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Choose a Vape You Can Count on With a Sigelei Chronus Shikra Kit

Vaping is all the rage today because cigarettes are considered to be taboo and not as popular as they once were. It’s difficult to narrow down the wide selection of vapes that are on the market but choosing one that has everything you need in one kit can make things easier. The Sigelei Chronus Shikra Kit is a kit that includes everything you need to get started on your journey to vaping right away. The following guide walks you through a few of the highlights of the Sigelei Chronus Shikra Kit that you need to know.

Numerous Color Options Are Available

Unlike many other vapes that are on the market, the Sigelei Chronus Shikra vapes come in a wide assortment of colors so that you can choose one that shows your unique style. This also allows you to easily identify your vape at all times. The colors range from bright, bold colors to more basic color options. You can be as flashy, or casual, as you want to be.

Designed with Durability in Mind

The Sigelei Chronus Shikra vapes are designed to be long-lasting so they can stand the test of time. A stainless-steel frame makes the vapes durable, sleek and easy to hold. The stainless steel creates a smooth edge that feel comfortable in the hand. The flat bottom allows the vape to be set upright or laid on its side when not in use.

Top Refill System Makes Filling the Sigelei Chronus Shikra Tank a Breeze

Avoid struggling to fill the tank of the Sigelei Chronus Shikra vapes thanks to the top filling design. You simply unscrew the cap to expose the top of the fill tank. Then, use a dropper to add the e-liquid into the storage tank. Finally, replace the cap to fill the unit quickly and easily. This design helps to prevent leaks from happening so that you can carry the device comfortably in your pocket or purse without having to worry about creating a mess.

Ensure Your Coils Last as Long as They Possibly Can

A huge pet peeve for many vapers is that they constantly have to replace the coils in their devices. The Sigelei Chronus Shikra vapes feature a high temperature protection system that keeps coils from getting too hot during extended use. This allows them to last as long as they can. This also keeps the tank from getting too hot during use.

Rest Assured the Device Won’t Short Out

A short protection feature keeps the device from drawing too much power from the battery at one time. This keeps the device from shorting out and ruining the inner workings that allow it to operate.

Never Worry About the Device Accidentally Exploding

When vapes first came on the market there were some instances of the devices exploding. Developers of the Sigelei Chronus Shikra vapes added a battery reverse protection feature to their devices. The feature ensures that the device will not operate if the battery isn’t inserted properly.

Ensure Vaping Is Always Enjoyable

The Sigelei Chronus Shikra vapes are designed to provide great airflow to keep the tank cool during use. This reduces the heat that is created by 30% to 50% to ensure that the tank doesn’t get too hot for you to touch. This prevents accidental burning after extended use.

Keep Others from Using Your Device

Vapes are a hot commodity in many areas. People often use each other’s devices or steal them for their own use. The Sigelei Chronus Shikra vapes have a password safety feature that allows you to program a password into the device that must be entered before it can be used. This is a great feature because it reduces the transmission of germs. Also, you don’t have to worry about anyone using your vape without your knowledge.

Refill the Vape Less Often

There are tank options available for the Sigelei Chronus Shikra vapes. You can choose to change out the one that you use on your vape according to how much vape juice you plan to use. Having a larger tank on your device for days when you will be away from your house helps avoid having to bring your e-liquid and dropper with you to refill the tank when it gets low.

Compact Design Makes the Vapes Easy to Transport

One of the huge downfalls for many vapes is their large size. The Sigelei Chronus Shikra vapes are designed to be compact in size so that they can easily fit into your purse or pocket. They’re still large enough for anyone to hold them in their hand easily, though.

Ensure Every Pull Is Enjoyable

The large drip tip on the device makes it easy to get a great pull every time. Many people enjoy a large drip tip because it allows them to get a great pull with less effort. The drip tip can be replaced  to add a different color to your device or a different sized tip.

The Sigelei Chronus Shikra kit comes with everything you need to get started. It includes a manual to walk you through the steps that you need to follow to set it up for use. Once you get the hang of it, vaping with the Sigelei Chronus Shikra vape is an enjoyable experience. The affordable price, sleek design and ease-of-use makes these vapes a great option for anyone.

Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual 230W Starter Kit

I give it two thumbs up and 5 stars

I started smoking cigarettes when I was very young. I wanted to fit in with the cool kids but as the years went by, I was trying medicine, hypnosis, different diets, and more to try and quit smoking cigarettes.  

