My Vape Tastes Burnt

Initial Shock

OH NO! I just inhaled what was supposed to be a cloud of flavory goodness, but instead, I feel like I just ate part of a campfire. How could something so right end so terribly wrong? I must get to the root of this problem so I can be back on my vape grind asap.


But wait, I am not a scientist, electrician, or IT guy, so how am I going to figure this out? All I want to do is vape without fire in my throat! Is that too much to ask? Google has all the answers to life.  I’ll start by looking there.


Determination at its Finest


(45 minutes later)


My Newfound Knowledge


After much perusing through the internet I have discovered many things and am actually rethinking my career path with all the knowledge I have gained. There are a few reasons that my Vape is not producing the results I desire. Let me share in case anyone else can relate to my misery.


I advise anyone at this time to take a seat for there is a multitude of reasons for what I wished was a simple solution. I have decided to number them for your own benefit and ease of understanding. They are numbered from least likely to most likely so you can easily rule out any that may be somewhat ridiculous quickly. You’re Welcome.


  1. How’s the weather? Wait what? I’m trying to fix my life line, my vape, not make small talk. OKAY YEAH, I KNOW, but hear me out. If it is super cold in your neck of the woods, this can actually cause the e-liquid to thicken slightly causing your vape to wick incorrectly. If you are outside, get indoors immediately, take shelter, and pray. Just kidding but put that sucker in your pocket, or warm it up in any way possible!
  2. This may sound obvious, but, you filthy animal, clean those coils! If the coils you are using have a lot of residue in them, it can really impact how your vape works. This can cause a burning taste. In order to clean your Vape safely, take it apart and rinse with warm water to get all that nasty stuff out of there. An ultrasonic cleaner can be used as well. However, keep in mind that if your coils are looking extremely dark or even charred, it may be time to replace them. A way this can be prevented is by using juice containing no sugar.
  3. Cotton is a beautiful substance grown from the goodness of our own earth. But it may become evil in your vape. It is a tricky thing to tackle, knowing how much cotton to use. However, you need just the right amount so your vape will not leak or be too much, causing it to burn.
  4. Hot hot hot! Make sure your coils are not touching each other and creating a hot spot. This can result in a terribly burned sensation even if everything else in your vape is working perfectly.
  5. Easy cowboy. We know you want to try out that new flavor of juice you just got, but sometimes it’s important to let the atomizer wick properly before trying to take a draw. Next time let it sit for a few minutes before testing it out.
  6. It could be your juice. Although that is what lubricates the vape and seems astronomical that it could be causing any burned flavors, not everyone can be perfect and even vape juice can have good days and bad days. Be patient, young Jedi. High VG juice can be harder for some vapes because it’s so thick. Try experimenting with different levels of VG to find the sweet spot for you and your vape. Also, juices with sweeteners like sucralose can wreak havoc on the wick. These juices can easily be spotted because they are very dark and opaque.
  7. It’s time to take control of your own life. Get off the couch, out the door, straight to your vape shop and see about getting a mod with temperature control. This can allow the temperature that your vape gets to be lessened dramatically if using nickel, titanium, or stainless-steel coils.
  8. This does not only apply to lightbulbs. I repeat, Wattage is now a very relevant term in your life so TAKE NOTE. Try lowering the wattage on your device. The way to know the right wattage for your device is to go by taste. If it tastes good, then your vape is most likely at the right setting.
  9. Prime isn’t just for Amazon users anymore. Learning how to prime your coil heads can prevent the endless misery of a burnt vape taste. And since that’s the reason we are both here, listen up. Install your coil, put a few drops of juice on the wick holes, fill your tank, let sit for an hour. This can dramatically improve the performance of your vape. Start at the lowest setting and increase by a few watts every puff until you find the perfect balance.
  10. FINALLY, the most likely reason that your vape tastes burnt (like a campfire, stovetop, blazing sun, or breath of a dragon while just trying to take a nice stroll into the castle through the garden) is way too simple. You probably just have an old or burnt coil and it needs to be replaced. That is all. Good day. Vape on, fellow friends.


A Final Thought…


You are a good person, conscientious, smart, responsible, loving, kind, etc. Bottom line is, you care about your vape, and it cares about you. This means you want to take good care of it which means you may need some common knowledge! Here it is. Every coil will need to be replaced at some point, so don’t feel bad. It depends on how much you and your vape interact.


However, it can be expected that your coil will last about 2-3 weeks. If you let it get to the point where it is tasting burned then it’s too little too late and you’ll need to order a new one, sorry Charlie.


Since we already know you are a good person, here are two things you can do to make sure your coils last as long as they should:


how to make your e-juice last longer

Liquid Longevity: How to Make Your e-Juice Last Longer

Who doesn’t blowing vape clouds? Vaping is a great alternative to cigarettes because it’s better for your lungs and a lot more fun. Vaping can also be a lot cheaper than cigarettes if you know what you’re doing.  

The truth is, it’s not much cheaper if you blow through your E-Juice rapidly. For example, those vape clouds are impressive but they use up a lot of your juice. You want to be a little more conservative with it If you don’t want a gaping hole in your wallet. 

Here are a few tips and methods on how to make your E-juice last longer so you can save money and keep the fun rolling.  

1. Retro Vaping 

It’s as the old saying goes, less is more. Today’s vape pens are a lot more advanced than they were when the craze first picked up. There are a lot more bells and whistles on them that you don’t necessarily need. 

You can save on juice by keeping the basic of the basic vape pens because they don’t use up near as much. They do this by offering a higher automizer resistance and low power. If saving on juice doesn’t convince you, it also allows for a longer lasting battery which means you can vape longer.  

2. Fix Leaks 

It goes without saying that if you have a leak, you should probably get it fixed. It usually stems from you either overfilling the tank or not filling it correctly but if this isn’t the case, you should probably have your tank checked out.

