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Viral Vaping: Do Couples Who Vape Together Stay Together?

The wedding industry was worth $72 billion USD in 2016. Since then, the industry has been on an upswing.

With revenue like that, it’s no wonder that every year there is a new trend to follow and a style to imitate. The wedding industry needs to keep pushing the envelope in order to remain current and social media-friendly. 

Whether it’s burlap tablecloths or balloon walls that fill your Pinterest board, social media plays a huge role in what is hot for weddings. 

The latest social media craze to make the jump to the wedding industry is viral vaping.

What is vaping? Why is it so popular? And how can you incorporate vape lifestyle into your big day?

Keep reading to see what this new wedding trend is and whether it is a good omen for your happily-ever-after marriage. 

What is Viral Vaping?

Vaping, as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, is a fairly new trend. A vape pen heats e-liquid containing nicotine to a certain temperature. This vaporizes the liquid allowing you to inhale smoke that is free of harsh chemicals. 

Although the practice of heating shisha in order to inhale the smoke has been around since the times of the ancient Egyptians, the modern vape pen design really took off in the early 2000s. Heralded as a means of quitting traditional cigarettes, the trend of vaping has taken off, particularly in the younger demographics. 

Vaping has become trendy, ubiquitous, and very social media-friendly. The trend of snapping pics of yourself and your loved ones while vaping is one example of the viral nature of vaping. 

Don’t believe us? Check out Instagram. There are 26 million posts with the hashtag #vape. 

The social media craze has been picked up by the wedding industry. 

Vaping in Your Wedding or Engagement Photos

If you both play soccer, you’ll probably take a wedding photo with a soccer ball or cleats. Maybe you both ride horses, and your wedding or engagement photos showcase some cowboy boots and stirrups. 

The latest in wedding photo motifs is none other than vaping. 

Although there seems to be plenty of negative sentiments surrounding the trend, it hasn’t seemed to slow it down at all. There are plenty of examples online of couples blowing smoke in each other’s faces. 

Or blowing a smoke cloud together. 

Or the wedding party is blowing smoke in the background. 

The list goes on… 

Other Ways to Include Vaping at Your Wedding 

If you’re a vaping couple, and you want your wedding to be a true reflection of your shared interests, it’s natural to want to include vaping as a part of your wedding. 

The trend of vaping extends beyond just wedding photos. 

Like an open-bar, some couples have chosen to set up a vape bar and provide their guests with vape flavor options. You can get e-liquid in wedding-appropriate flavors such as champagne and cake. 

Asking for a vape starter kit on your wedding registry is now as accepted as asking for mixing bowls. Other ways to include vaping at your wedding include:

  • Providing guests with a vaping etiquette guide for the big day
  • Sending out a guide to vaping at your wedding
  • Hosting a BYO-vape pen wedding
  • Choosing a dark background for your selfie-booth so vape clouds show up better
  • Decorating with a vape theme

The more creative you are willing to be, the more ways you can choose to include your love of vaping at your wedding. 

What Does a Vape Wedding Indicate About Your Marriage?

There seems to be a lot of chatter about what a vape-themed wedding or wedding photo indicates about a couple. 

The truth is, it’s pretty early in the trend to know if any of it means anything in the long-run. Will it even stick around as a wedding theme? Who knows?

That said, psychology does have some pretty strong research about what does positively indicate a good marriage. It turns out that shared experiences and a passion for life are two of the top indicators that a marriage will last. 

If you and your partner are seriously into vaping and vape lifestyle, and you want to involve it in your wedding, do it. A wedding is about celebrating the things you love about each other. So if it’s a thing you enjoy together, it’s something you can, and should, celebrate. 

A vape-themed wedding also seems to speak to the couple’s ability to laugh off the little stuff. Weddings are stressful enough without being too hung up on looking perfect in photos or upsetting guests. 

