The Gamucci E-Cigarette Review

I smoked for roughly fifteen years before I decided that I wanted to quit to try to better my health. Quitting smoking cold turkey felt nearly impossible to do, however, so I wanted to see if vaping was right for me.

Many of the vapors that I saw seemed to be a bit more complicated than I wanted them to be and a lot costlier too. After searching around, I decided to try the Gamucci E-Cigarette because it was affordable and easy to use.

The Pros and Cons of the Gamucci E-Cigarette’s Look

The exterior of the Gamucci e-cigarette is designed to look very similar to a normal cigarette. I did find that it felt a bit longer than a regular one. When vaping with the Gamucci, the end has an LED light on it that lights up. It would look more authentic if the light had a red color to it when it was lit, but mine has a green color which makes it look odd when I use it.

The Gamucci Is Simple to Use

I love the fact that this e-cigarette was so easy to use. Some of the vape starter kits I saw available for purchase seemed to have tons of parts and made me nervous that I would do something wrong and break it before I even got to use it.

The Gamucci ended up being great because I didn’t have to worry about filling it with vape juice or worry about charging it. All I had to do was open the packaging, remove the protective stickers over the holes that the vape comes out of, and use it. The battery lasted a little more than a day and a half, so I was able to get plenty of use out of it before the battery died.

Using the Gamucci Was Different Than I Expected

When I first bought the e-cigarette, I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard different things and was worried that the vape was going to be too harsh or not harsh enough to make it feel authentic. I was pleasantly surprised with the vapor that came out of the Gamucci; it wasn’t too harsh and had a great tobacco flavor. I did have to pull quite a bit when inhaling though, and the packaging claims that you can get up to 400 inhalations from the e-cigarette, but I feel like you really only get about 250 to 300 good strong puffs from it.

The Gamucci Is a Good Overall Investment

I liked the fact that the Gamucci was so inexpensive because I was able to take it with me into clubs and not worry about damaging it or losing it; the affordable price and compact size of the e-cigarette made it great for use on the go. I did feel a little embarrassed when using it at first because it was obvious it wasn’t a real cigarette, but once I saw a few people vaping the insecurity disappeared.

I found this to be a great way to introduce myself to vaping without having to invest in an expensive vape starter kit. I was able to dramatically cut back on the number of cigarettes that I smoked on a daily basis and did eventually quit smoking altogether. Overall, it was a great investment that I made to recommend to everyone.


The JUUL Review

I decided that I wanted to quit smoking and needed to find something that allowed me to still get the nicotine fix that I craved without the harmful toxins that come in cigarettes. I found the JUUL e-cig and decided to give it a try because it was affordable and came with everything that I needed to start vaping right away.

When my JUUL arrived, I was impressed with how small and sleek it was. I could easily fit it into my pocket discreetly so that I could carry it with me everywhere that I went. I love the look of it, as well. It has smooth sides so that it’s very easy to hold and the sleek look gives it a more distinguished appearance.

The JUUL Is Easy to Use

What I love about the JUUL is that I don’t have to worry about replacing coils or adding vape juice to it. I was afraid to buy a vape that required too much maintenance or work to use it because I simply don’t have the time to remember to bring everything with me when I take off for the day to make sure that the vape works properly. I really like that the pods simply clip into place and I can start using the vape right away. There was no measuring or counting that had to take place before I could start using the device.

The JUUL Is Easy to Charge

The JUUL is also nice because it’s very easy to charge; you can hook it into any USB port to charge it. I’m able to get a full charge in about an hour and can then take a little more than 200 puffs from the e-cig before having to charge it again. Being able to use a USB port allows me to charge it just about anywhere, which is nice for times when I forget to charge it at night.

The JUUL Is Enjoyable to Use

The e-cigarette is also very easy and enjoyable to use. When I take a hit, it feels just like it does when I smoke a cigarette. I can tell that something is coming out of it and the internal cooling system ensures that the I never take a dry hit—each hit is as fresh as the one before. The bold flavor it creates makes it enjoyable to vape.

The JUUL Came with Everything I Needed

The vape starter kit includes everything that I needed to get started. There were four different flavored pods included in the kit that allowed me to try a few different flavors before investing in new ones. I thought this was great because I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the sweeter tasting pods, but I really did.

The kit was very affordable in comparison to some of the other kits that I saw on the market and came with a lot more flavor options than other kits did. I have been very happy with my purchase and have ordered a variety pack of pods since purchasing the JUUL because I wanted to try the other flavors that were available. I haven’t been disappointed with any of the flavors that I have tried, and the e-cig has allowed me to completely quit smoking cigarettes.

I no longer smell like smoke and have been able to save a lot of money because using the JUUL is much cheaper than having to constantly buy cigarettes. It was a great investment that I’m glad to have made.