It could be possible that you have juice stuck in the center tube so you can try cleaning that out before you go get it looked at or replace the tank. Either way, you need to come up with a solution because a leaking tank will use up a lot of juice.  

3. Raise your OHMs

Sub-OHM vaping can give you some of the most intense flavor and best clouds but it uses up a ton of E-Juice. The reason why it does this is quite obvious more vapor equals more juice used. A sacrifice must be made.  

One way you can work around this is to mix your own juice. Doing that will give you more at your disposal. If you don’t want to do that though, there is really no helping it, you’ll have to get used to producing thinner clouds to be conservative on your juice.  

4. Lower Your Wattage 

If you really enjoy sub-OHM vaping you might be able to lower the wattage. When you lower your wattage, less heat is being produced by your coil which means you not only save on power but also use less E-Juice.  

If you play around with your settings a little bit you should be able to find a balance between your wattage and OHM that will give you the results you want while allowing you to be conservative.   

5. Choose the Right Place to Store it 

To save on E-Juice you need to learn how to store it in a method that will keep it from going bad as quickly. You should find a dark, dry place to put it that is out of the reach of your pets or children. 

If you mix your own juice some of your materials like the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin can be stored up to two years. Once you introduce it to your flavorings though, it’s expiration date will shrink a little. This isn’t a huge problem considering it probably won’t last you but a few weeks. 

Make sure any juice that your currently vaping isn’t left out in the heat or in direct sunlight.  

6. Propylene Glycol Juice 

Different juice types have their own storing rules. Propylene glycol is the least picky of the two. You still need to store it in a dark area like a pantry or refrigerator but due to its properties, juice made with it will last you for a long time. 

The reason why it lasts longer is that it’s a natural virus killer. It won’t gather up bacteria as vegetable glycerin juice would. Due to the fact that it repels viruses, it won’t undergo degradation either.  

7. Vegetable Glycerin Juice

Vegetable glycerin is going to be the main chemical in your juice if you like to produce thick smoke clouds. Vegetable glycerin is also pickier in terms of how it should be stored. 

It is prone to viruses and degradation and while it’s rare, will go bad if you don’t store it correctly. The biggest ways to tell that it’s gone bad is that the juice will get very dark and something about it just won’t taste right.  

Keep in mind that just because you have E-juice that contains nicotine that doesn’t mean it’s safe from going bad. If you expose it to enough light and heat it will expire.  

Methods on How to Make Your E-Juice Last Longer 

If you enjoy vaping, chances are that you will go through your E-juice super quickly if you aren’t careful. Producing thick clouds is fun and satisfying but unless you balance your OHM with your wattage, you will burn through the juice. If you don’t store it properly it will go bad and you’ll have to throw it out.  

Use these tips on how to make your E-Juice last longer to make the most out of your vape experience. 

Just now jumping on the vape wagon? Visit our how-to guides for helpful beginners information. 

vape pen reviews

Vaping’s Hottest Commodity: A Guide on How Vape Pens Work

Vape pens account for as much as 15% of booming marijuana markets in Colorado and Nevada. This growing preference in delivery, for both marijuana and nicotine, is only going to get bigger. If you’re new to the world of vaping, it can seem like a magic trick from afar.

Vape pens are pretty high-tech, but how they work isn’t all that complicated. How vape pens work is the result of smart engineering and the evolution of batteries. This guide will break down all the components of vape pens and their accessories.

Parts of a Vape Pen

Vape pens can vary in shapes and sizes, but the mechanisms inside are the same. Quality of these components determines not only the longevity but also the quality of the vape that is produced. For example, a cheap heating element burns your vape liquid and gives off a foul and bitter taste.

Vape Cartridges/Tanks

Source of e-liquid/juice comes in two forms: refillable tanks and disposable cartridges. Buying e-liquid for tanks gives more savings and more variety. Cartridges are easy to use and find anywhere. You can find cartridges at convenience stores, even.


This is the heating element that causes your e-liquid to transform into vapor. It’s a small coil that heats up a few drops of e-liquid at a time. This is how vape pens can be activated within seconds.

Activation Sensor

A tiny piece of electronics controls when the heating element turns on. For some models, this happens when the user inhales. Even if the pen only responds by a button press, it still requires a sensor to control the atomizer.


Before lithium-ion batteries evolved to the point they are today, vintage vape pens were not very user-friendly. Now, cigarette-sized vape pens can last all day, as long as you have the juice.


Most vape pens easily plug into any micro-USB charger, the same as a phone charger. Some vape pens have a USB port built right into them. You can plug the pen right into your computer and it looks like a long antenna or flash drive.

How Vape Pens Work

Step one: charge your pen.

Step two: make sure it’s filled with e-liquid. If it needs to be filled manually, follow the directions carefully. Overfilling e-liquid tanks could damage your vape pen and possibly burn you. Vape pen safety is important.

Once you have your e-liquid set, make sure all the vape pen pieces are secured back in place. Depending on your model of vape pen, you may need to press the activator button several times in a row to take your first hit. This minor inconvenience is a lifesaver for those who want to drop their pen in their pocket.

Breath-activated pens are great, too. Remember to control the strength of your inhale, the vapor can be harsh on the back of the throat.

Vape Accessories

Vape pens are an all-in-one product, but there are some accessories that come in handy. Heavy vape users will definitely want to check off a few from this list.

Portable Herb Grinders

If your vape pen uses dry herbs, never be without a fresh supply. Keep a small portable grinder for your buds.

Backup Batteries

Going on a road trip or don’t spend a lot of time at home? Backup vape batteries are cheap and small enough to keep in your car, pocket, or purse. Always purchase backup batteries that match your pen’s model.

Pen Bands

These are little covers for your vape tank. This offers more protection if you were to ever drop your pen. Vape pen bands look cool, too. It’s one of the cheapest ways you can customize your pen.

Extra Chargers and Adaptors

You can never have enough chargers laying around. These things constantly disappear into the void, get left at houses, coffee shops, and etc. The more devices you have that use them, the more you’ll need.


