My Vape Tastes Burnt

Initial Shock

OH NO! I just inhaled what was supposed to be a cloud of flavory goodness, but instead, I feel like I just ate part of a campfire. How could something so right end so terribly wrong? I must get to the root of this problem so I can be back on my vape grind asap.


But wait, I am not a scientist, electrician, or IT guy, so how am I going to figure this out? All I want to do is vape without fire in my throat! Is that too much to ask? Google has all the answers to life.  I’ll start by looking there.


Determination at its Finest


(45 minutes later)


My Newfound Knowledge


After much perusing through the internet I have discovered many things and am actually rethinking my career path with all the knowledge I have gained. There are a few reasons that my Vape is not producing the results I desire. Let me share in case anyone else can relate to my misery.


I advise anyone at this time to take a seat for there is a multitude of reasons for what I wished was a simple solution. I have decided to number them for your own benefit and ease of understanding. They are numbered from least likely to most likely so you can easily rule out any that may be somewhat ridiculous quickly. You’re Welcome.


  1. How’s the weather? Wait what? I’m trying to fix my life line, my vape, not make small talk. OKAY YEAH, I KNOW, but hear me out. If it is super cold in your neck of the woods, this can actually cause the e-liquid to thicken slightly causing your vape to wick incorrectly. If you are outside, get indoors immediately, take shelter, and pray. Just kidding but put that sucker in your pocket, or warm it up in any way possible!
  2. This may sound obvious, but, you filthy animal, clean those coils! If the coils you are using have a lot of residue in them, it can really impact how your vape works. This can cause a burning taste. In order to clean your Vape safely, take it apart and rinse with warm water to get all that nasty stuff out of there. An ultrasonic cleaner can be used as well. However, keep in mind that if your coils are looking extremely dark or even charred, it may be time to replace them. A way this can be prevented is by using juice containing no sugar.
  3. Cotton is a beautiful substance grown from the goodness of our own earth. But it may become evil in your vape. It is a tricky thing to tackle, knowing how much cotton to use. However, you need just the right amount so your vape will not leak or be too much, causing it to burn.
  4. Hot hot hot! Make sure your coils are not touching each other and creating a hot spot. This can result in a terribly burned sensation even if everything else in your vape is working perfectly.
  5. Easy cowboy. We know you want to try out that new flavor of juice you just got, but sometimes it’s important to let the atomizer wick properly before trying to take a draw. Next time let it sit for a few minutes before testing it out.
  6. It could be your juice. Although that is what lubricates the vape and seems astronomical that it could be causing any burned flavors, not everyone can be perfect and even vape juice can have good days and bad days. Be patient, young Jedi. High VG juice can be harder for some vapes because it’s so thick. Try experimenting with different levels of VG to find the sweet spot for you and your vape. Also, juices with sweeteners like sucralose can wreak havoc on the wick. These juices can easily be spotted because they are very dark and opaque.
  7. It’s time to take control of your own life. Get off the couch, out the door, straight to your vape shop and see about getting a mod with temperature control. This can allow the temperature that your vape gets to be lessened dramatically if using nickel, titanium, or stainless-steel coils.
  8. This does not only apply to lightbulbs. I repeat, Wattage is now a very relevant term in your life so TAKE NOTE. Try lowering the wattage on your device. The way to know the right wattage for your device is to go by taste. If it tastes good, then your vape is most likely at the right setting.
  9. Prime isn’t just for Amazon users anymore. Learning how to prime your coil heads can prevent the endless misery of a burnt vape taste. And since that’s the reason we are both here, listen up. Install your coil, put a few drops of juice on the wick holes, fill your tank, let sit for an hour. This can dramatically improve the performance of your vape. Start at the lowest setting and increase by a few watts every puff until you find the perfect balance.
  10. FINALLY, the most likely reason that your vape tastes burnt (like a campfire, stovetop, blazing sun, or breath of a dragon while just trying to take a nice stroll into the castle through the garden) is way too simple. You probably just have an old or burnt coil and it needs to be replaced. That is all. Good day. Vape on, fellow friends.