Have some fun on the biggest day of your life. If vaping is the fun you choose to have, go for it! There’s no rule that says weddings have to be stuffy and boring. 

Maybe the latest wedding trend of vaping is a good omen for the marriage to come… 

The Couple that Vapes Together Stays Together 

Whether blowing-smoke-in-each-other’s-face is the new shoving-cake-in-each-other’s-face or not is yet to be seen. Maybe it will become that ubiquitous. Maybe it won’t. 

What can’t be argued is how viral vaping has become in mainstream life. 

Vaping is so social media-friendly that even the wedding industry is getting on board with it. You should expect Pinterest boards to be popping up any day with ways to include vaping at your wedding. 

Looking for other ways to incorporate vaping into your life and celebrate your love of vaping? Check out our lifestyle blog for other great ideas. 

hookah vs vape

Hookah vs Vape: What’s the Difference?

With celebrities Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, Rhianna, Katy Perry, Leo DiCaprio, and Sarah Silverman puffin’ on the pen, while Dave Chapelle is lovin’ on the hookah, and Drake and Miley have a thing for both, it’s clear vape juice and shisha have made it into the hearts of many as a chill and social pastime. 

But what’s the difference between these two beloved puffs? And how do you know which one’s for you?

To help get you to that chill place fast, we’ve put together some hookah vs vape basics. Take a look and then try out some smokes for yourself. 

The Basic Mechanics

The hookah and vape devices both involve heating up a liquid to create a vapor that is inhaled and exhaled and almost always contains nicotine. 

The Hookah Puff

A hookah is a water pipe that uses coals to heat up wet tobacco and create vapor that you can smoke. Unlike traditional cigarettes, it doesn’t burn the tobacco, hence the vapor rather than smoke. Still, using the hookah is called “smoking.”

The tobacco typically used today goes by the name shisha. It’s not prepared the same as the tobacco used in regular cigarettes, but it still derives from tobacco leaves. The hookah pipe isn’t built to use tobacco combustion like cigarettes, though sometimes it happens if not done properly. 

The pipe looks as ancient as it is, dating back thousands of years, with a tall head and body, the bowl for the water and moistened tobacco, and multiple hoses with mouthpieces that bring you the tobacco vapor. Often, hookah is done in groups with individual mouthpieces, or one passed between users. 

The Vape

Vaping heats a flavored liquid with a battery-powered electronic heating coil, typically in a small cigarette-shaped device called an e-cigarette or vape pen, and the liquid turns to vapor.

The liquid, and hence the vapor, typically contains nicotine. It does not use tobacco at all, unless for flavoring. 

To get technical, the battery-powered heaters are called atomizers. That’s where the coil sits, and it has organic cotton inside. The cotton soaks up the e-liquid that then becomes vape.  

Some vape devices are disposable, some come in the shape of pens, and some come in the shape of a flash drive. You also pop them right in your USB port to charge. Disposable pens are available too.

The Juice and the Shisha

Hookahs use tobacco-based “shisha” and vaping uses “e-liquid.” Both contain nicotine, although nicotine-free options are available. Both contain vegetable glycerin (VG), and both come in a variety of flavors.

The recipes? Shisha is a blend of honey or molasses, tobacco leaves, and vegetable glycerin plus flavoring. E-liquid blends liquid nicotine with the vegetable glycerin and adds flavor and propylene glycol.  

Hookah vs Vape Flavors and Feel

Both hookah and vape let you combine flavors. Most use classic fruit flavors like strawberry, cherry, mango, apple, and watermelon. And now they’re getting creative with flavors like mint, licorice, and chocolate and blends like cappuccino, creamy orange, and soda. 

The experience physically? Both give you that nicotine buzz.

As for the vapor, it seems to be personal. Some say both hookah and vape-juice vapor feel smooth, while others prefer the vape inhale to what they consider the “harsher” hookah.

Others say the hookah gives a more full-bodied vapor experience. Most find both to be smoother than regular tobacco smokes.  