Nothing seemed to work which was super crappy and I thought I was just going to be a smoker for life, until recently. I haven’t had a cigarette in a few months thanks to the Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual 230W Starter Kit. It has seriously saved my life because nothing else helped me stop smoking.  

After about a week of vaping on the Reuleaux, I was able to put the smokes down for good. It’s insane to me that I smoked for as long as I did, and I wish I would have started vaping earlier, but I’m just stoked I started in the first place.  

I was the type of person to always make fun of vapers; I didn’t understand why you would just want to tease yourself with a little bit of nicotine when you could just have a full cigarette. However, I understand now that vaping is just all around better and get why others haven’t gone back to smoking. 

My first day of vaping was great, aside than the fact I coughed after my first few hits. I guess the Wismec Reuleaux RX is just a bit powerful for beginners, but I ended up getting used to it. The guy at the vape shop did warn me on how powerful the airflow was on this box mod was pretty powerful, but I was stubborn and thought I would be able to handle it.  

Wismec Reuleaux Produces Great Flavor  

That guy at the shop ended up laughing at me after I took my first hit because I coughed so hard. Despite the coughing, the flavor of my vape juice tastes exactly like blueberry pancakes—it’s insane and I loved it.  

I used a friend’s vape pen a few years back and he told me it was vanilla ice cream, but I honestly couldn’t tell what the flavor was or if it was supposed to taste like anything, so I was shocked I could actually taste the pancakes when I hit my Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3.  

Turn It Up To 80 Watts Please 

 I’ve gotten pretty used to vaping now and I love how I can adjust the wattage on this mod because after a while I was craving a bigger cloud.  

 I started at only 40 watts and have now moved up to 80. Some days I go a little higher, while other days I go a bit lower, but the power is perfect on 80 even though the Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 goes all the way up to 230 watts! I don’t know who could vape that high but the idea of vaping at 230 watts is pretty cool to me.  

 There is really nothing bad I can say about this mod. It’s a great set up although I would recommend something less intense for first time vapers like myself.  

 Highly Recommended the Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual 230W Starter Kit 

 It holds battery life and it fits perfectly in your hand. It isn’t too heavy which I like because now that I have other friends who vape I have held a few pretty heavy mods which makes me even more grateful to own the Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual 230W Starter Kit.  


SMOK Alien 220W TC and TFV8 Baby Beast Full Kit

I was very hesitant on buying the SMOK Alien and TFV8 starter kit because the box mod is super high tech and I’m not good with technology, at all. I’ve always had unregulated mods because I thought dealing with power adjustments would be difficult, but after a few days of using my SMOK Alien and TFV8 I have to admit, I won’t be running back to buy another unregulated mod any time soon. 

I’m really happy I have made the switch from unregulated to regulated because I can choose the wattage I want to vape on, which is super nice! I was craving a bit of a bigger cloud and I wasn’t able to achieve that with my unregulated mod. I can now also look at my SMOK Alien and tell when it is time to change my batteries because the battery life appears on the screen.  

SMOK Alien 220-Watt Battery Life  

I really enjoy that I can tell when it’s time to change my batteries because I’m a super busy person and tend to forget to change them. I’ve left the house multiple times in the past and have been without a vape because I forgot to change my batteries. However, things have changed and I’m a bit higher tech in the vaping industry now and I haven’t had low batteries since I made the switch to SMOK.  

May I also add that the battery life has lasted a lot longer with the SMOK than it has in any other mod I have purchased. Which once again, I love because I’m always on the go. Since I’m always moving from place to place, my mod always gets put in my pocket. 

About a week or two before I bought the Alien, I was at the mall with my daughter in build-a-bear and I started to smell something burning. I didn’t think anything of it until I felt burning on my leg and looked down and saw my pocket had a hole in it.  

I reached in my pocket, burnt my hand and noticed my Craving Vapor HexOhm was going off in my pocket since the parking lot.  

My mod ended up getting so hot, it melted and ruined my vape tank. I was super upset because I really enjoyed the set up I had but knew it was time for a change because it could have really hurt me, or worse, my daughter.  

After the incident of my mod trying to burn me alive, I started doing research and that’s when I chose the SMOK. I couldn’t be happier with the way the mod works and the TFV8 Beast Baby tank is amazing!  

