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10 of the Best Vape Pen Reviews for the Discerning Vapeur

Whether it’s for nicotine, cannabis, oils, or other compounds, vape pens are quickly becoming the go-to option for people in the United States. In fact, the industry is expected to hit $61 billion in less than a decade. 

More and more, people are shrugging off smoking and waking up to the advantages of vaporizing.

But with that demand comes a lot of options. And who has time to sift through thousands of vape pen reviews?

Luckily, you don’t have to. We’ve broken down what to look for when searching for the best vape pen. And we nailed down the 10 best vape pens out there.

What to Look For in Vape Pen Reviews

Before picking out the best vape pen, it’s important to decide how it will be used. 

First, there are generally three different categories of vape pens.

One type uses liquids or acts as an E-cigarette. These are among the most commonly used types of vape pens. And they usually are loaded up using nicotine and flavors.

E-liquid vape pens let the user pick flavors and monitor how much nicotine is being ingested. That makes them a popular choice for typical tobacco smokers.

But vape pens also can be designed for a second compound: dry herbs. Most commonly, that means they are used to vaporize cannabis or other dried plants. 

These vape pens usually are more compact. But they need to heat up hot enough to pull out elements like THC from a dry material.

A third option is vape pens for oils and waxes. This has been an increasingly popular way for people to get the most out of non-psychoactive compounds, like CBD oil

A wise vape pen buyer will identify the best device for the compound they want to vaporize.

10 Best Vape Pens

Keeping the types of pens in mind, here are some of the top vape pens from all three categories.

1. Vype Epen 3

The Vype Epen 3 is light, slim, and smooth. This vape pen is one of the best in the E-liquids category. 

It gives users a wide range of options for flavors and nicotine levels. What makes it a premium product is the amount of vapor users can get in a single pull. It is hard to beat the cloud of flavor this pen puts out. 

2. Iqos Mesh

The Iqos Mesh is a bit heavier, but it’s another top-rated vape pen for E-liquid users.

It uses liquid capsules. That means vaping is consistent and spill-free.

It also uses a special heating system that makes sure vapor draws evenly. That means it won’t dwindle as the night goes on. 

3. Bo One

Bo Vaping’s Bo One stands out because of its sleek, but discreet, design. It is ultra lightweight. And its soft finish makes it one of the most stylish vape pens out there.

It also is easy to use and doesn’t require buttons to push for a drag. And it is compatible with six different flavors of E-liquid. 

4. Cloudious9 Hydrology9

The Cloudious9 Hydrology9 is rated one of the top vape pens for dry herbs. This vape pen is meticulously designed. It uses an aluminum body and porcelain oven.

Its careful design also makes it easy to use. And pieces are simply screwed together.

It also uses a specially designed liquid filter and a chamber made to distribute heat evenly.

5. G Pen Pro

Another vape pen built for dry herbs, the G Pen Pro is a tiny masterpiece. 

Its body is small, but it includes a heavy-duty oven. That means it heats up fast without getting hot in the user’s hand. 

It lets users choose from three different heat settings, which turns into more options for a custom vaping experience. And it has a surprisingly strong pull for how small it is. 

6. DRAY Dry Herb 

As the name suggests, the DRAY Dry Herb Vaporizer is designed specifically for dry herbs. That means it isn’t a good option for someone looking for a hybrid model.

But it lets the user choose precise heat settings. That makes it one of the most user-friendly dry herb vape pens available. It is built for power and puts off a ton of taste. 

It also uses a specialized battery and heats more evenly than most vape pens.

7. Mig Vapor Wasp

This might be the best vape pen for oil out there. The Mig Vapor Wasp is considered a “dab” pen, meaning it is used with oils, waxes, and concentrates. 

The design of this vape pen is simple and stylish. It’s built to last, with materials like carborundum and stainless steel. And it puts out full quality draws that pack a punch.

It also can heat up in less than 3 seconds and gets as hot as 455 degrees.

8. Kandypens Prism

The Kandypens Prism is another top choice for oils and concentrates because of its sturdy design and performance. 

This pen is built to last. It uses medical grade stainless steel and it’s built with titanium coils. The craftsmanship shows in the solid flavor that it puts out. 

Despite its solid construction, it is also lightweight and discreet. 

9. Pax 3 

What makes the Pax 3 so highly reviewed is that it is versatile but designed for performance. It falls in a hybrid category because it is a 2-in-1 vape pen. That means users can vaporize both loose leaf and concentrates via inserts. 

It takes less than 15 seconds to heat up, and it’s easy to use. When ingredients are vaporized and ready to go, the device will let the user know with vibrations. 

10. VaporFi Air 2 Mini

This is a solid machine for E-liquids because it mimics the feel of traditional smoking. It lets the user suck in a good amount of vapor that goes right to the lungs.

But what makes it especially attractive are the extras. With an upgrade of simple pieces, the consumer can also use this vape pen for oils. 

It’s a great option for anyone who is testing out vaping methods. Plus, it’s stealthy and fits nicely in a person’s pocket.

More Vaping Essentials

These top vape pen reviews cover vaporizers for every occasion. When picking out the perfect vape pen, the key is to make sure it fits your needs.

New to the vape game or interested in picking up more vaping tips, tricks, and news? Check out our How To Guides for the latest vape breakdowns.

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