The shape of your mouthpiece can affect the mouthfeel and overall hit. For dry herbs, you need a good mesh and mouthpiece to get a consistent draw.

Reusable Bottles

If you plan on mixing together your own e-liquid concentrations, you need to have good bottles. Child-proof bottles are ideal, they prevent accidental spills and curious minds from opening.

Drip Tips

After you’ve gotten used to using a vape pen, you should try using a drip tip. This allows a fuller hit of the e-liquid but requires a bit more finesse. It skips the wick and goes directly on the atomizer, which allows the juice flow unimpeded onto the heating coil.

We recommend doing this with either a high-end vape pen or a vape mod.

Vape Mods

Experienced vapers eventually move onto the grandaddy of vape pens, the vape mod. Vape mods are like pens, but with tools to adjust and fine-tune the experience. Want a stronger hit from your vape pen? Want a bigger battery?

Control each component of your vape mod without being limited to manufacturer’s specifications. Vape mods allow you to fine-tune your flavor, which can transform an e-liquid entirely from what it tasted like in a vape pen. Mod kits are more expensive than your standard pen, but it’s a long-term investment.

Shopping for Vape Pens

If this guide on how vape pens work has made you more curious about vaping, congratulations! Vaping does live up to the hype, unlike many cultural trends (we’re looking at you, Crocs and fidget spinners). So, what are you waiting for?

Start here, browse our Vape Starter Kits and pick out the first one that you like. Don’t overthink it, your first vape pen is likely not going to be your last. Enjoy the experience, share it with your friends, and try some vape tricks while you’re at\

squonk mod

Your Guide to the Best Vape Drip Tips of 2018

Whether you’re interested in trying vaping to help you quit smoking, or if you just want to learn how to do those epic vaping tricks for yourself, there’s no time like the present to give vaping a try.

Of course, as you get more and more involved with the vaping community, you’ll want to explore all the ways you can upgrade your vaping experience.

One of the coolest accessories you just have to try?

Vape drip tips. Not only will they help you to get more flavor, but you’ll also be able to experiment with wicks and drip shields.

In short: your vape game is about to get seriously next-level.

But are the best drip tips for vapes in 2018? Keep on reading this post to find out.

What Are Vape Drip Tips?

Before we get into the best drip tips for vapes, let’s make sure you’re clear on exactly what they are.

You might also have heard vape tips referred to as a mouthpiece or just a “drip.” Essentially, think of the tip as an alternative to your cartomizer or e-cig cartridge.

They’re beloved by everyone in the vaping community because they help you to get more flavor out of every pull.

To use it, just screw it onto your atomizer, and let your favorite e-juice flavor slowly drip into it. This way, your e-juice will drip right into your atomizer, as opposed to losing some of the flavor as it goes through a cartomizer or cartridge.

Drip tips are made from a wide variety of materials, like aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, or even plastic. You can have fun playing around with different materials until you find your preferred option.

Remember that using a drip tip might not be the best idea for newer vapers. It takes lots of time and practice to get right, but it definitely pays off in the end.

Now, let’s take a look at the best drip tip options 2018 has to offer.

1. the SMOK 810 Wooden Drip Tip

First of all, we just love the elegant, old-world look of a wooden drip tip.

This option from SMOK is compatible with tons of different devices and is seriously affordable at under $4.00. Especially if you’re looking for a drip tip that gives you a good amount of heat resistance, opt for this one.

Additionally, remember that wooden drip tips have little to no impact on the overall flavor of your e-juice. So, if flavor and good looks are your priorities, this might be the right choice for you.

2. the Teflon Tip from Vaponaute

The French may have made cigarettes famous, but now, French vaping companies are also taking over the vaping and e-cig market.

Case in point: the incredibly Teflon drip tip options from French company Vaponaute. Their tips come in six different size options, so you never have to compromise when it comes to getting the perfect fit.

So, why opt for Teflon?

It’s perfect for those who prefer a high-wattage vaping experience and is incredibly heat-resistant. Plus, you’ll enjoy the smoothness of this drip tip every time you take a pull.

Vaponaute makes 510 drip tips, which means you shouldn’t run into any problems when it comes to atomizer compatibility.

3. The Stainless Steel Drip Tip from Modish Metal Works

Looking for a seriously sleek drip tip that’s heat resistant and cool to the touch?

If so, then opt for the stainless steel drip tip from Modish Metal Works. This is a favorite among cloud-chasers, as it’s well-known for helping you to get some of the biggest clouds possible.

They’ll match up with almost all kinds of tanks due to their 510 connections, and they come with a nice, wide bore.

Plus, they just look awesome.

And if stainless steel just isn’t your material of choice?

Don’t sweat it. The company also offers options in titanium, copper, and brass. Although, at around $25.00 a pop, these are one of the more expensive drip tips on our list?

They’re a smart investment, as they’re also one of the longest-lasting options.

4. The Honeycomb Drip Tip

As the name implies, this drip tip actually looks like a piece of honeycomb, with several holes running across its surface.

What’s the point of these holes, you may ask? They allow you to get enormous clouds — the kind perfect for pulling off some seriously impressive vape tricks.

Additionally, they come in lots of different colors, from a metallic purple to a bright green and a classic black.

You’ll also enjoy the comfortable airflow these drip tips provide. The tips are also compatible with high-wattage vaping devices.

Finally, thanks to its aluminum and stainless steel body, this drip tip serves as a powerful heat protector. It’s perfect for both new and experienced vaping enthusiasts alike.

Which of These Vape Drip Tips Will You Try?

We hope that this post has helped you to figure out which vape drip tips are right for you.

Remember to expect a bit of a mess when you first get started. This is where relying on your friends who are also involved in the vaping culture for help will come in handy. However, if you stick with it, we know you’ll love the drip tip payoff.

