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When to Change Vape Coil: Look For These 4 Signs

Disposable vape pens are very popular, commanding over 23% of sales in CO. Most vaping enthusiasts will prefer something a bit more long-term, though. A proper vaporizer will produce better vapor while reducing the cost per-puff. Part of achieving this superior end-product is learning how to maintain your vaporizer. Whether you’re using a pen or a […]

Vaping at Work? 13 Things Every Employer Should Consider

The global vaping market is now estimated to be worth around $22.6 billion; needless to say, it’s an exploding industry. However, the technology is still fairly new, so your workplace might not have implemented specific policies surrounding vaping yet. If you’re in charge of coming up with the policies, you may feel lost. For some […]

E-Cigarettes Are Not the Gateway to Smoking Cigarettes

7 out of 10 smokers claim that they would like to quit smoking in the near future. Many of these smokers may turn to e-cigarette to help reduce the pain of gradually quitting. So if e-cigarettes can actually help individuals quit smoking, what’s all the fuss about their potential health consequences? Read on to learn […]

Hookah vs Vape: What’s the Difference?

With celebrities Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, Rhianna, Katy Perry, Leo DiCaprio, and Sarah Silverman puffin’ on the pen, while Dave Chapelle is lovin’ on the hookah, and Drake and Miley have a thing for both, it’s clear vape juice and shisha have made it into the hearts of many as a chill and social pastime.  But […]

JUUL vs Vape Pens: The Ultimate Showdown

Picture yourself as a first-time vaper. Perhaps you want to quit smoking or maybe vaping is your first foray into nicotine. You walk into a vape shop and stop in your tracks. It’s wall-to-wall options. Where do you start? Whether you’re a first-timer or a vaping pro, your vape pen will have a powerful impact […]