of 380 mAh each.

Mig 21 Clear Fusion offers a package with a bottle of 30 milliliters of e-juice and it comes with a USB charger and a wall adapter. It is an option for people who want to start out with style.

Something pretty interesting about it is that you can buy it in four colors: black, white, stainless steel and pink. You can grab this model at the store for $69.95.

Kilo 1K

Created by Kilo E-Liquids, this model offers an option for people looking for several flavors, low odor and discreet size. The model is black and it always feels great on your hand. Its liquid capacity is 1.5 milliliters and it can carry four pods per pack.

This option is really all about flavors. There are several options from fruity to strong ones. All of them carry a small dosage of nicotine, though, so you should be aware of that before using this model.

Kilo 1K is not a complete kit, though, but it is highly customizable. You have to buy some of the pods separately. Four of them on a single flavor are $16.95 and the battery device costs $19.95.

Smok Stick V9 Max

Do you want something powerful and yet simple? The Smok Stick V9 Max may be the answer. It has the largest battery of all the options presented here: 4,000 mAh. This could last maybe even two days straight. Its tank is also huge with a capacity of 8.5 milliliters.

The best part is that this looks like a very advanced and powerful model and yet it only takes a single button to work. It is a really robust device that can be used even by beginners without issues.

This option costs $59.99 and it comes with two coils, the tank, a charging cable and a small number of spare O-rings in case you need it.

The Best E-cigarette Depends On You

Some models are better than the ones, however, it’s really up to you. Looking closely at all the options and defining exactly what you need if the best way to determine the right purchase.

If you want the cheap option with great quality, the Innokin Endura T20 is a great choice. However, if you are more interested in getting something stylish and comfortable that has the most complete package overall, the Mig 21 Clear Fusion sounds great. If you really want the behemoth of vapers, though, the Smok Stick V9 Max is the one for you.

How do You Know When to Upgrade Your Vape?

How do You Know When to Upgrade Your Vape?

There are only three reasons why you would need to upgrade your Vape device. #1 Malfunction its not working. charger may have gone out or the vape may not be hitting with the power it used to. #2 change of pace you have outgrown the pen and decided to go bigger and you want to get more customization options ,or the reverse you may fall into the bracket of those who want more discretion and practicality a lot of vapes on the market really fall into that bracket because they are big and indiscreet, if you don’t have a bag.

after a while you feel in cumbered you always have only one hand available. #3 you lost it or broke it. In any case here are some in-depth signs you need to look out for, should you need to replace your Vape.

Follow your Nose

One of the first signs you may need to replace your vape is a metallic sent coming from your vape. it even effects your pulls or hits so it will taste like smoking pennies so stay on the lookout normally this comes from over use with bad coils or burnt out RDA also keep in mind this can be dangerous to your health.

Some e-cigs even have a burnt or metallic flavor when Vaping. The metallic taste is almost certainly because of the coil. E-cigarettes produce high levels of formaldehyde-releasing chemicals at high voltages. According to a letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine today. Given that formaldehyde is well-documented carcinogen . the finding lends support to the idea that e-cigarettes should be subjected to greater regulations the wick in the head. If it is metal and hard when beaten. There is a hot spot on the coil where the wire is not enough juice soaked.

Short life span

Shortened battery life is a good way of knowing when to replace your vape as well the average battery life span is 300+ puffs once it starts cutting off at around the minimum 300 you may want to consider a upgrade or replacement. This is normally due to habits of overcharging your vape, remember these things are very sensitive and charging them more than 3 hours at a time may cause damage to internal mechanisms. Vapes can be complex machines they can break with a drop or even from over filling your tanks, one small mechanism inside the device not working well

Vape Upkeep

Remember a vape is an item that must be well maintained no matter how small your vape is, some maintenance is required case in point big modes will need a considerable amount of cleaning and replacing parts periodically Coils, Batteries, RDAs, Screws and so on. With that in mind a budget for upkeep is going to have to be a back thought to every related purchase well talk more about that in the next point. Touching base on smaller vape u keep is a little simpler… Household item simple take a normal juul for example alcohol and Q-tips will go a long way. but once you see the pod ends start to rust its time for a new device. You can find out more at https://bestvapesmoke.com/


One of the biggest reasons people switch to vaping is an alternative to smoking cigarettes kicking the stick as some would call it, But with that said a lot of vape devices on the market are very expensive accessories especially when you factor in the cost of parts that will need to be repaired every 60 to 30 days depending on use. Making a vape cost more than you bargained for take the time to do the research to find what your looking for, and if you don’t know ask yourself these questions.