TFV8 Beast Baby Vape Tank 

 SMOK totally knew what they were doing when they paired the SMOK Alien and TFV8 Beast Baby together. It is a dynamic duo and they really complement each other. 

 Each hit I take is full of flavor, no matter how long I’ve been vaping on the same vape juice for. If I’m craving some fruity pebbles, there is no need for the calories. I’ll just take a few drags of my vape and the craving will leave. 

 The products work fantastic and it comes with two coils, extra parts, and replacement glass- which I have already used because I’m clumsy.  

 I love the strength of the tank; the airflow is perfect and produces just the right amount of smoke. There is nothing bad I can say about this starter kit.  

 I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. SMOK did a great job and have changed my outlook on regulated box mods.  

SMOK X-Priv 225W Starter Kit is a Good Beginner Kit

The SMOK X-Priv 225W is one of the newer releases of vapes for SMOK. It’s very affordable and came with just about everything I needed to get started. I did find some issues with the vape along the way, though. 

The X-Priv Didn’t Include Batteries 

The X-Priv is rechargeable once you have the batteries in it, but they’re not included with the vape starter kit. It uses 18650 batteries that can be bought online or in store, but it can be a bit of a hassle if you wanted to use the vape as soon as it arrives.  

The battery life is displayed clearly on the screen so that I can know when it is time to charge it. To replace batteries, the battery cover easily removes thanks to the four magnets holding it in place. This is ideal for me—and everyone for that matter—since I don’t have a ton of tools lying around to use to remove the cover.  

The X-Priv Holds a Lot of Vape Juice

The X-Priv comes with a bubble glass tank that can hold 8 milliliters of vape juice at a time, which is much more in comparison to other vape pens on the market. I love this feature because I don’t have to refill the pen very often, which is great for busy work days.  

The kit includes one piece of bubble glass and one piece of traditional glass for times when you want to have less liquid in the tank. The tank can easily be filled as needed, thanks to the swivel drip tip design; the tip simply swivels to the side and an open chamber in the center of the tank is revealed. You then pour in your vape juice and fill it until it’s full.   

The X-Priv Has Completely Adjustable Function 

I enjoy that the vape pen can be adjusted in many different ways to create a customized experience every time I use it. The adjustable airflow switch at the bottom of the tank allows me to adjust the airflow with ease.  

Multiple coils are included so that I can use the SMOK X-Priv at different wattages and get the perfect smooth hit each time. The display on the unit also has a place where I can adjust how strong the hit is when I vape; I can choose soft, medium, or hard vape strength for optimum vaping at all times. 

The X-Priv is Easy to Use

The best part about the X-Priv is that it’s so easy to use. It can easily be turned on and off with a few clicks of the fire button. The large, bright LED screen allows you to track how soon the battery needs to be charged, the voltage, the puff counter, and the puff timer. This allows you to determine how you can adjust the pen to the exact settings that are great for you.  

I’ve really enjoyed this vape pen and am glad that I bought it. It came with everything that I needed to get started except for the batteries. I have used it with a few different juices and have been more than happy with every use.  

Limitless Marquee Starter Kit

Before getting involved in vaping, I had no idea what a box mod even was. As I soon learned, a box mod is an electronic cigarette device with either an internal battery or the capacity for an external battery.  

In other words, a box mod is the core component of vaping and you certainly need a good one to enjoy vaping. Both the regulated and unregulated versions are shaped like a square, so they are called box MOD. I found one I was really happy with from VaporDNA, a store that offers mods, vape juice, vape tanks and so much more. 


The Best Box Mod on the Market

I stumbled upon the Limitless Marquee Starter Kit and never looked back—I’ve been using it ever since. I like this one because it comes with everything you need to get started vaping and gives you plenty of options for atomizers and more. It’s also much smaller than other options on the market, with a sleek and shiny exterior that I’m actually quite proud to hold.  

I’ve read other user reviews online, and it seems everyone has nothing but good things to say about this box mod. Not only is it clean and portable, but it also has an impressive capability and maximum output of 80W.  

It’s 1800 mAh integrated battery gives it one of the top range to size ratios on the market. You can easily charge it with the Micro USB port, and it keeps its charge for a good amount of time. I appreciate that because I’ve had friends tell me how other brands and varieties lose their battery life after what seems like just an hour or two. I’ve been able to take it on full day outings without any problems; just charge it up overnight and you shouldn’t have any problems. 