A Final Thought…


You are a good person, conscientious, smart, responsible, loving, kind, etc. Bottom line is, you care about your vape, and it cares about you. This means you want to take good care of it which means you may need some common knowledge! Here it is. Every coil will need to be replaced at some point, so don’t feel bad. It depends on how much you and your vape interact.


However, it can be expected that your coil will last about 2-3 weeks. If you let it get to the point where it is tasting burned then it’s too little too late and you’ll need to order a new one, sorry Charlie.


Since we already know you are a good person, here are two things you can do to make sure your coils last as long as they should:


vape tricks

How Much Nicotine is in a Cigarette?

Nicotine has been a hot-button topic across the world for a long time. From hundreds of anti-smoking television advertisements to required large warning labels on tobacco products, everyone is trying to warn the general public about the harmful effects of the chemical nicotine.

By definition, nicotine is a toxic colorless or yellowish oily liquid that’s found in the smoke of tobacco products. Consumption of this chemical can cause an addictive habit, but in order to understand the true effect that nicotine is having on your body, it’s important to be aware of the amount you’re inhaling.


How Many MG of Nicotine in a Cigarette?

To start the discussion, let’s answer the age-old question: “How much nicotine is in a cigarette?”

The true answer to this question is it varies. Based on the strength and brand of the cigarette, the amount of nicotine in a cigarette can vary from 6-24 mg. The average amount of nicotine is 12 mg, and most cigarettes tend to fall into the lower half of the spectrum. What’s even more important is the amount of nicotine that you’re inhaling into your body.

The amount inhaled depends on a variety of different factors like the amount that you smoke, the environment that you smoke in, and your emotional state. But, the average amount of nicotine inhaled per cigarette is 1-2 milligrams.

When you smoke a cigarette, the nicotine hits your body quickly; it only takes 10-20 seconds for nicotine to reach the brain when you inhale or smoke it. On the other side, it takes about 30 minutes for the nicotine from nicotine gum to start affecting the brain. But after the chemical reaches the brain, it affects you in a variety of different ways.


How Does Nicotine Affect the Brain?

Just as the amount inhaled varies from each person, the way that nicotine affects the brain varies as well. It’s one of the only chemicals that’s both a stimulant and a sedative. When nicotine enters your brain, it releases adrenaline.

This stimulates your body’s central nervous system, increases your blood pressure, and your heart rate. At the same time, the chemical can exhibit a sedative effect depending on the smoker’s nervous system and exactly how much nicotine they took.

Just like heroin and cocaine, nicotine activates the brain’s reward circuits and releases dopamine throughout the body. The surge of endorphins delivers a slight sense of euphoria; it’s a high that lasts less than the highs given by heroin and cocaine, which causes the user to want to use it more and more in order to maintain that short high. This makes the substance heavily addictive.

When a person’s nicotine levels start to get low, they start to become irritable and experience the early effects of nicotine withdrawal. With repeated exposure to nicotine comes an increased tolerance; this usually leads to the cigarettes that a smoker takes throughout the day becoming less and less strong. Although, since nicotine metabolizes quite fast throughout the body, their tolerance can reset the next day.


What Else is in Cigarette Smoke?

Nicotine may be one of the most well-known chemicals in cigarettes, but it definitely isn’t the only one. Cigarette smoke has 7000 chemicals in it, and 250 are known to be toxic. These include carcinogens, toxic metals, and poisons.

Carcinogens are considered to be any substance that can cause or aggravate cancer. Some carcinogens that are in cigarette smoke include benzene—which is also in pesticides and gasoline—and formaldehyde—which is a chemical that’s used to preserve dead bodies. Toxic metals have the potential to harm us when we inhale or ingest them. Arsenic—which is commonly used in rat poison—and cadmium—which is used in batteries—are both found in cigarettes.

Ammonia, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide are all poisonous gases that can be found in cigarette smoke as well. It can be easy to forget about the chemicals that are in cigarette smoke, but it’s important to know what you could potentially be breathing in on a regular basis.