– What kind of vape do you need?

– Is it practical for your lifestyle? (you want it because it works not because it looks cool)

– Can you afford it ?

– Can you Maintain it?

Its crucial here you don’t allow the Cashier at the vape shop or the overall aesthetic of the vape itself persuade you on what to buy. They should be guiding you to locate the right device so in this case I will definitely encourage you to lean towards going into a shop and not shopping online at least until you are vaping for a while so you aren’t visiting smoke or vape shops on a constant basis to make something that doesn’t work for you work it’s a waste of money and time.

The Law

A lot of places like Airports and Hospitals have certain rules and regulations keeping vapes out of the facilities entirely. for example Airports they don’t allow the user to use them or carry them in the facility some Airports even confiscate or ask you to throw them away thru TSA check points if they notice them at the baggage check.

Making the switching to a new vape like Juul or Palm may cut back on this because the device carries a smaller battery and is Discreet so smoking it wont cause large clouds that may disturb other travelers or cause airport security to freak out. most of this is due to huge modes that take lithium batteries because these devices have a habit of exploding or causing small fires due to the altitude of the aircraft so if you travel a lot a smaller vape may be more fitting.

when to change vape coil

When to Change Vape Coil: Look For These 4 Signs

Disposable vape pens are very popular, commanding over 23% of sales in CO. Most vaping enthusiasts will prefer something a bit more long-term, though. A proper vaporizer will produce better vapor while reducing the cost per-puff.

Part of achieving this superior end-product is learning how to maintain your vaporizer. Whether you’re using a pen or a desktop vaporizer, cleaning and maintenance are vital. You might as well pay the premium for disposables if you’re not invested in the details of vaping.

With that said, if there were one part of the vaporizer you should pay attention the most, it’s the vape coil. Maintaining and knowing when to change vape coil parts will determine your vapor quality. If you hang onto a vape coil well after it’s expired, you’re in for some bad times.

Avoid bad flavor, bad vapor, and potentially ruining your other vape pieces by early detection. Use this guide to help identify the most common red flags.

Who Burnt the Lettuce?

Your first sign that things have gone south is a burnt flavor. Depending on what you’re vaping (flower, oil, wax), the burnt flavor will vary. Sometimes it is a subtle undertone that you’ll need to catch.

A burnt flavor in a VG-heavy e-juice will resemble burnt oil or vegetables. It’s very foul, while the PG-heavy juices are lighter and don’t linger as much. This is something you’ll find easier to detect as you vape more.

Once your coil starts burning, there’s really no reversing the damage. You have to proactively clean your coil to avoid material sitting and burning it up. This is more of a problem with concentrates, but time is the essence here. 

Change out that coil at the first taste of burnt flavors. If you delay the inevitable, it will taint all your other components.

The Juice is “Off”

E-liquid flavors are a delicate balance of chemistry. The wrong ratios will throw off the flavor, but it’s uncommon with reputable brands. If you’re a regular vaper of a particular e-juice and run into a batch that is “off”, it’s probably the coil.

Even when trying new juices, there’s no reason why the flavor should contain weird or muted notes. E-juices are rarely subtle or contain weird undertones. These are hints that, while your coil isn’t burning, it is aging or underperforming.

This is less obvious with flowers and concentrates sometimes. E-juices also tend to linger in older coils, too. That means that when you swap to a different flavor, you’ll still get a hint of the previous juice. 

In reality, though, you should still get a few more sessions with that older coil, as the residue from the older juice will clear after a few puffs. All of this comes down to your personal preference. Don’t get lazy and run the old coil into the ground, though.

Vaping Mist, Not Clouds

This is one of the least obvious signs when to change vape coil parts out. Heavy users will detect a drop in vapor density almost right away. Casual vapers, it might take them a day or two. 

Eventually, though, towards the end of your coil’s life, vapor production falls. You’ll start taking longer hits to compensate for the poor vapor. This is sometimes confused with nicotine tolerance for some smokers. 

If you notice yourself needing to take longer vapes, check the coil first. It should show signs of failure and frailty.

What the Bong?