Looking for even more ways to upgrade your vaping experience? Want to check out reviews of the latest e-cigs, accessories, and vape juice flavors?

We’ve got you covered for all that and more.

Bookmark our blog and keep coming back to us to ensure you never miss out on the latest vaping tips and trends.

vape safety

Top 7 Vape Safety Tips

New vape users skyrocketed in 2014 and have been growing ever since! It’s no new news that vaping has become popular in our society. More and more people are wanting to try it out.

Like anything else, safety always comes first. Anyone who vapes should be aware of some safety precautions. As well as the proper way of handling mods, batteries, pens, or e-cigarettes. That’s why we’re here! We’ve compiled our knowledge on vaping to bring you the best safety tips.

Read on to learn about our top seven vape safety tips!

What is Vaping

But first! We need to know what vaping is…

In a nutshell, vaping is like mimicking smoking. You’ll have an e-cigarette, pen, or mod that will heat up and create a vapor. This vapor is inhaled and then exhaled. You can add in different juice flavors, so you can enjoy a tasty treat while vaping.

Most vaping pens, e-cigarettes, or mods will need some type of lithium battery. Which leads us to our first vape safety tip!

1. Beware of Batteries!

Too often, devastating accidents happen to those that mishandle vaping batteries. One example is leaving batteries in hot cars, which can cause an explosion. If your mod is not cared for in the proper way, it could also lead to other issues like gas production or overheating.

Overheating is also dangerous because it could lead to explosions. All in all, take care of your mod and batteries. Don’t leave your mod or batteries in strange places that are hot or too close to your body.

We recommend avoiding carrying batteries in pockets, purses, or wallets. It’s more important to keep your body safe and avoid an accident.

2. Don’t Let Your Mod Overheat

Because there are batteries inside mod’s, overheat can spell disaster. If you feel that the mod is getting too hot, then set it down. Take a break from vaping until it cools back down.

There is nothing worse than an overheated mod. Using these mod’s could lead to the batteries leaking strong chemicals. We call this “venting.”

It’s best to give your mod a chance to cool down, as well as a proper place for cool ventilation. Don’t leave it outside, in your car, or somewhere hot and humid. The goal is to cool it down so it’s not hot to the touch.

3. Keep The Juice Off Your Skin

E-cigarette juice is for going into the refill cartridge of your e-cig. Not on your skin. We get it…sometimes it can spill. Still, it’s crucial not to let the juice touch your bare skin.

You may be wondering: why? Well, human skin is like a sponge.

Touching the juice with your bare fingers is going to soak up a highly concentrated amount of nicotine. This spells trouble for any human being! Too large of a dose could cause negative side effects. Some may experience nausea, vomiting, anxiety, or dizziness.

When people experience these negative effects, it’s called nicotine poisoning. Anyone that handles or inhales nicotine should know the signs and symptoms of nicotine poisoning.

4. Buy Juice From Reputable Places

Buying the juice packages from reputable stores is vital for safety. The last thing you want to do is vape a substance that has harsh chemicals in it. Or vape a something that isn’t built reach hot temperatures. Worst yet is if something becomes toxins to inhale when heated.

Stay safe by buying products from places you know. Do some research. Does the place you’re buying from have good reviews? Have others tried their product and had issues?

Asking questions can save you a big headache in the long run. It can also save you from safety concerns because not all liquids on planet Earth are for vaping. Juice flavors have gone through testing and are safe for vaping consumption. Be smart, and keep the hot sauce out of it!

5. Don’t Put Anything Inside that Isn’t Meant For It!

Many people watch mainstream tricks for advice on vaping. You might see people re-filling their mods with liquids like hot sauce.

This is dangerous because hot sauce contains powerful spices. When heated, they could become even stronger. You can cause major throat irritation or damage.

It’s not worth the risk! There are plenty of safe juice flavors that are delicious and ready for use.

6. Have a Secure Place for Your Vape

You’ll want to keep your e-cigarette’s, pens, and mods our of the reach of children, teens, or pets. Some people choose to hang there mods by a keychain. We recommend avoiding putting any batteries in your pocket, or near other metal like keys!

Some mods are so cool-looking! Especially when they have cute designs to look like 90’s toys. Some are in the shape of Nintendo controllers. That’s why it’s important to be aware of where you leave you mod to avoid children, teens, or pets meddling with them.

7. Take Care of Your Body

More important than anything else, take care of your body. Listen to what your body is telling you when you vape. This is key for vape safety! Vaping can cause dehydration, so drinking water is important to stay hydrated.

A good sign to watch out for is if you notice that you’re struggling to taste your vape juice. Speaking of health concerns, there is the long-held debate of vaping vs smoking. Is vaping healthier or not than smoking?

There are plenty of benefits to choosing e-cigarettes or vaping over smoking alone. Not only is vaping cheaper, it has less harmful chemicals in it as smoking a regular cigarette.

Our Goal With Vape Safety

We hope that these easy-to-follow tips can help avoid a bad experience with vaping. After all, we want you to have a fantastic, safe experience delving into the world of vaping.

The best way to get started is to know the basics. Let us help you along your journey with our vaping 101 guide. You’ll learn, start-to-finish, how to vape the right way so you can avoid any disasters.

best vape juice flavor

How to Choose the Best Vape Juice Flavor

When choosing the right vape juice for you, the flavor can make it or break your vaping experience.

Vape flavors range from plain tobacco to sugary desserts, all made to cater to the diverse tastes of vapers. Whatever your particular preference, there’s sure to be the perfect flavor out there for you. And, the beauty of vaping means you can even combine flavors to make your perfect blend.

But, how do you choose just one from countless vape juice flavors? Unfortunately, it’s not easy, especially if you’re new to vaping.

Read on to find out more about the different flavors on offer so that you can find the best vape juice flavor for you.

Blends vs Single-Flavor Vape Juices

The first step in choosing a vape juice flavor is to consider whether you want to stick to a single flavor or opt for several different flavors to blend.