What is Nicotine Withdrawal Like?

As you’re probably very aware of, smoking is a hard habit to break. Withdrawing from nicotine can cause many different unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms. Smoking affects the entire body from your brain to your blood vessels to your metabolism. When quitting it, it affects your body tremendously. Your body has gotten used to nicotine, and now it’s starting to crave it.

Even if you’ve only been smoking for a couple of weeks, your body’s still going to experience some kind of withdrawal. Symptoms of withdrawal can last anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on how much you smoke.

The first week is usually the hardest, and it’s often riddled with a bunch of negative physical effects including headaches and insomnia. After the first week of withdrawal, the physical symptoms will probably start to go away, but the emotional symptoms will stick around. This is the irritability, anxiety, and depression. It’ll probably take a couple of weeks before your body starts to get used to being without nicotine and getting back to its old self.

One of the biggest obstacles that ex-smokers often have to get past is the craving. This yearning for cigarettes is something that can take months to slip away. Withdrawing from nicotine takes consistency, resilience and bravery, but it often takes a long time for smokers to make that transition to a smoke-free life. A study published in the BMJ, a peer-reviewed medical journal, averages it takes a least 30 attempts at quitting smoking cigarettes before becoming successful.

It’s important to be aware of the substances that you’re putting in your body. Nicotine is a drug that can that can cause heavy withdrawals and a highly-addictive habit. Knowing the exact amount that you’re putting into your body is the first step to monitoring your nicotine intake and stepping towards a healthier lifestyle.

Take charge of your body and make sure to do your research on tobacco products like cigarettes before choosing to make that a part of your lifestyle. In the information age, it’s important to be in the know.

The Best Box Mods for 2018

Looking for the best box mods for 2018? Since there’s a huge variety of vape mods on the market, we’ve narrowed it down for you. You’re welcome.

Whether you need a single mod that’s simple or a triple box mod that’ll make clouds for days, keep reading to learn what’s available.


What is a Box Mod?

First things first. Since the terminology can vary across the web, here’s what a box mod is.

Box mod refers to the part of a vaping device that holds the batteries. Some are removable, and some are built-in. They have connector pins which makes it possible to use them with a variety of tanks.

They include features like thermal protection, automatic cutoff, and short circuit protection. This makes box mods safer than most other types of mods.

The major advantage to box mods is the level of control and power that comes with them. You’ll notice that many come with software to control temperature, atomizer coil resistance, and the number of watts.

Bottom line is that box mods are a high-end type of vape modification for those wanting a better experience.


Best Small Vape Box Mod: Mig Vapor Mini

If you want a smaller box mod that’s simple to use, look no further than the WTF Mini Mig SUB 40 Mini. It’s super compact and portable for discrete vaping yet is made from solid metal with rounded edges for hand comfort.

The Mig Vapor Mini has a built-in battery that puts out a maximum of 40 watts. You can customize its setting with the built-in OLED display. It also includes a micro USB port for easy charging of the battery.


The best things about this box mod are:

  • Its compact size
  • High-quality vape cloud and flavor
  • The option to buy additional tanks to use dry herbs


The not so good?

  • The power output is low (not good for a high-wattage vape)


What comes in the box?

In the starter kit you’ll get:

  • The Target Mini Mod
  • WTF Sub-Ohm Tank


Best Dual Box Mod

Dual box mods are heavier but provide higher wattage output than single mods like the Mig Vapor Mini above. Typically, they max out at around 220 watts with a 30-amp battery.


YiHi SX Mini G Class

The SX Mini is something to behold. Yet, it’s stunning and sophisticated design are only the beginning. This box mod is one of the best in the world in looks and performance.

On the outside, you’ll notice the integrated leather and clear stylish screen. Inside, The SX will allow you to vape any way possible. It’s smart and responsive.


Top features of the SX Mini G:

  • Stylish designs with leather for comfort (carbon fiber, black lux, and camouflage are available)
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Alerts to add juice so no dry hits
  • Easy to read TFT screen
  • Temperature control
  • Anti-dry technology
  • YiHi SX550J chipset
  • 200 watts of power


What’s not so great about the SX Mini?