Other cool features include the threadless 510 connection. You can use a variety of options such as a covert tank or an atomizer adapter, which is a bonus compared to other box mods on the market with more limitations.  

You can easily control the temperature and keep the heating under control. I’ve never had an issue with overheating or the box mod being too hot to touch, so I think that’s another benefit!  


Good Value, Good Addition to Vaping Gear

Overall, I think this vape starter kit is well worth the (already reasonable) money. Not only are they often on sale, but these kits pack a lot of bang for their buck. When you think about everything you get, from the different options and fancy features to the portability, it’s a pretty decent value.  

I think other people shell out way more money for a box mod kit that doesn’t even tick all their boxes. On vapordna.com, the list price is posted as $74.99 while the store’s price is $59.99 and the clearance price is $29.99. For prices like that, you get a whole lot of vaping gear from a trusted manufacturer.  

These box mods come in black, blue & gold, or sterling silver. While I personally prefer the blue body, I respect the fact that there are options for other shades, too. Six months after buying it, I still have no major hesitations—other than that it will make you keep wanting to vape more and more!  

Low Cost Vape Starter Kits and Accessories

Far too many people have seen the damage that traditional smoking can do. This has led to a real interest in the use of vaporizers as a means to get your nicotine fix. They can be used with both vape juices and with certain waxes and dried herbs. Depending on the type of rig that you purchase, you can safely “smoke” pretty much anything.

A lot of first time vapers have no idea how to get started. Fortunately for them, there a huge number of vape starter kits and inexpensive accessories that can make vaping both easy and customizable.

V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Starter Kit

At right around $50, the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Starter Kit has everything you need to comfortably start vaping. With the sleek small design, this vape pen has 3-in-1 capabilities that make it a contender with even larger models.

While it’s designed specifically for vape juice, it can be modified to handle most of your favorite functions. This vape kit offers you all of the advantages of a more expensive model with a product that’s both discrete and high-end.

Most users report that this particular model recharges faster than competitors, and it provides a smoother airflow. It doesn’t get much better than this for the price, and this is definitely an excellent starter kit for someone who’s brand-new to vaping.

Get Off to a Good Start with Halo E-Liquids

One of the most important components for both beginner and veteran vapers is the type of E-liquid that you choose. When looking at vape juices, it’s important to look for quality and flavor. Halo is one of the original makers of the e-cigarette, and they’ve been around since the beginning of vaping. This has given them plenty of time to refine their e-liquids, and to come up with the best flavor combinations out there. Try their Backwoods Blueberry or Wild Watermelon if you’re looking for something a little bit different; this is a great way to really enjoy a more customized experience.

Make Your Mod Your Own with the Shark Skin rDNA40

There is a large variety of different wraps and silicone skins for your box mod and other models. These can come in a rainbow of different colors as well as a wide variety of different patterns and textures. The Shark Skin rDNA 40 works specifically with the Vapor Shark mod to both protect and personalize your model.

Choose from a huge array of styles and colors, and don’t be afraid to mix-and-match. Many of these are easily replaceable and you can change it up whenever you’re in the mood. This is a fairly inexpensive way to really make your vape pen or mod your own.

SMOK Stick V8 Big Baby Beast Starter Kit

The SMOK Big Baby is hands down the best vape pen that I’ve ever purchased. I was very skeptical on buying a vape pen because I’m typically a box mod kind of person, but I needed something lighter and smaller.

Since the SMOK Big Baby is lighter and smaller than anything vape-related I’ve ever owned—it definitely took some getting used too. However, once I got used to the size and shape I really couldn’t see myself going back to a box mod and haven’t since I have bought this bad boy!

SMOK Products Sporting Amazing Performance

Although I’ve always been eerie of SMOK products I decided to give it a try because I couldn’t find any other vape pen product with as many great reviews as the SMOK. I hate to say it because I’m not about admitting when I’m wrong, but my suspicions of SMOK were false and the V8 Big Baby Beast blew me out of the water on the performance of such a small device.

Since I started smoking cigarettes at a very young age, I still crave a burn in my lungs when smoking and I was worried I wouldn’t get that with the Big Baby because it’s so small, but boy was I wrong!