The first hookahs date back a few thousand years to north-west India. Made of coconut shells and a tube and mouthpiece, these primitive pipes were used to smoke opium and hashish. 

The hookah moved west to Persia, where it got a bump up in design and was used with tobacco. It became part of entertaining in the home.

Then, the hookah saw a revival in Turkey 500 years ago, with gorgeous and elegant new designs and use by the wealthy and intellectual circles. 

While vaping is a direct descendant of the hookah, in that they’re both about inhaling nicotine vapor, the modern vape started when Herbert A. Gilbert patented the first vapor cigarette in 1967 and vaporized flavored air.

A Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik gets credit for making the first current-style e-cigarette circa 2003. He electronically vaporized a nicotine-and-propylene-glycol-based liquid blend. 

The goal was a safer way to inhale nicotine. It hit the Chinese market in 2004 and, based on its success there, made it to the United States in 2007.  

To Inhale or Not to Inhale

Both hookah and vaping provide a way to enjoy nicotine without the tobacco smoke of cigarettes, with the tar and chemicals it contains. Sometimes, if not done properly, there is combustion of the tobacco in the hookah. This isn’t an issue with vaping since there is no tobacco in vape juice and devices, just the liquid nicotine.

Hookahs are usually used in more social scenarios, while vape devices, since small and portable, are often used to help people quit smoking. 

The Culture

The hookah is mostly a social experience. You can smoke alone, but most tend to go to a hookah bar with others or to meet others and socialize. You can have a hookah at home too, of course, and invite friends. 

The hookah requires some setup, and some people like the ritual of taking care of the hookah pipe. 

Vaping also lends itself to ritual but more in the sense of being part of a daily routine like smoking cigarettes. Vaping tends to be a more solitary smoke since you can grab your device or e-cigs and take them with you. You don’t have to be in a spot where you can set up a pipe. Plus, they’re easy to attain.

Same But Different So Decide for Yourself

In the vape vs hookah discussion, the experience of inhaling and exhaling flavored vapor is similar. It’s the how and the lifestyle that are different.

Have you tried both? What do you think about hookah vs vape?

If you’re new, we suggest giving them both a whirl. Vape juice is easier to start with. Check out this post about how to use a vape pen and then go for it.

Vaporesso Polar Kit- A New Vaping Experience with the Perfect Features

Vaporesso Polar Kit- A New Vaping Experience with the Perfect Features

The Vaporesso Polar Kit is an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette that is usually handheld. This gives off the experience of smoking a cigarette. It functions simply by heating a liquid (usually an electronic liquid or e-juice) that generates vapor that is inhaled by users. Components of the e-juice include nicotine, propylene, glycol, glycerin, and flavorings.

Basic Package of a Vaporesso Polar Kit

Having introduced what the Polar is all about, do well to know that it comes with a well packed and pristine kit that is fortified to give you a premium vaping experience.

Enhanced with the pairing of an elegant 2-inch color screen and sleek Cascade Baby SE sub-Ohm Tank, the Vaporesso Polar is both captivating and eccentric. Its 0.001s firing speed offers a combination of fast and safe heating along with a pure, rich flavor from your very first puff to the last. It will also assist fire coils down to 0.03 ohms in wattage mode. This is one of the broadest resistance ranges you can get anywhere.

With elegant yet urban components, the Polar offers users an efficient power output with just a tad bit fire delay. Polar is simply the best bet for instant and premium vaping.

What the Vaporesso Polar Kit Includes

Every Vaporesso Polar kit comes with various components that offer an enjoyable vaping experience. These include:

  1. Polar Mod (without batteries).
  2. Cascade Baby SE Tank.
  3. GT 8 Coil.
  4. GT Mesh Coil.
  5. Replacement glass Tube.
  6. USB Charging Cable.
  7. User Manual.
  8. Warranty Card.

