Grab A Dab Pen for Less

Dab pens have become the new normal; everyone has one or is getting one. So, to help you out, I’ve reviewed a couple of the lower priced pens because I know this is what the masses jump on to try something new!

Important Things to Know Before Your Vape Pen Purchase!  

Charge the pen first– This is so you don’t burn out the battery before you start. 

Don’t Charge Too Long– The light will change color when fully charged.  

Read the instructions– Read all labels, instructions, and warranties before purchasing. This can save you more money in the long run.  

No long Drags– These can burn your lips and that isn’t fun. Pull till it warms up a bit but not too deep!  


Boom Sd Mini Pen/Pen (steel) by Boom 

The first one I tried was the Boom Mini. It really wasn’t that good—the hit was a bit harsh. I’m not sure if that was because of the products or the vape juice. The pen got really hot, really fast on long drags. It also only had one coil working properly. 

Beware that this will not come with directions so make sure to read up on how to use it. The thing with these is that they are best for concerts or long trips when you don’t want to bring out your more expensive vape pen. It’s completely disposable and really not useful for anything other than a backup that you don’t mind losing or breaking. 


Organic VitaVape – with Hemp oil – Vitamin Essential Oil 

The second pen I tried is an oil pen. Organic Vita is pure hemp oil, although it’s commonly referred to as a vitamin pen. I understand that a lot of people will use this if they hate taking pills like I do.  

Hemp is completely healthy and this one keeps out all the nasty chemicals. I would go as far as to say if you’re trying to put down the cigarettes this might be the way to go.  


The Wax Pen/SD Pen in Black  

This standard wax pen is perfect. It was a little pricier than the last two and it seems cheap, but it worked the best. It also came with the complete kit 

Use goods like wax, shatter or the tiniest amount of bud with this pen; you don’t want to go overboard and ruin it. The pen takes a USB charger so be prepared to wait for a full charge. The hits are really smooth too. No coughing. For the price, it was worth it. 


Final Thoughts and Overall Opinions

I think all of these pens should come with extra coils or little replacement pieces to add more value but in general, they are made for short use. For what it’s worth, most of the pens did their specified jobs and the hits were not that bad either.  

When it comes to buying things like this online, you always get what you pay for. The pens all pretty much work the same, or at least very similar. As long as you thoroughly check everything—like how I told you-you should have a decent vape pen.  

A Look at Some of the Hottest Products in Dabbing

Dab pens and rigs have gotten less publicity than their predecessor—the vape pen. Fortunately, dabbing has become increasingly popular with the variety of essential oils and waxes being produced. Part of what makes it so much fun is the huge array of accessories that can hold and enhance your dabbing experience. 

From the actual dab pens and vaporizers to the specially designed waxes, this industry has taken off, and some of the products are as beautiful as they are useful. Dab pens work by heating essential oil concentrates or waxes containing different products or herbs and producing an inhalable vapor. This works differently than vape pens in the types of products that it’s best suited to.  

Dab pens are better for those who want to dab CBD or concentrated THC quickly and efficiently. Vaping can only use liquid oils and is made to deliver smaller doses of nicotine or THC over the life of the vape juice.

With that clarification, let’s take a look at some of the most popular dabbing products on the market. 


The CloudV Powerbox is as Versatile as it is Sleek

The CloudV Powerbox has an excellent reputation for being both discreet and effective. It holds up to .5 grams of wax and uses a powerful 35W 1000mAh battery to quickly an efficiently heat your favorite products.  

As with many other high-end products, you’ll need to commit to a bit of maintenance to keep this dab pen clean. It’s recommended that the coils be changed every 2 months, and you’ll need to wipe it down frequently with alcohol wipes. The functionality makes up for it, though.  

The quartz coil atomizer creates an even heating platform for your favorite waxes and dabs. This is definitely a product that’s worth looking into for more experienced dabbers. 


Wulf Mods Elips Dome Kits Bring More to the Table

This mod should be used as an addition to your Wulf 350mAh dab pen. The dome kit is designed to increase the heat and shorten the time it takes to vaporize your favorite waxes or dabs. Having this kind of capability makes it easier to dab on the go, and to do so discreetly. The beautiful titanium and glass design is only further accented by this particular mods ease-of-use. The Wulf Mods Elips Dome Kit is a fantastic upgrade for veteran dabbers and for those who are just starting out. 


Keep Your Favorite Products Safe with Dab Stacks

Dabbing uses both concentrated essential oils and waxes that need to be carefully crumbled and stored; this is where Dab Stacks come in. These silicone-based carrying cases come in a large variety of colors and styles and provide you the nonstick protection you need.  

Your products will stay fresh and you can keep them on hand knowing that they aren’t going to leak or end up joining the lint in the bottom of your handbag or pocket. This is one of those products that’s fairly inexpensive but definitely needs to be on your list of dabbing essentials.