Contrary to popular belief, single vape juice flavors aren’t just your standard vanilla or tobacco. You can even choose from juices that emulate the taste of your favorite desserts or drinks.

And, there’s a wide range of unique vape juice flavors like the creamy but fruity ‘Unicorn Milk’ by Cutwood, or Naked 100’s cocktail-inspired ‘Hawaiian Pog’.

But, despite the range of flavors available, it’s possible that there might be a flavor blend you’re looking for that isn’t on the market. Many vaping companies allow you to choose several different flavors to blend. Or, you can try Flavor Boost to add an extra hint to a single-flavor vape juice.

Popular Vape Juice Flavors

Finding the right flavor vape juice is a personal choice. Here are some of the most popular choices to help you decide on the best vape juice for you.

The Familiar Taste of Tobacco

Tobacco-flavored vape juice is a popular way to transition from traditional cigarettes to vaping. The familiar flavor offers a fix for your craving without the carcinogens, tar and other harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Plus, many smokers enjoy the taste of tobacco.

As a result, almost all vape juice manufacturers will have at least one tobacco flavor in their line of juices. For something a little special, you can try the Virginia-style tobacco blend, ‘Prelude’ by Black Note for a premium flavor.

Alternatively, you might prefer to blend a hint of tobacco flavor to sweet vapes like strawberry or vanilla once you’re ready to experiment more with different flavors.

A Fresh Blast of Mint

If you love the fresh mint flavor of a menthol cigarette then minty vape juices are a great choice.

Get a cool and icy blast from classic menthol, peppermint or spearmint vape juices. Or, the beauty of vaping means that you can try something a little different, such as mint chocolate chip flavor juice.

Sweet and Fruity Vapes

Fruity single flavors are perfect for those who are new to vaping. And if you’ve ever smoked shisha, you’ll know that flavors like apple, grape or strawberry mix well with the taste of tobacco for a fruity hint to your nicotine hit.

Fruit-flavored vape juices have been extremely popular since the early days of vaping. Due to this demand, there is a range of different fruit flavors with a high-quality realistic taste.

So, whether you prefer the exotic taste of passion fruit or want to stick to basic banana, you’ll have lots of choices when it comes to fruit-based flavors.

Vape Your Favorite Foods

For a zero-calorie indulgence, nothing beats vaping the flavor of your favorite foods. And, with vape juices based on everything from blue cheese to birthday cake, it’s clear that is where the more diverse, innovative vaping flavors really come into play.

In general, sweet food-based vapes are more successful than attempts to emulate savory foods in vape juices. Some well-documented disasters with savory vape flavors include nacho cheese, bacon, and crab legs.

So, we’d suggest sticking to your favorite sweet treats when it comes to picking a food-based vape juice liquid. And, you can find just about any sweet food in vape juice form, from breakfast cereals to baked goods to candies.

Recreate the best meal of the day with vaping juices in flavors such as waffles, Fruit Loops or French toast. Go for vape juices based on popular desserts, such as cheesecake or pumpkin pie. Or, try some of your favorite candies as a vape juice, with flavors including butterscotch, Skittles or sour lemon drops.

Vape Juices Inspired by Popular Drinks

Do you have a favorite beverage that you could drink all day long? Whether it’s coffee, soda or something alcoholic, you’re sure to find a vape juice flavor that allows you to indulge.

Popular choices include vape juices with the taste of root beer or cola, as well as Red Bull-style energy drinks.

Cocktails such as Pi?a Colada and Sex on the Beach work well in vape form. And bourbon or absinthe-flavored vape juices give you the taste of your favorite alcoholic beverage without the hangover.

Or, you can enjoy your favorite coffee blend while you vape without worrying about overdoing the caffeine.

Choose the Best Vape Juice Flavor for You

With so many amazing flavors out there, you’re sure to find at least one vape juices flavor you love. And, thanks to this guide, you can avoid wasting money on vape juices you won’t like.

Just remember, if you are trying a new flavor or want to experiment with several flavors, buy smaller bottles, such as 15 ml. You may not be as keen on the flavor as you expected once you try vaping it.

Of course, when you do find the best vape juice flavor for you, stock up on a larger 60 ml or 120 ml bottle to make sure you don’t run out for a long time!

Check out our other blog posts for the latest vaping reviews and tips, or contact us for more information.

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Impress Your Friends: 7 Vape Tricks That Are Surprisingly Easy to Learn

The CDC recently released new data suggesting that over 9 million adults regularly vape in the United States.

Why is this new trend gaining so much popularity?

Vaping, rather than smoking, offers numerous benefits as it:

  • is cheaper
  • does not have all the harmful chemicals that cigarettes do
  • tastes and smells better
  • satisfies the nicotine craving
  • doesn’t create smoke
  • can be used almost anywhere without bothering others

But, the benefit we will focus on here is that vaping creates a bunch of vapor that you can play around with. We’re not talking simple smoke rings that everybody knows how to do, but we will teach you how to do vape tricks that will drop jaws!

Here are 7 awesome vape tricks that will impress your friends and keep you amused!

1. The Dragon Master

People tend to like anything involving dragons, as they bring a fierce, mystical feel. Mystify people by turning yourself into a vape dragon.

We’re not just blowing smoke; here is how it’s done:

  1. Take a long hit of the vape, but don’t inhale the vapor.
  2. When you cannot take any more in, forcefully exhale through your nose and both corners of your mouth at the same time.

You may find execution a little trickier, so practice this privately before going dragon master at that lit party this weekend. And to add a little fire, use a spicy flavor boost!

2. The Mystic Bubble

Sure you can blow bubble gum bubbles, but do you know how to blow a vape filled bubble? Not to burst your bubble gum, but bubbles filled with thick vapor definitely look cooler.