Quality Features and Components of the Vaporesso Polar Kit

The Vaporesso Polar Kit is a stylish dual-battery device that is capable of producing up to 220 watts of power. Among its several features, there is support for temperature control vaping along with Nickel, Titanium and stainless-steel coils.

Indeed, the Polar functions properly on two 18650 batteries that are sold separately. Its two-inch TFT full-color screen gives adequate information on the battery life, coil resistance, wattage or temperature, and more.

Its 45*28*144 mm dimension comprises of a drip tip, top lid, glass tube, isolation component, coil, bottom base, power button, functions keys and a micro USB port for optimal use.

That’s not all; the Vaporesso Polar kit has a tank capacity of 6.5 ml / 2 ml. This Cascade tank makes do of three air flow compartments to produce a much smoother denser cloud. The separation of its coil and juice chamber allows deep flavors at each puff. The Cascade Baby SE tank is also a sub-ohm tank. It’s a top-filling tank that is capable of running up to 130 watts. This depends on the type of coil that is used.

The Polar is fortified with 2.5A which beats the regular 1A as it quickens charging time by shortening it from the regular 4-5 hours to just 1.5 hours of charging. Its two-inch color screen gives its users a premium visual display function.

The Vaporesso Polar is equally enhanced with a premium GT Meshed Coil. Significantly, this coil heats up more evenly when compared to other regular coils. The GT Meshed Coil has a triangular air flow build that helps to enlarge the heating area. The mesh also supplies excellent flavor. It also comes with a 0.15 ohm GT 8 coil that is rated from 50-110 watts with the best range being 60-80 watts.

Safety Features

Another dominant feature of the Vaporesso Polar is that it has a relatively safe chip. This chip offers varying protections from burn, overcharge, short circuit, low power and a host of others.

More powerful and ultra-modern is the Vaporesso Polar’s Omni Board 4.0. The Omni Board 4.0 helps to integrate insta-fire and multiple protections. It ensures high playability with both the super player mode and bypass mode. The super player mode is the broadest resistance range. It’s very adaptive to mainstream tanks. Conversely, its bypass mode allows you to navigate the vape both effectively and safely. Too good to be true, but these two aren’t the only modes housed in the Omni Boards. Other modes include the Smart VW (H/N/S) / VT (SS, NI, TI) / TCR (M1, M2) / CCT / CCW / VV / CCV.


Considering the abundant features of the Vaporesso Polar, you might need a little bit of time before you get used to dealing with the smoking kit. However, most vapers will find that setting and making use of this device will be incredibly easy.

All you need to do is thread on your preferred coil head into the tank. Thread the tank onto the centralized 3510 connection, remove the back panel, and put your two batteries according to the Polar indicators in the battery compartment. Click the “fire” button a total of 5 times, and you’re done.

The Cascade Baby tank comes with a sliding look top fill mechanism which helps with easy and quick refills, so you won’t have to experience much difficulty when it comes to refilling the tank. That, as well as the fact that the tank measures an impressive 6.5 mil in capacity, will see you refilling it about once in 2 days (or maybe a day depending on your usage levels).

How to Lock the Vaporesso Polar Kit

It’s important to prevent the top cap of the Polar from opening accidentally, leaking the e-juice. These steps should help to prevent the kit from accidental opening quickly and easily.

  1. Lift up the top lid.
  2. Unscrew the lid.
  3. Ensure locks down automatically after twisting back.
nicotine levels

Getting Your Fix: Your Guide to Nicotine Levels in Vape Juice

While many people are reporting that they choose to vape to help quit smoking, it must be done carefully for the ideal impact.

Otherwise, it could be a waste of time or end up creating a cross-dependency where quitting one thing requires you to start using another. Nicotine levels in vape juice can be more tightly managed than smoking, which gives you a leg up.

Here is everything you need to know about nicotine and its role in vaping.

