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10 of the Best Vape Pen Reviews for the Discerning Vapeur

Whether it’s for nicotine, cannabis, oils, or other compounds, vape pens are quickly becoming the go-to option for people in the United States. In fact, the industry is expected to hit $61 billion in less than a decade. 

More and more, people are shrugging off smoking and waking up to the advantages of vaporizing.

But with that demand comes a lot of options. And who has time to sift through thousands of vape pen reviews?

Luckily, you don’t have to. We’ve broken down what to look for when searching for the best vape pen. And we nailed down the 10 best vape pens out there.

What to Look For in Vape Pen Reviews

Before picking out the best vape pen, it’s important to decide how it will be used. 

First, there are generally three different categories of vape pens.

One type uses liquids or acts as an E-cigarette. These are among the most commonly used types of vape pens. And they usually are loaded up using nicotine and flavors.

E-liquid vape pens let the user pick flavors and monitor how much nicotine is being ingested. That makes them a popular choice for typical tobacco smokers.

But vape pens also can be designed for a second compound: dry herbs. Most commonly, that means they are used to vaporize cannabis or other dried plants. 

These vape pens usually are more compact. But they need to heat up hot enough to pull out elements like THC from a dry material.

A third option is vape pens for oils and waxes. This has been an increasingly popular way for people to get the most out of non-psychoactive compounds, like CBD oil

A wise vape pen buyer will identify the best device for the compound they want to vaporize.

10 Best Vape Pens

Keeping the types of pens in mind, here are some of the top vape pens from all three categories.

1. Vype Epen 3

The Vype Epen 3 is light, slim, and smooth. This vape pen is one of the best in the E-liquids category. 

It gives users a wide range of options for flavors and nicotine levels. What makes it a premium product is the amount of vapor users can get in a single pull. It is hard to beat the cloud of flavor this pen puts out. 

2. Iqos Mesh

The Iqos Mesh is a bit heavier, but it’s another top-rated vape pen for E-liquid users.

It uses liquid capsules. That means vaping is consistent and spill-free.

It also uses a special heating system that makes sure vapor draws evenly. That means it won’t dwindle as the night goes on. 

3. Bo One

Bo Vaping’s Bo One stands out because of its sleek, but discreet, design. It is ultra lightweight. And its soft finish makes it one of the most stylish vape pens out there.

It also is easy to use and doesn’t require buttons to push for a drag. And it is compatible with six different flavors of E-liquid. 

4. Cloudious9 Hydrology9

The Cloudious9 Hydrology9 is rated one of the top vape pens for dry herbs. This vape pen is meticulously designed. It uses an aluminum body and porcelain oven.

Its careful design also makes it easy to use. And pieces are simply screwed together.

It also uses a specially designed liquid filter and a chamber made to distribute heat evenly.

5. G Pen Pro

Another vape pen built for dry herbs, the G Pen Pro is a tiny masterpiece. 

Its body is small, but it includes a heavy-duty oven. That means it heats up fast without getting hot in the user’s hand. 

It lets users choose from three different heat settings, which turns into more options for a custom vaping experience. And it has a surprisingly strong pull for how small it is. 

6. DRAY Dry Herb 

As the name suggests, the DRAY Dry Herb Vaporizer is designed specifically for dry herbs. That means it isn’t a good option for someone looking for a hybrid model.

But it lets the user choose precise heat settings. That makes it one of the most user-friendly dry herb vape pens available. It is built for power and puts off a ton of taste. 

It also uses a specialized battery and heats more evenly than most vape pens.

7. Mig Vapor Wasp

This might be the best vape pen for oil out there. The Mig Vapor Wasp is considered a “dab” pen, meaning it is used with oils, waxes, and concentrates. 

The design of this vape pen is simple and stylish. It’s built to last, with materials like carborundum and stainless steel. And it puts out full quality draws that pack a punch.

It also can heat up in less than 3 seconds and gets as hot as 455 degrees.

8. Kandypens Prism

The Kandypens Prism is another top choice for oils and concentrates because of its sturdy design and performance. 

This pen is built to last. It uses medical grade stainless steel and it’s built with titanium coils. The craftsmanship shows in the solid flavor that it puts out. 

Despite its solid construction, it is also lightweight and discreet. 

9. Pax 3 

What makes the Pax 3 so highly reviewed is that it is versatile but designed for performance. It falls in a hybrid category because it is a 2-in-1 vape pen. That means users can vaporize both loose leaf and concentrates via inserts. 

It takes less than 15 seconds to heat up, and it’s easy to use. When ingredients are vaporized and ready to go, the device will let the user know with vibrations. 