Gather the following supplies:

  • a bowl of super soapy water or bubble solution
  • an empty toilet paper roll
  • your vape

Once you set it up:

  1. Such in as much vape as possible without inhaling.
  2. Dip one end of the tp roll into the soapy solution.
  3. Slowly blow the vape through the opposite end of the tp roll.

Watch in amazement as a large, smokey bubble form at the end of the roll. If you want to get all extra, use bubblegum or fruity flavored vape juice and let somebody else burst the bubble and watch their eyes pop with delight!

3. The Vaporfall

If you have an empty water bottle laying around, try out this fun trick!

To make a waterfall out of vapor:

  1. Freeze an inch of water in the bottom of a water bottle.
  2. Take a big hit off the vape.
  3. Blow the vapor into the frozen water bottle.
  4. Slowly pour the vapor onto a table or other flat surface.

This super simple trick is fun to watch as the thick vapor pours out like water!

4. The Mist

Even with one of the super easy vape tricks, you can turn heads, if you walk back to your friends at the bar with a misting drink!

To make your drink all misty:

  1. Use a wide rimmed glass with a cold drink filed half-way up
  2. Take a huge rip off of your vape, but do not inhale.
  3. Touch your lips to the glass, as if you are taking a sip.
  4. Exhale the vapor onto the liquid.

The vapor will just sit there and mist! Everybody will tell you how smokin’ your drink looks.

5. Push Your Vape Tricks

Once you learn how to push your vapor, you can upgrade the tricks you already know and play with your vapor to practice the most insane vapor stunts!

To push or bend your vapor:

  1. Follow your vape shape closely with your hand.
  2. Push the air behind it, but do not push your hand through the vapor.
  3. Gently direct it wherever you want to go.

The trick is to keep your speed constant behind the vapor. Pushing your vapes takes even your easy smoke tricks to the next level.

If you can master this, then you can learn to manipulate the air to also spin and bend your vape shapes! You will seriously look like a pro once you learn to air bend!

6. The Vaper’s Heart

This is a fun way to flirt with somebody sitting close to you! Make sure you use quality vape juice to keep your heart from beaking.

To send a vaper’s heart to somebody:

  1. Take a big hit without inhaling.
  2. Lower your jaw to open your mouth wide together with the smoke in your mouth.
  3. Make a large ‘O’ with your lips, but make sure your lips are clenched, rather than making a duck face.
  4. Do NOT puff out your cheeks or exhale yet.
  5. Curl your tongue at the tip all the way to the back of your mouth.
  6. Flick your tongue forward, running it along the top of your mouth, and keep hesitating.
  7. Once the smoke ring emerges, snap your fingers gently over the top of it
  8. Push the heart at your crush.

This adorable flirting method takes the awkwardness out of the approach and shows how fun and creatively you think. It’s the sophisticated version of blowing a kiss! Just make sure to send a sweet scent.

7. The Flying Jelly Fish

Nail this one and impress even your hardest critics! But first, let’s quickly review on how to blow an ‘O’ and then go on to the second part of the process.

How to Blow Smoke Rings:

  1. Take a deep inhale of vapor, without inhaling.
  2. Shape your mouth into an ‘O’, with lips tucked around your teeth, not ducked out.
  3. Make a gentle coughing motion.

That’s the easy part. Now you need to :

  1. Push your ‘O’ outward with your hand without breaking it up and follow the ‘O’ closely.
  2. While pushing the vapor, take a large hit.
  3. Act like you are ghosting, only do not suck back in, and blow the smoke through your floating ‘O’.

With a little practice, you can take this trick for a swim in public and please any crowd. To top it all off, do it in a room with a black light!

Get Ready to Vape in Style!

With a little practice and the right products, you will turn into the life of any party with these awesome vape tricks. Visit our website to read more on living the vape life! Because, why not make a daily routine a little more fun!?

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How to Use a Vape 101: 8 Different Things You Can Smoke with a Vape

As more than 9 million Americans are now vaping, people are getting more experimental with the things that they vape.

Rather than sticking with just nicotine or marijuana, there are a lot of herbs that can be vaped or added to marijuana or tobacco. If you’re learning how to use a vape, you should try new things with care but still be willing to experiment.

Here are 8 different herbs you could be smoking with your vape.

1. Damiana

If you’re looking for an aromatic taste to add to other herbs or to your regular vaping herbs, damiana is a great choice. It can offer a mild buzz to some people, but it nowhere near what you get from cannabis.

In medicinal studies, it’s brought in to help with nervous system issues, urinary tract problems, and even menstrual issues. It’s used as an antidepressant, aphrodisiac, and even as a sexual aid. In studies with rats, it increased their sexual activity.

There are even damiana recipes online to make something delicious with the herb. Vape it with your favorite herbs or on its own.

2. Catnip

There’s a reason you see cats go wild for catnip. For cats, it can give an even stronger buzz than cannabis. For humans, the reaction is much milder.

It will induce a relaxing and comfortable buzz. It’s a 100% legal herb and can be found everywhere from gardens to pet stores. You can even cultivate your own and share it with your beloved feline friends.

Add it to an herbal mix or vape it on its own.

3. Valerian

As a root, valerian is added to teas and put in pill form to help people to sleep better. When you vape this herb, it’s considered to be much stronger than taking it in any other form. While you might have enjoyed the relaxing feeling of valerian as a tincture in tea, that’s nothing compared to vaping it.

Mix it with something like lemon balm for a relaxing and delicious vape. It’s been known to mix well with other sedative herbs like passionflower, hops, or even skullcap. Valerian is available at many health food stores and all over the place online.

4. Passionflower

All across North America, passion flowers grow wild and in gardens as a lovely cultivated vine. It’s been known for ages as a sedative plant that can be used in a wide variety of medicinal ways.

When you vaporize it, it can be a tranquilizing plant that gives you a slightly sedated feeling. The experience will be mild but blissful and you should find it relaxing when you add it to your mix.