Understanding Nicotine

When you think of nicotine, you probably first think about cigarettes. Research around cigarettes has been so thorough that it’s completely uncontroversial to link cigarettes and cancer. The chemicals in cigarettes all play a different role when it comes to what makes them addictive and what causes cancer.

The one thing that researchers agree on is that nicotine doesn’t directly create cancer. However, it has been shown to aggravate cancer cells. That means that once cancer is present, nicotine could make it worse when it is administered at extremely high levels.

Nicotine is less linked to cancer as it is to the addictive aspects of cigarettes. When it is found in vaping, it can cause problems that smokers might be turning to vape in order to avoid.

Nicotine can be a welcome additive in some respects because of the additional feeling it offers vapers. You should avoid getting a high-nicotine vape if you deal with problems related to blood pressure or your heart rate. The calming effect that you can get from nicotine could be offset if you have the wrong combination of health factors.

The dopamine from nicotine can hit in just a few seconds, but it wears off soon, which means that some vapers might use more than smokers. It’s important to watch your intake.

Are You Vaping to Quit Smoking?

For some people who turn to vape juice as a solution to smoking too much tobacco, vaping can be a lifesaver.

However, in some cases vaping can make things worse or just replace one addiction with another. Thankfully there are some vape juices that contain 0mg of nicotine, helping you enjoy what you like about vaping without forming a habit.

Switching to an alternative for the sake of your health is a great idea. For some people, quitting cold turkey could be a challenge, making vaping with nicotine just a first step in their journey. No matter what your path is, there’s a vape juice to suit your needs.

For people looking to quit completely, it’s recommended to start with a nicotine level that’s relative to what you already consume.

However, there are people who enjoy nicotine as is. Nicotine as a powerful impact for people with nervousness or anxiety disorders. People looking to relax without the baggage of smoking cigarettes can find vape juice that offers what they’re looking for.

Getting to Know Nicotine Levels in Vaping

Nicotine levels in cigarettes vary wildly from brand to brand and can even vary based on the time that cigarettes are manufactured and where.

Vape juice has nicotine levels that can vary wildly from 0mg to even as high as 36mg/mL. This means that people who smoke unfiltered cigarettes can get twice the nicotine buzz they’d get from vaping.

The average smoker who smokes a pack a day is going to go for a vape juice with around 12 mg. People who smoke far less often, just a few cigarettes a day, are often happy with 6mg of nicotine.

The great thing about vape juice is that the concentrations are the same day after day. Short vape sessions can come and go, and vaping a higher concentration of nicotine during these periods might be preferred. For people who plan to vape for a few minutes at a time, a lower nicotine concentration might be better.

If you start to feel uncomfortable with your vaping experience, then you should switch to a different nicotine level. This can make vaping much more relaxing and comfortable.

Pick Nicotine to Suit Your Vape Style

If you’re looking for a nicotine level to suit your vaping style, think about how long your sessions last.

If you work on a large campus and just grab a quick puff as you walk from building to building, you might want a higher concentration. If you like to puff while you sit and read on the porch, then choose a lower concentration.

The way that most vape juice and refills work is that you can often switch out cartridges as needed. Rather than having to choose one way of vaping, you can switch it up throughout the day.

If taste matters a lot to you, you might want to keep your nicotine low. High nicotine levels taste much harsher than the average nicotine level. It could be a harsher throat hit too, making you not want to sit back and enjoy the session for as long.

It might take some trial and error to find the perfect balance for what feels comfortable to you.

Nicotine Levels Are Manageable in Vaping

If you choose vaping because of the control you get over nicotine levels, you get the chance to enjoy the things you love about smoking with fewer risks. Rather than risking the addiction or exacerbating any potential illness, you avoid it when you cut the nicotine out or get better control over it.

If you want to take your vaping up a notch, check out our guide to the latest gear out there.