Our last, but often annoying sign that your coil needs to be changed is the sound of your vaporizer. Now, when you have a situation where every hit produces a gurgling or extra asperated sound, it can go two ways. It may indicate you have a leak somewhere or that your coil is faulty.

If you have either never changed the coil before or lost track of the last time, this is probably the case. If you have just changed out the coil, then you have a situation with the device itself. Typically, this means there’s a leak somewhere in the chamber or vapor channel.

When to Change Vape Coil Parts

The last thing you want to do is wait until you start experiencing one of these aforementioned red flags before changing the coil. You should practice preventative maintenance to extend the life of your vape and it’s parts. There’s no hard rule on when you need to change it out, but there is a sort of rhythm to it.

Heavy vapers will want to clean their coil every day and change out a new one every week. The quality of your coil and the type will change things a little, but if you’re talking multiple vape sessions per day, you shouldn’t get conservative.

Average vaping of about one session per day should still clean after their session. The coil is going to last you a few weeks, at least. You should keep a close watch on flavor and vapor production.

Casual vapers who vape take a few pulls per week can clean weekly and still get a good month out of their coil. Set reminders for yourself because it’s easy for a coil to go bad for a month undetected. Meanwhile, the rest of your vape pen is getting tainted.

Protect Your Investment

The vape coil is the life force of your vaporizer. You might as well go with disposables if you can’t maintain it. Knowing when to change vape coil parts and how is important for vape ownership. 

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on parts and procedures. Watch some videos on YouTube, if you have to see it done. Always give your new coils a few minutes to soil the wick before vaping. 

If you do that, you’ll avoid a lot of premature coil burning. Having a quality vaporizer goes a long way for coil longevity, too. Check out our list of the 10 best vape pens on the market.

vaping at work

Vaping at Work? 13 Things Every Employer Should Consider

The global vaping market is now estimated to be worth around $22.6 billion; needless to say, it’s an exploding industry. However, the technology is still fairly new, so your workplace might not have implemented specific policies surrounding vaping yet.

If you’re in charge of coming up with the policies, you may feel lost. For some guidance, here are some things to consider about vaping at work.

1. Give Your Employees Notice About Policy Changes

If you’re going to change your work policy with regards to vaping, you need to make sure you give employees notice. Generally, you should give them a few months before you implement any changes.

Let’s say you’re banning vaping on-site; you need to give people time to quit or cut down. Banning vaping instantly is only going to cause issues and can impact morale and productivity.

2. Update the Handbook

An employee handbook should exist so employees can refer to it whenever they want to know about company policies. If you make any changes to the policy regarding vaping, you need to make sure it’s represented in the handbook. If the handbook doesn’t reflect your policies, it’s only going to cause confusion for people.

3. Check the Wording

You might have a policy based around smoking in your employee rules, but sometimes, these rules are vague enough that vapers aren’t mentioned.

For example, you might have a policy that forbids the use of nicotine products in the workplace. Some vape juices don’t contain any nicotine, so technically, someone vaping with this wouldn’t be in violation of the rules.

4. Vapes Can Product a Smell

While some vape liquids don’t contain nicotine, they can produce quite a strong smell. Many of your employees won’t appreciate being in the presence of vape clouds.

Restricting vaping based on the kind of smell it gives off is difficult, as it’s such a subjective sense. If you were to ban “strong” smelling vape liquids, there’s a lot of room for interpretation.

5. Consider Your Image

If your employees are front facing, you need to consider the kind of image vaping gives off. Some vapes are made to look like cigarettes, and some customers might not be able to tell the difference. Perhaps you should consider forbidding vaping in front of customers.

6. Some Use Vaping to Quit Smoking

Some of your employees might be using vaping as a means to quit smoking. Will you make special considerations for people who are vaping in this way or will you have a one-size-fits-all vaping policy?

Bear in mind that if you allow vaping for people who are trying to quit smoking, it’s easy for people to abuse this policy.

7. The Evidence Is Inconclusive

While it seems vaping is safer than smoking, the evidence about it is still somewhat inconclusive. While you’re writing your company policy, bear in mind that we don’t know the effects vaping can have on human health yet.

Smoking was initially regarded to be safe, but as time went on, evidence came to light that it was extremely harmful.