5. Lavender

Whether you’re buying a dish soap or trying to find a nice herb to add to your home, lavender always ends up near the top of everyone’s list. You can add it to food or to your vape. Its taste and smell are considered to be therapeutic and relaxing.

It’s been claimed that it can stimulate blood flow, can act as an anti-depressant, and can even provide both antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It even has the characteristics of being a muscle relaxant and provides gas relief.

Even if you don’t need to use it for any of these reasons, lavender’s smell and taste alone are enough to consider vaping it alone or with other herbs.

6. Lemon Balm

If you’re in the world of herbalism or aromatherapy, you know lemon balm very well. It brings a fantastic taste and smell to any mix or even any room. It offers calming effects that have centuries of history of people appreciating them.

For years, it has relaxed the nervous systems and relieved people of anxiety. It can promote a good night’s sleep and help with restlessness. You may even be able to relieve headaches and increase blood circulation with this herb.

When it’s mixed with hops, valerian or chamomile, it’s considered that its calming nature can be enhanced and highlighted. Adding it to a mix or smoking it alone, you’re sure to feel the relaxing effects of this herb in no time.

7. St. John’s Wort

For decades, people have used St. John’s Wort for its anti-depressant qualities. People will often take it during winter months to keep from falling into the winter doldrums. It’s one of the most popular herbs that people take on a regular basis.

Through vaping this herb, it’s said that you can achieve some of the more sedative qualities that make this such a powerful herb.

However, avoid this herb if you’re on birth control. Since its popular use as a supplement has gained traction, it’s often been noted that it can conflict with birth control medication.

8. Green Tea

Vaporizing green tea may not have been the first idea you had when you picked up green tea from the grocery store. However, some claim that it can give you a stimulating buzz when vaporized from the plant itself. It has caffeine that is often lost during processing for drinking but vaping it can be an effective way to feel it.

The lower you set your vape pen, the more subtle and soothing your buzz will be.

It’s reported that it can have the equivalent of drinking a cup of coffee except you might end up feeling the effects a lot faster.

Learning How To Use a Vape Should Be Fun

When you’re first learning how to use a vape, you should open yourself up to all of the things you could be smoking with your vape. The more of a variety you try, the more you can learn about herbs and maybe even treat some of your own issues naturally.

If you’re still learning how to have fun with your vape, check out our guide for some cool tricks to try.

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Tutorial: How to Choose Your First Vape Mod

Do you know which vape mod is right for you?

Over nine million adults in the U.S. now vape on a regular basis. If you’re one of them – or thinking of becoming one of them – you might have run across information about vape mods. But if you’ve never tried one before, the world of mods can be a little confusing.

We’re here to clear things up. In this guide, we’ll give you everything you need to know about choosing the best vape mod for you. Keep reading to upgrade your vape experience!

What is a Vape Mod?

The word “mod” stands for, you guessed it, modify. This term got its start when vapers started to build and modify their e-cigs on their own.

Since manufacturers wanted to capitalize on this trend, storebought mods soon followed. Mods add to the power and capabilities of your e-cig. Today, there’s a huge variety of mods to choose from.

When to Try a Vape Mod

Vape mods are ideal for the vape beginner who’s already gotten started, and is looking for something new.

Let’s say you’ve been vaping for a few months. You use a simple e-cigarette, and you’ve become a master at adjusting the airflow, filling the tanks, and changing the wattage. However, you might not yet have played around with advanced features such as temperature control.

You start to feel like it’s time for a fancier, more powerful device. You might also be thinking about appearance – what if you had a nicer-looking vape?

However, when you start to research mods, you find an astounding number of options to choose from. There are so many manufacturers constantly releasing new products to compete with each other.

What you need is a guide that breaks down the features and benefits of each different type of mod. Otherwise, you could waste hours in e-cig forums without ever getting clear answers.

Feel like you’re ready for a mod? Here are a few things to consider.

Reasons to Try a Vape Mod

There are quite a few positive qualities to using vape mods.

First of all, they look nice. The shape and size can be quite different than that of a traditional e-cig.

They also offer a higher range of power, and you can produce more vapor with some mods. These advanced features offer more control over exactly what your mod can do. For example, you might be able to change the speed of the coil heating up with some mods.

Another top reason to try a mod is to enjoy the longer battery life. These larger battery capacities can go longer without being charged.

Reasons Not to Try a Vape Mod

In spite of the countless people who love their vape mods, there are still a few who will prefer life without mods. What are some of the ways to tell a mod isn’t for you?

If you don’t care about having lots of power, you might not need a mod. And if you don’t want any advanced features, a traditional e-cig may be more your style. E-cigs are simple to use, which is why they’re ideal for beginners. They also are smaller and lighter than most mods.

Types of Vape Mods

Now that you know whether mod life is for you, here are a few of the different features you might consider when you make your choice.

1. Variable Wattage/Power Range

The majority of mods on the market are variable wattage (VW) mods. These let you adjust how much wattage makes it to your atomizer.

One of the simplest considerations when you’re choosing a mod is the power setting range. For the most part, a wider range is ideal. But most vapers don’t need a terribly high power.

Think about how much power you’ll probably use, rather than going for the highest power on the market. If low-wattage devices aren’t working for you, or if you want bigger clouds of vapor, you’ll want higher power. However, for the average vaper, 80 watts is plenty of power.

2. Temperature Control

With temperature control vaping, you can set a particular temperature for your vaping, instead of a particular wattage.

This can make your e-liquids taste better, and helps get rid of “dry puffs” with charred, unpleasant liquid.

Mods can offer a range of temperatures to choose from. However, for temperature control, you’ll need to vape with titanium, nickel, or stainless steel coils.

3. Wattage and Temperature Control

Most temperature control (TC) mods keep your mod going at a particular wattage when you start vaping.

In fact, the wattage is fixed on some e-cig devices. Many mods stay at the maximum wattage possible no matter how you set the temperature. But a fancier TC mod will also let you change the starting, or “ramp up,” wattage.

