My Vape Tastes Burnt

Initial Shock

OH NO! I just inhaled what was supposed to be a cloud of flavory goodness, but instead, I feel like I just ate part of a campfire. How could something so right end so terribly wrong? I must get to the root of this problem so I can be back on my vape grind asap.


But wait, I am not a scientist, electrician, or IT guy, so how am I going to figure this out? All I want to do is vape without fire in my throat! Is that too much to ask? Google has all the answers to life.  I’ll start by looking there.


Determination at its Finest


(45 minutes later)


My Newfound Knowledge


After much perusing through the internet I have discovered many things and am actually rethinking my career path with all the knowledge I have gained. There are a few reasons that my Vape is not producing the results I desire. Let me share in case anyone else can relate to my misery.


I advise anyone at this time to take a seat for there is a multitude of reasons for what I wished was a simple solution. I have decided to number them for your own benefit and ease of understanding. They are numbered from least likely to most likely so you can easily rule out any that may be somewhat ridiculous quickly. You’re Welcome.


  1. How’s the weather? Wait what? I’m trying to fix my life line, my vape, not make small talk. OKAY YEAH, I KNOW, but hear me out. If it is super cold in your neck of the woods, this can actually cause the e-liquid to thicken slightly causing your vape to wick incorrectly. If you are outside, get indoors immediately, take shelter, and pray. Just kidding but put that sucker in your pocket, or warm it up in any way possible!
  2. This may sound obvious, but, you filthy animal, clean those coils! If the coils you are using have a lot of residue in them, it can really impact how your vape works. This can cause a burning taste. In order to clean your Vape safely, take it apart and rinse with warm water to get all that nasty stuff out of there. An ultrasonic cleaner can be used as well. However, keep in mind that if your coils are looking extremely dark or even charred, it may be time to replace them. A way this can be prevented is by using juice containing no sugar.
  3. Cotton is a beautiful substance grown from the goodness of our own earth. But it may become evil in your vape. It is a tricky thing to tackle, knowing how much cotton to use. However, you need just the right amount so your vape will not leak or be too much, causing it to burn.
  4. Hot hot hot! Make sure your coils are not touching each other and creating a hot spot. This can result in a terribly burned sensation even if everything else in your vape is working perfectly.
  5. Easy cowboy. We know you want to try out that new flavor of juice you just got, but sometimes it’s important to let the atomizer wick properly before trying to take a draw. Next time let it sit for a few minutes before testing it out.
  6. It could be your juice. Although that is what lubricates the vape and seems astronomical that it could be causing any burned flavors, not everyone can be perfect and even vape juice can have good days and bad days. Be patient, young Jedi. High VG juice can be harder for some vapes because it’s so thick. Try experimenting with different levels of VG to find the sweet spot for you and your vape. Also, juices with sweeteners like sucralose can wreak havoc on the wick. These juices can easily be spotted because they are very dark and opaque.
  7. It’s time to take control of your own life. Get off the couch, out the door, straight to your vape shop and see about getting a mod with temperature control. This can allow the temperature that your vape gets to be lessened dramatically if using nickel, titanium, or stainless-steel coils.
  8. This does not only apply to lightbulbs. I repeat, Wattage is now a very relevant term in your life so TAKE NOTE. Try lowering the wattage on your device. The way to know the right wattage for your device is to go by taste. If it tastes good, then your vape is most likely at the right setting.
  9. Prime isn’t just for Amazon users anymore. Learning how to prime your coil heads can prevent the endless misery of a burnt vape taste. And since that’s the reason we are both here, listen up. Install your coil, put a few drops of juice on the wick holes, fill your tank, let sit for an hour. This can dramatically improve the performance of your vape. Start at the lowest setting and increase by a few watts every puff until you find the perfect balance.
  10. FINALLY, the most likely reason that your vape tastes burnt (like a campfire, stovetop, blazing sun, or breath of a dragon while just trying to take a nice stroll into the castle through the garden) is way too simple. You probably just have an old or burnt coil and it needs to be replaced. That is all. Good day. Vape on, fellow friends.


A Final Thought…


You are a good person, conscientious, smart, responsible, loving, kind, etc. Bottom line is, you care about your vape, and it cares about you. This means you want to take good care of it which means you may need some common knowledge! Here it is. Every coil will need to be replaced at some point, so don’t feel bad. It depends on how much you and your vape interact.


However, it can be expected that your coil will last about 2-3 weeks. If you let it get to the point where it is tasting burned then it’s too little too late and you’ll need to order a new one, sorry Charlie.


Since we already know you are a good person, here are two things you can do to make sure your coils last as long as they should:


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