8. Vaping at Workstations

Consider if you’re going to allow people to vape at their workstations. There are some benefits to this; for example, it’ll improve people’s productivity since they won’t need to keep stepping outside to vape.

On the other hand, other employees might not be happy to have people vaping close to them. Vapor could also create a residue inside computers.

9. Consider the Batteries

Sometimes, vapers might want to dispose of their batteries. If you’re going to make vaping acceptable at work, you need to make sure vapers have somewhere to discard any used batteries. It’s important that these are disposed of properly and that they’re not just thrown in with the regular garbage.

10. Think About Safety

In certain workplaces, it could be unsafe to use a vape. For example, some vapes emit a high volume of vapor, resulting in a thick cloud. This could impair visibility and lead to an accident.

In some cases, a vape could also be a fire hazard. For example, the vape might explode while it’s being charged. Lots of people order cheap Chinese vapes, which aren’t always put together so well.

11. Set Boundaries

You need to decide if vaping is going to be completely banned or if it’s going to be allowed in smoking areas. Maybe you’ll allow vaping in other areas and not just in smoking areas. Or you can only vape with e-liquids that don’t contain any nicotine.

It’s important to set clear boundaries on what is or isn’t allowed.

12. Consider Employee Morale

A straight-up ban on vaping could have a very bad effect on employee morale. While employees vaping might be bad for productivity, low morale is also harmful to productivity levels. Always consider keeping your employees happy when you’re coming up with your workplace vaping rules.

13. Consider a Quit Smoking Program

Instead of banning vaping and smoking outright, you might want to consider implementing a quit smoking program to help your employees to kick the habit. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances in the world, and it can be difficult to quit while maintaining a high level of work performance.

Have a Solid Vaping at Work Policy

It’s important that you have a specific policy surrounding vaping at work. If your policies are vague, or if vaping is simply not mentioned at all, it’s only going to result in conflict.

When you implement a vaping policy, make sure you consider the morale of your workers. For example, don’t just issue an overnight ban on vaping. If you ease into things, they’ll be more receptive to change.

Need more information on vaping? Then check out this blog article.


E-Cigarettes Are Not the Gateway to Smoking Cigarettes

7 out of 10 smokers claim that they would like to quit smoking in the near future. Many of these smokers may turn to e-cigarette to help reduce the pain of gradually quitting.

So if e-cigarettes can actually help individuals quit smoking, what’s all the fuss about their potential health consequences? Read on to learn more about vaping and the number of physical benefits associated with it.

What is Vaping?

Over the years vaping has risen in popularity. However, many individuals are still unsure about what vaping really is and why it’s used. In short, vaping is the use of an electronic machine, often referred to as an e-cigarette, in which different oils and flavors are loaded and inhaled through a vapor.

Recently, vaping has returned at a popular trend among millennial’s. Now vaping can be used with anything from nicotine to essential oils.

As a result, researchers are finding that there may be some added health benefits that come as a result of vaping. Read on to learn more about vaping and it’s possible benefits.

How to Use E-cigarettes

Once you’ve purchased your first Vape pen or e-cigarette, you’ll find that the mechanism is remarkably easy to use.

To load the cartridge unscrew the bottom of the pen or a cigarette. You’ll find a small spring cartridge where you will load the oil.

Simply remove the old cotton oil applicator and add in a new cotton applicator that has a few drops of your preferred oil applied to it.

From here, you will insert the cartridge back into the e-cigarette and wait for it to load up. Typically you want to wait about five minutes before attempting to vape after changing out the cartridge.

You want to change out your cartridge every couple of weeks or each time you choose to change the flavor. However, a few drops of juice in your e-cigarette can last for days.

You’ll find there are a wide variety of online vape stores and products to choose from, making it easy to always have your favorite flavors on hand.

E-cigarette’s vs. Real Cigarettes

For years there has been speculation that e-cigarettes are the gateway drug to regular cigarette smoking. However, anyone that has tried both versions of smoking can tell you that there is a distinct difference between the two.

Lung Quality

While any type of smoking may have some negative effects on the quality of your lungs, there is a stark difference between water-based vaping and tobacco-based smoking.

Research has found that there are dramatically fewer cases of lung cancer among those who vape compare the two those who smoke traditional cigarettes.

As you discover below, while both e-cigarette’s and cigarettes have the potential to lead to lung cancer, the use of e-cigarettes can dramatically reduce an individuals need to smoke, thus saving them from a higher likelihood of lung cancer in the future.