  • The price
  • Overall weight
  • Mini joystick controls
  • Firing button placement (on the side)

The SX Mini was made for those who expect the best vaping experience possible and includes the technology needed to make it a reality. If that’s you and you’re willing to pay the price for it, the SX Mini G is perfect.


Top Triple Box Mod for More Power

Triple box mods use three batteries to vape at higher power for longer. These are generally for people who want to vape at 150 to 200 watts all the time and don’t mind the extra weight.

Even though they are called box mods, they have more of an oval shape because of that third battery. Here’s our top pick.


The Think Vape Finder DNA250C

The style of the Think Vape Finder is high-tech and modern. It comes in four color options and has a TFT colored screen that measures almost an inch across.

The DNA Evolv chipset allows for efficient operation with precision. In fact, the DNA board is considered the best chipset in the industry for performance, extended battery life, and accuracy.

This chipset has variable wattage options and temperature control as well. To increase control even further, the Think Vape includes downloadable software called Escribe.

The three batteries included can pump out a maximum of 300 watts, plenty of vaping power for every need.


The Top Highlights of this Triple Box Mod:

  • Long battery life
  • Superior DNA chipset
  • High vapor production
  • 300 watts max power


This model doesn’t have many negative aspects. The couple it does have are:

  • It’s heavy
  • Price is high

If you’re looking for a box mod that offers maximum power with long battery life, the Think Vape won’t leave you disappointed.


Final Thoughts: Choosing the Best Box Mods in 2018

After looking over our picks for vape mods you still might be wondering which one to choose. Consider the following:


How much do you want to spend?

Average pricing for box mods is $30 to $200. The first thing that should determine which vape box to buy is how much you’re willing to spend on one.

When estimating the cost of a new box mod remember that battery replacement will play a part in the overall cost of use. Choosing a model that has a longer lasting or removable battery may cost more initially but could end up saving you money in the long run.

Remember that mods with built-in batteries are only good for as long as the battery lasts. Once the battery is toast, so is the box mod.


What kind of features are you looking for?

Simply put, what do you want out of a vape box? Massive clouds? One that’s Customizable? Long battery life?

Give it some thought before making a final decision. Sure, you can always buy another model later on but getting it right the first time is a better choice.

Some things that current vape users look for are:

  • Simple (for beginners)
  • Durable
  • Customizable
  • Battery: Puffs Between Recharges
  • Power Level
  • Maintenance Required

Now that you’re more equipped to make a wise buying decision, go out and get your favorite vape box mod.

vaping accessories

Up Your Vape Game with the Hottest Vaping Accessories of 2019

Vaping has taken the world over by storm as an alternative to smoking. But, along with vaping comes a lot of different supplies and accessories to complete the experience. So, what are the best vaping accessories for novice and pro vapers alike?

The market is absolutely flooded with brands and distributors claiming their products are the best or voted most useful. That’s why we’ve put together a short list of must-have accessories that you need if you’re going to be vaping this year.

Keep reading to learn more.

Must-Have Vaping Accessories in 2019

Whether you’ve been vaping for a while or you’re just getting started, you should know quality over price is the best option for your vaping supplies. Accessories, too.

That doesn’t mean that your accessories have to be expensive. Just pay attention to the craftsmanship of whatever you’re interested in before considering the cost. You’ll end up with more quality accessories that last longer for the price.

So, without further adieu, let’s take a look at some popular box mod accessories that you probably can’t live without.

Alien Mod by Smok

If you’re looking for a mod that’s easy to use, comes in a variety of colors, and performs well, you need the Alien Mod by Smok. Smok is notorious for making easy to use mods and other products to make your vaping experience the best ever. 

This mod features a 510 thread making it compatible with most tanks on the market. You’ll also find an advanced chipset in this mod.  

Aspire Athos Tank

If you want to do awesome vape tricks, then you need a tank that pushes the vape. Likewise, if you want a tank that is easy to clean, looks stylish, and a variety of colors, the right tank makes all the difference. 