10. VaporFi Air 2 Mini

This is a solid machine for E-liquids because it mimics the feel of traditional smoking. It lets the user suck in a good amount of vapor that goes right to the lungs.

But what makes it especially attractive are the extras. With an upgrade of simple pieces, the consumer can also use this vape pen for oils. 

It’s a great option for anyone who is testing out vaping methods. Plus, it’s stealthy and fits nicely in a person’s pocket.

More Vaping Essentials

These top vape pen reviews cover vaporizers for every occasion. When picking out the perfect vape pen, the key is to make sure it fits your needs.

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how to make your e-juice last longer

Liquid Longevity: How to Make Your e-Juice Last Longer

Who doesn’t blowing vape clouds? Vaping is a great alternative to cigarettes because it’s better for your lungs and a lot more fun. Vaping can also be a lot cheaper than cigarettes if you know what you’re doing.  

The truth is, it’s not much cheaper if you blow through your E-Juice rapidly. For example, those vape clouds are impressive but they use up a lot of your juice. You want to be a little more conservative with it If you don’t want a gaping hole in your wallet. 

Here are a few tips and methods on how to make your E-juice last longer so you can save money and keep the fun rolling.  

1. Retro Vaping 

It’s as the old saying goes, less is more. Today’s vape pens are a lot more advanced than they were when the craze first picked up. There are a lot more bells and whistles on them that you don’t necessarily need. 

You can save on juice by keeping the basic of the basic vape pens because they don’t use up near as much. They do this by offering a higher automizer resistance and low power. If saving on juice doesn’t convince you, it also allows for a longer lasting battery which means you can vape longer.  

2. Fix Leaks 

It goes without saying that if you have a leak, you should probably get it fixed. It usually stems from you either overfilling the tank or not filling it correctly but if this isn’t the case, you should probably have your tank checked out.

It could be possible that you have juice stuck in the center tube so you can try cleaning that out before you go get it looked at or replace the tank. Either way, you need to come up with a solution because a leaking tank will use up a lot of juice.  

3. Raise your OHMs

Sub-OHM vaping can give you some of the most intense flavor and best clouds but it uses up a ton of E-Juice. The reason why it does this is quite obvious more vapor equals more juice used. A sacrifice must be made.  

One way you can work around this is to mix your own juice. Doing that will give you more at your disposal. If you don’t want to do that though, there is really no helping it, you’ll have to get used to producing thinner clouds to be conservative on your juice.  

4. Lower Your Wattage 

If you really enjoy sub-OHM vaping you might be able to lower the wattage. When you lower your wattage, less heat is being produced by your coil which means you not only save on power but also use less E-Juice.  

If you play around with your settings a little bit you should be able to find a balance between your wattage and OHM that will give you the results you want while allowing you to be conservative.   

5. Choose the Right Place to Store it 

To save on E-Juice you need to learn how to store it in a method that will keep it from going bad as quickly. You should find a dark, dry place to put it that is out of the reach of your pets or children. 

If you mix your own juice some of your materials like the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin can be stored up to two years. Once you introduce it to your flavorings though, it’s expiration date will shrink a little. This isn’t a huge problem considering it probably won’t last you but a few weeks. 

Make sure any juice that your currently vaping isn’t left out in the heat or in direct sunlight.  

6. Propylene Glycol Juice 

Different juice types have their own storing rules. Propylene glycol is the least picky of the two. You still need to store it in a dark area like a pantry or refrigerator but due to its properties, juice made with it will last you for a long time. 

The reason why it lasts longer is that it’s a natural virus killer. It won’t gather up bacteria as vegetable glycerin juice would. Due to the fact that it repels viruses, it won’t undergo degradation either.  

7. Vegetable Glycerin Juice

Vegetable glycerin is going to be the main chemical in your juice if you like to produce thick smoke clouds. Vegetable glycerin is also pickier in terms of how it should be stored. 

It is prone to viruses and degradation and while it’s rare, will go bad if you don’t store it correctly. The biggest ways to tell that it’s gone bad is that the juice will get very dark and something about it just won’t taste right.  

Keep in mind that just because you have E-juice that contains nicotine that doesn’t mean it’s safe from going bad. If you expose it to enough light and heat it will expire.  

Methods on How to Make Your E-Juice Last Longer 

If you enjoy vaping, chances are that you will go through your E-juice super quickly if you aren’t careful. Producing thick clouds is fun and satisfying but unless you balance your OHM with your wattage, you will burn through the juice. If you don’t store it properly it will go bad and you’ll have to throw it out.  

Use these tips on how to make your E-Juice last longer to make the most out of your vape experience. 