Quitting Cigarettes

One primary use of e-cigarette’s is creating a healthier substitute for those attempting to quit the use of traditional cigarettes. Due to the extremely addictive qualities of nicotine, it may be difficult to give up cigarettes cold turkey.

Rather than giving up cigarettes altogether, many smokers trying to quit will gradually reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke on a daily basis.

Another benefit of e-cigarettes, when compared to other nicotine alternatives like patches, is that the vapor has total control over the amount of nicotine they intake each time they vape. The individual can reduce the amount of nicotine they inhale by adding less nicotine based oil to their vaping cartridge with each use.

Other Uses of Vaping

 In addition to attempting to quit smoking, there are a number of reasons someone may choose to vape. These reasons may range from physical to mental benefits, depending on the individual and their unique needs.

Vaping and CBD

Over the years the medicinal use of cannabis has been legalized in over half of the United States. This is due to the fact that cannabis offers intense medicinal properties for those suffering from a variety of conditions.

Which is why many individuals choose to Vape CBD oils in an effort to bring relief to a number of symptoms and conditions.

Some symptoms that vaping CBD may help relieve includes

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Pain brought on by various cancer treatments
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of appetite for those suffering from a severe eating disorder
  • And seizures

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above you may want to talk to your doctor about using Vape CBD oil as a potential treatment option.

Vaping and Essential Oils

Researchers found that the use of various essential oils, whether through aromatherapy or taken orally, can result in a number of health benefits.

For example, lavender has been found to help reduce stress as well as prevent various sleep problems. Smelling and or inhaling mint can help relieve nausea or other stomach related symptoms.

Even the use of essential lemon oil can help energize and refresh an individual. Which is why many people are choosing to load their e-cigarette with different essential oils to help treat whatever their current needs may be.

Not only are essential oils safe, but they’re also an organic alternative to traditional medications.

Finding the Right Vape Products for Your Needs

Whether you want to buy an e-cigarette to quit smoking or to enjoy the many benefits associated with vaping, it’s best to start with quality products.

From starter kits to various juice flavors you’ll be able to find everything you need right here. To start your vaping journey today check out our quality product reviews to see what works for you.


viral vaping

Viral Vaping: Do Couples Who Vape Together Stay Together?

The wedding industry was worth $72 billion USD in 2016. Since then, the industry has been on an upswing.

With revenue like that, it’s no wonder that every year there is a new trend to follow and a style to imitate. The wedding industry needs to keep pushing the envelope in order to remain current and social media-friendly. 

Whether it’s burlap tablecloths or balloon walls that fill your Pinterest board, social media plays a huge role in what is hot for weddings. 

The latest social media craze to make the jump to the wedding industry is viral vaping.

What is vaping? Why is it so popular? And how can you incorporate vape lifestyle into your big day?

Keep reading to see what this new wedding trend is and whether it is a good omen for your happily-ever-after marriage. 

What is Viral Vaping?

Vaping, as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, is a fairly new trend. A vape pen heats e-liquid containing nicotine to a certain temperature. This vaporizes the liquid allowing you to inhale smoke that is free of harsh chemicals. 

Although the practice of heating shisha in order to inhale the smoke has been around since the times of the ancient Egyptians, the modern vape pen design really took off in the early 2000s. Heralded as a means of quitting traditional cigarettes, the trend of vaping has taken off, particularly in the younger demographics. 

Vaping has become trendy, ubiquitous, and very social media-friendly. The trend of snapping pics of yourself and your loved ones while vaping is one example of the viral nature of vaping. 

Don’t believe us? Check out Instagram. There are 26 million posts with the hashtag #vape. 

The social media craze has been picked up by the wedding industry. 

Vaping in Your Wedding or Engagement Photos

If you both play soccer, you’ll probably take a wedding photo with a soccer ball or cleats. Maybe you both ride horses, and your wedding or engagement photos showcase some cowboy boots and stirrups. 

The latest in wedding photo motifs is none other than vaping. 

Although there seems to be plenty of negative sentiments surrounding the trend, it hasn’t seemed to slow it down at all. There are plenty of examples online of couples blowing smoke in each other’s faces. 

Or blowing a smoke cloud together. 

Or the wedding party is blowing smoke in the background. 