The Aspire Athos Tank is one of the hottest vape mod accessories available in 2019. It’s a top-fill tank so you won’t have to worry about making a mess every time you top off. Besides that, it features an A3 Athos coil or an A5 Athos coil, 0.3 and 0.16 ohms, respectively.

Ming Vase Drip Tip

If you just want cool vape accessories, don’t skip the Ming Vase Drip Tip. This gives your vape set character, color, and comfort. 

The drip tip is designed to increase vapor production with each puff. They’re easy to clean and feel comfortable in your mouth.

Choose from seven different colors.

Mig Vapor E-Liquids

Mig Vapor has been around since the beginning of the vaping trend. They are a trusted leader in e-liquids and vape supplies around the world. 

Check out any of their nine different flavors that include tobacco, menthol, desserts, and fruit flavors. You can find nicotine levels from 3 mg to 12 mg in large and small bottles for varying prices. You may also opt for subscription delivery.

Batteries and Chargers

Of course, your vape won’t last long without a charge. 

Either you have a mod that charges with batteries or you have a battery that charges. You should really have the former if you want the best vaping experience.

Here is the best setup for a traditional mod and tank set.

EFEST LUC V4 Charger

You’ll never have charged batteries without a proper charger. Consider the EFEST LUC V4 Charger built specifically for 18650 batteries. It’s also compatible with the following lithium-ion batteries: 

  • 10440
  • 14500
  • 14650
  • 18500
  • 17670
  • 18350
  • 18650
  • 18700
  • 26500
  • 26650

This is a great charger to keep all your batteries charged up when not in use. Not to mention that it doubles as a phone and/or tablet charger. 

Aspire 18650 Battery

One of the most important vape mods accessories is your batteries. The Aspire 18650 lithium battery pumps out 2500 mAh with a high discharge current of 20 A.

Don’t settle for anything less. Make sure to charge them fully before using for the best results. 

Travel Accessories

You probably don’t travel very far without your vape supplies. That’s why you need a handy travel case to keep everything in one spot. Check out these options.

Black Lizard VapeSox

For a discreet, easy to carry vape case, try the Black Lizard VapeSox carrying case. It’s made of faux snakeskin with a drawstring that makes it easy to pull your vape in and out. It also has a clip for ease of carrying.

Protect your setup when you’re traveling around, whether down the block or across the country.  

Fox Vape Hard Carrying Case

For something a little sturdier, consider the Fox Vape Hard Carrying Case. It features a semi-hard material on the outside with a smooth fabric texture on the inside. It also features a double zipper and 2 mesh pockets.

Attach it to your belt or purse when you’re on the go with a carabiner loop. As an added feature, enjoy replacement, return, and refund services from customer service if you have any problems with the product.

GinTai Ego Travel Carry Vape Case

Of course, there are times when you need a case that serves more than one purpose. The GinTai Ego Travel Carry Vape Case is a multi-use, multi-function mod kit bag made of durable material.

Keep things organized and safe from dropping or dust or the elements with this handy kit bag that features three different size pockets. You can successfully accommodate any accessories and mods. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the best vaping accessories doesn’t have to be overwhelming and confusing. Keep this list in mind while you’re stocking up this year. Choose one or two and be the envy of all your fellow vapers. 

This is the year to personalize your vaping journey. Don’t be caught without anything but the best.

If you have questions or comments about finding the best vape accessories, feel free to contact us. We strive to be your go-to source for everything vape related.


why are juuls so popular

Why Are Juuls So Popular? Let’s Break Down Its Popularity

In August of 2018, around 10 million Americans admitted that they use e-cigarettes. And while these cigarette replacements are popular all across the board, nothing on the e-cigarette or vaping market has even come close to touching the powerhouse that is the Juul vape pen.

While Juul has come under fire in recent months, people alleging that they’re marketing their ads for children, that hasn’t stopped the e-cig company from topping the charts for most popular vape pen in the world.