When I first got it all set up, I took a huge hit and I actually started laughing because it made me cough! I was being so naive and totally judging a book by its cover—I didn’t realize how powerful it would be and was very surprised.

After I was done coughing, I took another hit and was able to blow out the smoke to check out how the clouds were and man, I was impressed. I felt like a dragon.

I have had some powerful mods and didn’t think this little guy would compare, but I’m glad I assumed wrong. The burn in the lungs and clouds were not what I expected, and I couldn’t be happier!

Usually, you either get big clouds or great tasting juice, but the SMOK Big Baby will give you both. The majority of mods I’ve used in the past have been great in the cloud department but lacked in the performance of how the juice tasted. That being said, I was only able to vape one to two flavors because they would all end up tasting the same or not tasting good at all.

So, I’m super happy with how I can be versatile and try other flavors and not be a plain Jane anymore. The one bad thing about the Big Baby (and it isn’t even that bad) is the battery life.

I’m the type of person who will always have their vape with them wherever they are. If I’m in church, at a work meeting, going to get lunch or buying groceries, I will always have my vape with me. This doesn’t mean I vape indoors other than my home, but I like the comfort of having it on me and as soon as I get outside, I’ll be taking a drag.

Great Product for an Amazing Price

So, I need something with a stronger battery life but for the time being this product is perfect. I have extra batteries and a charger in my car and at home, so I can’t really complain because the price for this thing is something you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re getting the SMOK Big Baby vape starter kit, you’ll have extra money to buy a five-dollar spare battery because for only forty dollars you’re getting so much. If I remember correctly, it comes with the SMOK Stick V8 3000mA battery, TFV8 Big Baby Beast tank, a USB cable, spare parts, and spare O-Rings.

All of that for only forty dollars is a steal. I’ve spent over two hundred dollars on various different sets that don’t include half this little guy does!

The SMOK Stick V8 Big Baby Beast Starter Kit is a steal and great for all us vapers. It’s an amazing kit. If I could, I’d give ten stars.

The JUUL Review

I decided that I wanted to quit smoking and needed to find something that allowed me to still get the nicotine fix that I craved without the harmful toxins that come in cigarettes. I found the JUUL e-cig and decided to give it a try because it was affordable and came with everything that I needed to start vaping right away.

When my JUUL arrived, I was impressed with how small and sleek it was. I could easily fit it into my pocket discreetly so that I could carry it with me everywhere that I went. I love the look of it, as well. It has smooth sides so that it’s very easy to hold and the sleek look gives it a more distinguished appearance.

The JUUL Is Easy to Use

What I love about the JUUL is that I don’t have to worry about replacing coils or adding vape juice to it. I was afraid to buy a vape that required too much maintenance or work to use it because I simply don’t have the time to remember to bring everything with me when I take off for the day to make sure that the vape works properly. I really like that the pods simply clip into place and I can start using the vape right away. There was no measuring or counting that had to take place before I could start using the device.

The JUUL Is Easy to Charge

The JUUL is also nice because it’s very easy to charge; you can hook it into any USB port to charge it. I’m able to get a full charge in about an hour and can then take a little more than 200 puffs from the e-cig before having to charge it again. Being able to use a USB port allows me to charge it just about anywhere, which is nice for times when I forget to charge it at night.

The JUUL Is Enjoyable to Use

The e-cigarette is also very easy and enjoyable to use. When I take a hit, it feels just like it does when I smoke a cigarette. I can tell that something is coming out of it and the internal cooling system ensures that the I never take a dry hit—each hit is as fresh as the one before. The bold flavor it creates makes it enjoyable to vape.

The JUUL Came with Everything I Needed

The vape starter kit includes everything that I needed to get started. There were four different flavored pods included in the kit that allowed me to try a few different flavors before investing in new ones. I thought this was great because I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the sweeter tasting pods, but I really did.

The kit was very affordable in comparison to some of the other kits that I saw on the market and came with a lot more flavor options than other kits did. I have been very happy with my purchase and have ordered a variety pack of pods since purchasing the JUUL because I wanted to try the other flavors that were available. I haven’t been disappointed with any of the flavors that I have tried, and the e-cig has allowed me to completely quit smoking cigarettes.

I no longer smell like smoke and have been able to save a lot of money because using the JUUL is much cheaper than having to constantly buy cigarettes. It was a great investment that I’m glad to have made.