The list goes on… 

Other Ways to Include Vaping at Your Wedding 

If you’re a vaping couple, and you want your wedding to be a true reflection of your shared interests, it’s natural to want to include vaping as a part of your wedding. 

The trend of vaping extends beyond just wedding photos. 

Like an open-bar, some couples have chosen to set up a vape bar and provide their guests with vape flavor options. You can get e-liquid in wedding-appropriate flavors such as champagne and cake. 

Asking for a vape starter kit on your wedding registry is now as accepted as asking for mixing bowls. Other ways to include vaping at your wedding include:

  • Providing guests with a vaping etiquette guide for the big day
  • Sending out a guide to vaping at your wedding
  • Hosting a BYO-vape pen wedding
  • Choosing a dark background for your selfie-booth so vape clouds show up better
  • Decorating with a vape theme

The more creative you are willing to be, the more ways you can choose to include your love of vaping at your wedding. 

What Does a Vape Wedding Indicate About Your Marriage?

There seems to be a lot of chatter about what a vape-themed wedding or wedding photo indicates about a couple. 

The truth is, it’s pretty early in the trend to know if any of it means anything in the long-run. Will it even stick around as a wedding theme? Who knows?

That said, psychology does have some pretty strong research about what does positively indicate a good marriage. It turns out that shared experiences and a passion for life are two of the top indicators that a marriage will last. 

If you and your partner are seriously into vaping and vape lifestyle, and you want to involve it in your wedding, do it. A wedding is about celebrating the things you love about each other. So if it’s a thing you enjoy together, it’s something you can, and should, celebrate. 

A vape-themed wedding also seems to speak to the couple’s ability to laugh off the little stuff. Weddings are stressful enough without being too hung up on looking perfect in photos or upsetting guests. 

Have some fun on the biggest day of your life. If vaping is the fun you choose to have, go for it! There’s no rule that says weddings have to be stuffy and boring. 

Maybe the latest wedding trend of vaping is a good omen for the marriage to come… 

The Couple that Vapes Together Stays Together 

Whether blowing-smoke-in-each-other’s-face is the new shoving-cake-in-each-other’s-face or not is yet to be seen. Maybe it will become that ubiquitous. Maybe it won’t. 

What can’t be argued is how viral vaping has become in mainstream life. 

Vaping is so social media-friendly that even the wedding industry is getting on board with it. You should expect Pinterest boards to be popping up any day with ways to include vaping at your wedding. 

Looking for other ways to incorporate vaping into your life and celebrate your love of vaping? Check out our lifestyle blog for other great ideas. 

hookah vs vape

Hookah vs Vape: What’s the Difference?

With celebrities Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, Rhianna, Katy Perry, Leo DiCaprio, and Sarah Silverman puffin’ on the pen, while Dave Chapelle is lovin’ on the hookah, and Drake and Miley have a thing for both, it’s clear vape juice and shisha have made it into the hearts of many as a chill and social pastime. 

But what’s the difference between these two beloved puffs? And how do you know which one’s for you?

To help get you to that chill place fast, we’ve put together some hookah vs vape basics. Take a look and then try out some smokes for yourself. 

The Basic Mechanics

The hookah and vape devices both involve heating up a liquid to create a vapor that is inhaled and exhaled and almost always contains nicotine. 

The Hookah Puff

A hookah is a water pipe that uses coals to heat up wet tobacco and create vapor that you can smoke. Unlike traditional cigarettes, it doesn’t burn the tobacco, hence the vapor rather than smoke. Still, using the hookah is called “smoking.”

The tobacco typically used today goes by the name shisha. It’s not prepared the same as the tobacco used in regular cigarettes, but it still derives from tobacco leaves. The hookah pipe isn’t built to use tobacco combustion like cigarettes, though sometimes it happens if not done properly. 

The pipe looks as ancient as it is, dating back thousands of years, with a tall head and body, the bowl for the water and moistened tobacco, and multiple hoses with mouthpieces that bring you the tobacco vapor. Often, hookah is done in groups with individual mouthpieces, or one passed between users. 

The Vape

Vaping heats a flavored liquid with a battery-powered electronic heating coil, typically in a small cigarette-shaped device called an e-cigarette or vape pen, and the liquid turns to vapor.

The liquid, and hence the vapor, typically contains nicotine. It does not use tobacco at all, unless for flavoring. 