But why are Juuls so popular? What makes this specific brand of vape pen so much better than all the others? We’ll break it down here for you so you can make the best decision for your vape purchase.

What Is Juul?

To break it down for you, Juul is an e-cig vaporizer that was designed with smokers in mind. It was initially invented to help people wean off of traditional cigarettes, but over time it has grown into a great cigarette replacement.

It’s a small, USB drive sized device that contains a battery, a temperature regulator, and a battery reader. Unlike many other mods, the Juul doesn’t contain an atomizer, instead, the Juulpods do.

The juice that gives the Juul its flavor and nicotine is a special kind of e-juice. Instead of liquid nicotine, it contains nicotine salt. This is a closer component to what is found in an actual tobacco leaf.

There are a number of things that make Juul different from other brands of e-cigs and vapes. And these differences are what make them so popular.

It’s Sleek and Trendy

First, let’s take a look at what the Juul actually looks like. It’s a small, sleek, device that looks a lot like a USB drive. It’s compact and can fit in the palm of your hand.

This is nice for a lot of reasons. Primarily, people prefer Juul to other vape devices because it’s easier to hide. There’s no problem with tucking it into your pocket or slipping it into your sleeve if you get caught taking a puff at an inopportune time.

They’re also trendy. They come with colorful lights too, also known as “party mode.” If you wave your Juul around, you’ll get a fun little light show.

The Flavor Variety is Insane

When it comes to traditional cigarettes, you’ve got two flavors: regular and menthol.

But Juuls changed the game entirely. Juul created 8 flavors to make vaping more accessible to those who may not like the taste of traditional tobacco.

Here are some fun flavors you can get for your Juul:

  • Mint
  • Mango
  • Creme
  • Fruit
  • Cucumber

However, if these fruity flavors don’t appeal to you, you can always stick with plain old tobacco or menthol!

The Juul company itself doesn’t recommend you attempt to refill their Juulpods with the e-juice you can buy for other vape mods.

However, it can be done. And the e-juice that you can buy from other manufacturers are almost limitless.

You can get flavors like the ones listed above, but you could also spring for things like chocolate and tangerine!

It’s a Great Cigarette Alternative

This is one of those topics that have a lot of debate surrounding it. There are people who swear that smoking e-cigarettes is just as bad as smoking a regular cigarette, but is that true?

Spoiler alert: it’s not. In fact, Juul vape pens wouldn’t be nearly as popular as they are without solid evidence that they’re safer than regular cigarettes.

Let’s take a look at what regular cigarette smoke contains. It’s made up of 70 carcinogens and carbon monoxide. It’s loaded with heavy metals like cadmium and arsenic, too.

But Juul spent time and money doing loads of research in an attempt to create an e-liquid that has the least amount of negative health impact while providing a top-notch product.

Juulpods contain mostly glycerol, propylene glycol, natural oils and extracts, nicotine, benzoic acid, and flavor.

These ingredients are mostly harmless to inhale. In fact, glycerol and propylene glycol are usually used in vaporization liquids and even things like toothpaste.

They’re Totally Uncomplicated

Another reason why Juuls are so popular is that they’re downright easy to use.

Take a look at a high-end vaping setup.

For most vape mods, you’ll need a tank, a coil, and a few other odds and ends. A basic starter kit can run you as much as $60 in some places.

While many people do attempt to quit smoking traditional cigarettes for health reasons, many people also try to kick the habit in an attempt to lighten the load on their pocketbooks.

A Juul starter pack typically runs $35. Then you have to buy the Juulpods, and they can come in packs of four for $16.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that a Juulpod only lasts about a day if you’re a heavy vaper. There are subscription services out there that can help you save some money on packs of the pods, but you’ll save the most money if you can control your vaping.

Why Are Juuls so Popular?

So, why are Juuls so popular? It should be obvious by now that they’re the obvious choice for young adults who want to vape in peace without breaking the bank or lugging around a huge vape mod. They come in great flavors and the cartridge is small enough to hide just about anywhere.

If you love vaping and want to learn more about different mods, read our review series today!