Just now jumping on the vape wagon? Visit our how-to guides for helpful beginners information. 

vape pen reviews

Vaping’s Hottest Commodity: A Guide on How Vape Pens Work

Vape pens account for as much as 15% of booming marijuana markets in Colorado and Nevada. This growing preference in delivery, for both marijuana and nicotine, is only going to get bigger. If you’re new to the world of vaping, it can seem like a magic trick from afar.

Vape pens are pretty high-tech, but how they work isn’t all that complicated. How vape pens work is the result of smart engineering and the evolution of batteries. This guide will break down all the components of vape pens and their accessories.

Parts of a Vape Pen

Vape pens can vary in shapes and sizes, but the mechanisms inside are the same. Quality of these components determines not only the longevity but also the quality of the vape that is produced. For example, a cheap heating element burns your vape liquid and gives off a foul and bitter taste.

Vape Cartridges/Tanks

Source of e-liquid/juice comes in two forms: refillable tanks and disposable cartridges. Buying e-liquid for tanks gives more savings and more variety. Cartridges are easy to use and find anywhere. You can find cartridges at convenience stores, even.


This is the heating element that causes your e-liquid to transform into vapor. It’s a small coil that heats up a few drops of e-liquid at a time. This is how vape pens can be activated within seconds.

Activation Sensor

A tiny piece of electronics controls when the heating element turns on. For some models, this happens when the user inhales. Even if the pen only responds by a button press, it still requires a sensor to control the atomizer.


Before lithium-ion batteries evolved to the point they are today, vintage vape pens were not very user-friendly. Now, cigarette-sized vape pens can last all day, as long as you have the juice.


Most vape pens easily plug into any micro-USB charger, the same as a phone charger. Some vape pens have a USB port built right into them. You can plug the pen right into your computer and it looks like a long antenna or flash drive.

How Vape Pens Work

Step one: charge your pen.

Step two: make sure it’s filled with e-liquid. If it needs to be filled manually, follow the directions carefully. Overfilling e-liquid tanks could damage your vape pen and possibly burn you. Vape pen safety is important.

Once you have your e-liquid set, make sure all the vape pen pieces are secured back in place. Depending on your model of vape pen, you may need to press the activator button several times in a row to take your first hit. This minor inconvenience is a lifesaver for those who want to drop their pen in their pocket.

Breath-activated pens are great, too. Remember to control the strength of your inhale, the vapor can be harsh on the back of the throat.

Vape Accessories

Vape pens are an all-in-one product, but there are some accessories that come in handy. Heavy vape users will definitely want to check off a few from this list.

Portable Herb Grinders

If your vape pen uses dry herbs, never be without a fresh supply. Keep a small portable grinder for your buds.

Backup Batteries

Going on a road trip or don’t spend a lot of time at home? Backup vape batteries are cheap and small enough to keep in your car, pocket, or purse. Always purchase backup batteries that match your pen’s model.

Pen Bands

These are little covers for your vape tank. This offers more protection if you were to ever drop your pen. Vape pen bands look cool, too. It’s one of the cheapest ways you can customize your pen.

Extra Chargers and Adaptors

You can never have enough chargers laying around. These things constantly disappear into the void, get left at houses, coffee shops, and etc. The more devices you have that use them, the more you’ll need.


The shape of your mouthpiece can affect the mouthfeel and overall hit. For dry herbs, you need a good mesh and mouthpiece to get a consistent draw.

Reusable Bottles

If you plan on mixing together your own e-liquid concentrations, you need to have good bottles. Child-proof bottles are ideal, they prevent accidental spills and curious minds from opening.

Drip Tips

After you’ve gotten used to using a vape pen, you should try using a drip tip. This allows a fuller hit of the e-liquid but requires a bit more finesse. It skips the wick and goes directly on the atomizer, which allows the juice flow unimpeded onto the heating coil.

We recommend doing this with either a high-end vape pen or a vape mod.

Vape Mods

Experienced vapers eventually move onto the grandaddy of vape pens, the vape mod. Vape mods are like pens, but with tools to adjust and fine-tune the experience. Want a stronger hit from your vape pen? Want a bigger battery?

Control each component of your vape mod without being limited to manufacturer’s specifications. Vape mods allow you to fine-tune your flavor, which can transform an e-liquid entirely from what it tasted like in a vape pen. Mod kits are more expensive than your standard pen, but it’s a long-term investment.

Shopping for Vape Pens

If this guide on how vape pens work has made you more curious about vaping, congratulations! Vaping does live up to the hype, unlike many cultural trends (we’re looking at you, Crocs and fidget spinners). So, what are you waiting for?

Start here, browse our Vape Starter Kits and pick out the first one that you like. Don’t overthink it, your first vape pen is likely not going to be your last. Enjoy the experience, share it with your friends, and try some vape tricks while you’re at\