To get technical, the battery-powered heaters are called atomizers. That’s where the coil sits, and it has organic cotton inside. The cotton soaks up the e-liquid that then becomes vape.  

Some vape devices are disposable, some come in the shape of pens, and some come in the shape of a flash drive. You also pop them right in your USB port to charge. Disposable pens are available too.

The Juice and the Shisha

Hookahs use tobacco-based “shisha” and vaping uses “e-liquid.” Both contain nicotine, although nicotine-free options are available. Both contain vegetable glycerin (VG), and both come in a variety of flavors.

The recipes? Shisha is a blend of honey or molasses, tobacco leaves, and vegetable glycerin plus flavoring. E-liquid blends liquid nicotine with the vegetable glycerin and adds flavor and propylene glycol.  

Hookah vs Vape Flavors and Feel

Both hookah and vape let you combine flavors. Most use classic fruit flavors like strawberry, cherry, mango, apple, and watermelon. And now they’re getting creative with flavors like mint, licorice, and chocolate and blends like cappuccino, creamy orange, and soda. 

The experience physically? Both give you that nicotine buzz.

As for the vapor, it seems to be personal. Some say both hookah and vape-juice vapor feel smooth, while others prefer the vape inhale to what they consider the “harsher” hookah.

Others say the hookah gives a more full-bodied vapor experience. Most find both to be smoother than regular tobacco smokes.  


The first hookahs date back a few thousand years to north-west India. Made of coconut shells and a tube and mouthpiece, these primitive pipes were used to smoke opium and hashish. 

The hookah moved west to Persia, where it got a bump up in design and was used with tobacco. It became part of entertaining in the home.

Then, the hookah saw a revival in Turkey 500 years ago, with gorgeous and elegant new designs and use by the wealthy and intellectual circles. 

While vaping is a direct descendant of the hookah, in that they’re both about inhaling nicotine vapor, the modern vape started when Herbert A. Gilbert patented the first vapor cigarette in 1967 and vaporized flavored air.

A Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik gets credit for making the first current-style e-cigarette circa 2003. He electronically vaporized a nicotine-and-propylene-glycol-based liquid blend. 

The goal was a safer way to inhale nicotine. It hit the Chinese market in 2004 and, based on its success there, made it to the United States in 2007.  

To Inhale or Not to Inhale

Both hookah and vaping provide a way to enjoy nicotine without the tobacco smoke of cigarettes, with the tar and chemicals it contains. Sometimes, if not done properly, there is combustion of the tobacco in the hookah. This isn’t an issue with vaping since there is no tobacco in vape juice and devices, just the liquid nicotine.

Hookahs are usually used in more social scenarios, while vape devices, since small and portable, are often used to help people quit smoking. 

The Culture

The hookah is mostly a social experience. You can smoke alone, but most tend to go to a hookah bar with others or to meet others and socialize. You can have a hookah at home too, of course, and invite friends. 

The hookah requires some setup, and some people like the ritual of taking care of the hookah pipe. 

Vaping also lends itself to ritual but more in the sense of being part of a daily routine like smoking cigarettes. Vaping tends to be a more solitary smoke since you can grab your device or e-cigs and take them with you. You don’t have to be in a spot where you can set up a pipe. Plus, they’re easy to attain.

Same But Different So Decide for Yourself

In the vape vs hookah discussion, the experience of inhaling and exhaling flavored vapor is similar. It’s the how and the lifestyle that are different.

Have you tried both? What do you think about hookah vs vape?

If you’re new, we suggest giving them both a whirl. Vape juice is easier to start with. Check out this post about how to use a vape pen and then go for it.

Vaporesso Polar Kit- A New Vaping Experience with the Perfect Features

Vaporesso Polar Kit- A New Vaping Experience with the Perfect Features

The Vaporesso Polar Kit is an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette that is usually handheld. This gives off the experience of smoking a cigarette. It functions simply by heating a liquid (usually an electronic liquid or e-juice) that generates vapor that is inhaled by users. Components of the e-juice include nicotine, propylene, glycol, glycerin, and flavorings.

Basic Package of a Vaporesso Polar Kit

Having introduced what the Polar is all about, do well to know that it comes with a well packed and pristine kit that is fortified to give you a premium vaping experience.