SMOK MICO Vape Kit Pods

The SMOK MICO Vape Kit – Great for Newbies or Seasoned Vapers


Great for Newbies or Seasoned Vapers

When looking for a great vaping device, the SMOK MICO Vape Kit takes the cake. The kit comes with everything you need to get started right away. You can fill the pods with any flavor of liquid you choose, which is a nice option. There are many great features of the SMOK MICO Kit that make it unique and amazing.

The Kit’s Design is Unique and Stylish

The SMOK MICO is available in a variety of colors. The exterior features a resin design so multiple shades of the same color meld together to create an eye-catching design. The exteriors make the unit very easy to identify so you never have to question which one is yours.

Use Your MICO on the Go With Portable Charging

The vape has a very compact design. It can easily be carried in your purse or wallet discreetly, while still providing you with the vaping strength you need. There is a lanyard that comes with the kit that you can use to carry the unit around your neck, as well.

The Kit is Easy to Use No Matter How Much Experience You Have

The SMOK MICO is very easy to use. There are no buttons to push, levels to set or mouthpieces to swap out. All you need to do is fill one of the pods with liquid, place it in the unit, turn the unit on and start drawing.

When you draw in the vape, you’ll notice a smooth, even consistency. You won’t feel any harshness on the back of your throat. It is ergonomically designed to make vaping more comfortable.

The Rechargeable Battery Extends Your Use

The battery in the device is rechargeable so that you can use the device without having to replace the battery. There is an on/off switch to allow you to turn it off when it’s not being used to conserve power and prevent battery safety issues.

An indicator light changes color as the device becomes low on power to show when it needs to be charged. A green light indicates that the battery has ample power, an orange light indicates that the battery has between 30% and 70% worth of power left, and the red light indicates it’s nearing time to charge the battery.

When its fully charged, most people can get through an entire day without having to charge the battery again. The device allows you to still vape while you are charging it. The included charging cord can plug into any USB port.

Refillable Pods Provide Customizable Options

The SMOK MICO Vape Kit comes with two refillable pods. One of the pods has a mesh coil, while the other has a regular coil. There is also an optional ceramic coil that you can buy separately to use in the device.

A viewing window on the MICO allows you to see the amount of liquid left in the pod so that you can refill it when needed. A small opening on the side of each pod makes filling them easy. Many users state that the mesh coil provides more flavor than the traditional coil, but both work nicely.

When using any pod for the first time, it’s a good idea to fill it and let it sit for roughly 10 minutes before you put it in the device. This allows the cotton inside to thoroughly saturate.

A small rubber plug built over the opening of the pod keeps the liquid from spilling out when you place the device in your pocket or purse.

The pods easily slide into the SMOK MICO Vape Kit, so you can change them out as needed. The mouth piece is molded to fit between your lips comfortably, while keeping the liquid from dripping out unexpectedly.

The ability to fill your pod with the liquid that you choose provides flavor options that you don’t get when using pre-filled pods, such as with the JUUL pods.

The Kit Saves You Money on Pre-filled Pods

The device is very affordably priced and comes with just about everything you need to get started. Unlike many other pod devices that are on the market, the SMOK MICO Vape Kit allows you to refill the pods which saves you a lot of money on pre-filled pods.

Vape Safely Thanks to the SMOK MICO Vape Kit’s Safety Features

The device has numerous safety features. It will detect when a pod is not in place so that no electricity passes through it when it’s not supposed to. An eight-second cut off feature keeps the device from supplying power when it’s not being used. Short circuit protection keeps the device from short circuiting and all of the internal workings from being fried.

The only downside  about the device is the length of the charging cord. It is relatively short, but doesn’t take up a lot of space when you are charging the device from your computer or in your car.

The SMOK MICO Vape Kit is a great device for beginners because it comes ready and is easy to use. There is an owner’s manual included with the device as well.

There is a warranty included in the box so that if anything goes wrong in the near future you can have the device repaired or replaced by SMOK.