If you increase the wattage, you’ll get a harder hit. When you decrease it, the hit becomes softer. Many modern TC mods offer this option – but not all, so you should always check before you buy.

4. Output Mod

Often, mods don’t have that many output options besides the wattage, TC, and the occasional “bypass” option. However, a few mods do offer other options that allow you to choose strength.

You can simplify adjusting your mod with this option, which lets you choose a “hard” or “soft” hit. The “norm” setting is usually ideal for most vapers, but if you want more control, you’ll enjoy having the other options.

Ready to Choose a Vape Mod?

The vape mod world is constantly changing, and new features are being added all the time. However, with this guide to the basics, you’re ready to get out there and get started with your first vape mod.

As time goes by, you’ll probably build up a collection of vape mods, depending on what you like best. Check out our mod reviews here to get started.

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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Clean a Vape Tank

What’s the most exciting part about vaping to you?

We can’t actually hear you, but it was probably one of the following: the look and design of your vape device, the power of your vape device, the flavor of your e-juice, etc.

Somehow, “cleaning my vape” probably didn’t make the cut for that list.

That being said, knowing how to clean a vape tank is a very important part of the process.

Today, we’re going to give you a step-by-step guide on everything to do with cleaning your vape device and tank.

To Clean Your Vape Device is to Know Your Vape Device

First thing is first, you need to know what parts make up your vape device.

You’d be surprised how many people don’t research what they buy and have no idea what parts make up their tank.

There are lots of variations of devices in the wild, and it’s impossible to know exactly what kind of setup you’re working with. Still, here are a few of the more common parts of a vape setup:

  • Mod
  • Batteries
  • Atomizer (or tank):
    • Base of your tank
    • Coil
    • Glass chamber
    • Tank lid (or top cap)
    • Drip tip

Your exact setup may be different in some ways. For example, you may be using a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA), rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA), or a coil head atomizer or tank.

Whether you’re building your own coil in an RDA or an RTA or purchasing pre-made, pre-built coil heads for your tank, the cleaning process is similar.

Let’s take a look at some tell-tale clues on when to start cleaning your vape tank.

When is it Time to Clean My Vape Tank?

The easiest way to know if it’s time to start cleaning your vape tank is based on the flavor of your vape.

If your vape starts tasting burnt or the flavors are muted, then that’s a good sign that you’ve got some cleaning to do.

This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Your coil is too dirty or used up
  • The cotton (or wick) is too dirty, used up, or burnt
  • You’ve been using too many different flavored e-juices in a row

Sometimes, it’s because your coil or wick is simply done. Other times, it’s just because you’re using too many flavors too often.

A variety of flavors is the spice of the vaping life. There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of flavors. But so many different flavors of juices in a row can lead to them being indistinguishable from each other.

You don’t want your Vape Wild flavors like Fruit Hoops smelling or tasting like Peanut Butter Cup and Keylime Pie. Both of those things sound great on their own, but together, they might be a disaster.

Then again, who knows! They could be the surprise equivalent of peaches and tomatoes.

If you’re looking for a pure flavor of your e-juice, then let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to clean a vape.

Guide: How to Clean a Vape Tank

If you’re excited about some new e-juice you got in the mail, you may want to clean your tank to get the smell and flavor of the old juice out.

This is especially true if you’re trying to test the new juice out to see if it clicks with you. It’s not fair to have your new juice mixing with the old stuff.

1. Take Apart Your Tank

The key here is that you need to disassemble your tank. Take a look at the parts of a vape device we discussed above.

Not only do you want to remove your tank from your mod, you also want to pull apart the different parts of your tank.

If you’re not familiar with your tank, it may be a good idea to consult an instruction manual or website the manufacturer of your vape tank may have provided.

Hopefully, they’ve detailed how to do this.

If not, you can generally do it like this:

  • Remove tank (or atomizer) from the mod
  • Take out the drip tip from the top cap
  • Unscrew the top cap from the glass or plastic chamber
  • Carefully set aside glass or plastic chamber
  • Remove coil and cotton

The point is you want everything separated so that you can clean the parts individually.

2. Examine Your Coil and Wick

This is important because the cleanliness of your tank may actually not be the issue.

As discussed before, if your coil or wick are burnt out or used up, then you may need to replace them.

Look for burnt cotton in the form of a blackened or brown color or the accumulation of gunk on your coil. This will also appear to be black, brown, or some other dark color and seem goopy or flakey.

3. Wash and Clean Those Parts

Generally, water will do just fine.

You can fill a bowl up with warm water and wash the parts in there or just run the parts under a tap.

Use a cloth to scrub away at any excess e-juice or gunk that as accumulated.

In some cases, you may want to use dish soap or 91-percent isopropyl alcohol to clean the parts. This is good for getting at tanks that are especially dirty or have been neglected for too long.

The IMPORTANT thing to remember here is that if you are using dish soap or alcohol, be sure to RINSE AND DRY THOROUGHLY.

4. Dry Completely

When all is said and done, you just need to let the parts air dry separately and on their own for about 15 minutes to half an hour.

You can rest them on a paper towel or regular towel to collect any dripping water, too.

5. Reassemble Your Tank

From there, feel free to put your tank back together, fill it up with your new e-liquid, and go!

If you’re still unfamiliar with your device, make sure to pay attention to the disassembly phase. You’ll want to remember how you took it apart so you can put it back together correctly.

An Important Consideration

As a final note, battery safety is a hot topic in the vaping world.

If you’re wondering how to clean a vape tank, just make sure above all else that you take the tank off the mod and clean it away from where the batteries are.

You don’t want to get water, soap, alcohol, or anything else on your mod (which may have delicate electronic screens) or on your batteries.

Vaping From a Clean Tank

If you’ve been wondering how to clean a vape tank after you started getting messy and muddled flavors, hopefully, this guide helped you out.

From here, if you’d like to read more tips and advice on vaping, check out our reviews of some starter kits!