Enhanced with the pairing of an elegant 2-inch color screen and sleek Cascade Baby SE sub-Ohm Tank, the Vaporesso Polar is both captivating and eccentric. Its 0.001s firing speed offers a combination of fast and safe heating along with a pure, rich flavor from your very first puff to the last. It will also assist fire coils down to 0.03 ohms in wattage mode. This is one of the broadest resistance ranges you can get anywhere.

With elegant yet urban components, the Polar offers users an efficient power output with just a tad bit fire delay. Polar is simply the best bet for instant and premium vaping.

What the Vaporesso Polar Kit Includes

Every Vaporesso Polar kit comes with various components that offer an enjoyable vaping experience. These include:

  1. Polar Mod (without batteries).
  2. Cascade Baby SE Tank.
  3. GT 8 Coil.
  4. GT Mesh Coil.
  5. Replacement glass Tube.
  6. USB Charging Cable.
  7. User Manual.
  8. Warranty Card.

Quality Features and Components of the Vaporesso Polar Kit

The Vaporesso Polar Kit is a stylish dual-battery device that is capable of producing up to 220 watts of power. Among its several features, there is support for temperature control vaping along with Nickel, Titanium and stainless-steel coils.

Indeed, the Polar functions properly on two 18650 batteries that are sold separately. Its two-inch TFT full-color screen gives adequate information on the battery life, coil resistance, wattage or temperature, and more.

Its 45*28*144 mm dimension comprises of a drip tip, top lid, glass tube, isolation component, coil, bottom base, power button, functions keys and a micro USB port for optimal use.

That’s not all; the Vaporesso Polar kit has a tank capacity of 6.5 ml / 2 ml. This Cascade tank makes do of three air flow compartments to produce a much smoother denser cloud. The separation of its coil and juice chamber allows deep flavors at each puff. The Cascade Baby SE tank is also a sub-ohm tank. It’s a top-filling tank that is capable of running up to 130 watts. This depends on the type of coil that is used.

The Polar is fortified with 2.5A which beats the regular 1A as it quickens charging time by shortening it from the regular 4-5 hours to just 1.5 hours of charging. Its two-inch color screen gives its users a premium visual display function.

The Vaporesso Polar is equally enhanced with a premium GT Meshed Coil. Significantly, this coil heats up more evenly when compared to other regular coils. The GT Meshed Coil has a triangular air flow build that helps to enlarge the heating area. The mesh also supplies excellent flavor. It also comes with a 0.15 ohm GT 8 coil that is rated from 50-110 watts with the best range being 60-80 watts.

Safety Features

Another dominant feature of the Vaporesso Polar is that it has a relatively safe chip. This chip offers varying protections from burn, overcharge, short circuit, low power and a host of others.

More powerful and ultra-modern is the Vaporesso Polar’s Omni Board 4.0. The Omni Board 4.0 helps to integrate insta-fire and multiple protections. It ensures high playability with both the super player mode and bypass mode. The super player mode is the broadest resistance range. It’s very adaptive to mainstream tanks. Conversely, its bypass mode allows you to navigate the vape both effectively and safely. Too good to be true, but these two aren’t the only modes housed in the Omni Boards. Other modes include the Smart VW (H/N/S) / VT (SS, NI, TI) / TCR (M1, M2) / CCT / CCW / VV / CCV.


Considering the abundant features of the Vaporesso Polar, you might need a little bit of time before you get used to dealing with the smoking kit. However, most vapers will find that setting and making use of this device will be incredibly easy.

All you need to do is thread on your preferred coil head into the tank. Thread the tank onto the centralized 3510 connection, remove the back panel, and put your two batteries according to the Polar indicators in the battery compartment. Click the “fire” button a total of 5 times, and you’re done.

The Cascade Baby tank comes with a sliding look top fill mechanism which helps with easy and quick refills, so you won’t have to experience much difficulty when it comes to refilling the tank. That, as well as the fact that the tank measures an impressive 6.5 mil in capacity, will see you refilling it about once in 2 days (or maybe a day depending on your usage levels).

How to Lock the Vaporesso Polar Kit

It’s important to prevent the top cap of the Polar from opening accidentally, leaking the e-juice. These steps should help to prevent the kit from accidental opening quickly and easily.

  1. Lift up the top lid.
  2. Unscrew the lid.
  3. Ensure locks down automatically after twisting back.