4 Reasons Not to Buy Counterfeit Vape Products

4 Reasons Not to Buy Counterfeit Vape Products

If you vape, have vaped, or are thinking about vaping, all the stories in the news might be deterring you lately. People are now being hospitalized from vaping after everyone seemed to think vaping was a harmless alternative to cigarettes.

You may be worried– Should I throw away my Juul? Is my vape juice safe? What were the people hospitalized using? Although there are no definitive answers on how dangerous vaping is, it is imperative not to buy counterfeit vape products. If you have no idea what is in the vape juice, you could be inhaling heavy metals, like nickel, tin, and lead or diacetyl, a chemical linked to serious lung disease.

1. Testing

Most things we consume have some sort of regulation. The FDA controls our food supply and makes sure that what we either ingest, or put on our bodies won't harm us. Vapes have similar regulations put on them. For example, the batteries vaping use must meet certain standards as well as having a premarket tobacco application. The batteries must be made out of lithium ion, steel, or plastics. I

f you are purchasing a counterfeit vape, these regulations are no longer in place. Business owners selling counterfeit vape products may skirt around these standards. Therefore, the products can be dangerous and potentially harmful. Vapes have exploded while charging, as well as during use.

Vapes have seriously injured people. Even if a counterfeit vape is cheaper, it is not worth the risk of getting hurt. The reason fake vapes are cheaper, is due to these government requirements not being in place.

2. Materials

Fake and counterfeit vape products use cheapcheap products and materials. They cut corners in many ways to save money. This can include the batteries, the chip, the processor, and even the way the vape is engineered.

Having lower quality materials in a vape is dangerous, but also can waste your money in the long run. You may have to buy batteries more often since they won't last as long, or even cause your vape to break after a bit of use because they aren't made as well.

Using counterfeit coils is also dangerous on many levels. The coil wire cannot properly resist heat, so it causes you to inhale vaporized, metallic particles.

3. Unreliable Manufacturers

When you are buying from 3rd parties or unreliable manufacturers, it can be impossible to get in contact with them for any problems. If something does go wrong, there is a high possibility that you may not recover the damages. This leads to spending more money on buying vapes because if you can't get in contact with the suppliers after an issue occurs, there is no way to get refunded or a new product.

4. The Experience

The actual vaping experience may not be as good with a counterfeit vape. They are not crafted as well, don't use high quality materials, and skirt around regulations. It is not worth it to save money when you are jeopardizing first your health and safety, but second, the whole reasons you are buying a vape anyways–for the experience. The way the vape hits and how smooth it is can be different with a higher quality vape.

How to Spot a Counterfeit

There are many ways to spot a counterfeit vape. Some of the most common are looking at the authenticity code, typos on packaging, and price. Price is the easiest to spot a counterfeit because if you are looking to purchase a vape significantly lower priced than most, it probably is using lower quality materials.

A good rule of thumb is that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Many fake vapes are sold on places like Amazon, Ebay, or 3rd party websites. Looking at authenticity codes is important as well. However, the only way to check these are by having the physical product, so you have to purchase it to find out.

This doesn't allow for you to have as much of a chance to return or exchange your product. If the authenticity code is fake, it will not check out with the manufacturer. Counterfeits either fake a code or use a stolen one.

Staying Safe When You Vape

Now that you hopefully have not purchased a counterfeit vape, there are still precautions you need to keep in mind when vaping. Make sure to take care of your batteries. This includes not leaving your vape in a hot car because it can cause the battery to overheat and explode.

The juice is also another part of the vape to be mindful of. If it does spill out of the cartridge, ensure it doesn't get on your skin. If it does, wash it off as soon as you can. This hazard can be mitigated by purchasing juice from reputable sources.

There have been some issues lately with putting other substances in vapes when that's not what they are meant for. It can be extremely dangerous to put other liquids inside a vape because the vape is specifically crafted for a certain substance. Other forms can cause the vape to malfunction. Keep your vape in a safe place and make sure to stay healthy in other ways as well!

It's up to You

All in all it is on you to check your vape and make sure it is not counterfeit. Some ways to tell are by looking to see if your product has a unique id code, ensure you are only buying from an authorized vendor, and only purchase vapes directly from the e-comm channel or manufacturer themselves.

Also do your research. Look up the name and place of origin of your vape, as well as the supplier and information you can find about them. Vaping is a great way to curb cigarette addiction and socialize, but it is so important to be careful and informed. Like anything, knowing what you are putting into your body and lungs is essential for good health. Just don't be stupid about it and you'll be fine.

How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes Using a Vape

How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes Using a Vape

Are you ready to quit smoking for good, but aren't sure which method is right for you?

This is a common problem smokers run into. Prescription medications, special chewing gum, and therapy all claim to reduce cigarette cravings and help a person quit smoking. However, what works for one person may not be right for you.

Fortunately, vaping offers a way to cut out cigarettes while still enjoying the act of smoking. In fact, vaping offers something totally new – a wide variety of flavors and devices.

Plus, vaping doesn't come with a laundry list of health hazards like tobacco cigarettes do. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 16 million Americans have a disease caused by smoking cigarettes. Any way you slice it, it's time to quit.

But before you go all in and buy a vaping kit, you need to know some basics. Let's go over some easy tips to help you quit smoking with a vape.

Know Your Device Options

Vaping is vaping, right? Not quite. The first thing you'll need to consider is the device you use. This may seem like an insignificant detail, but if you're taking up vaping to quit smoking, it could have a big impact on your success.

The primary distinction you need to make is between the e-cigarette and the vape pen. Both are effective vaping devices, but there are some features you need to consider before making a purchase.

An e-cigarette is a small device made to look like a real cigarette. They're compact and come with a rechargeable battery and e-liquid cartridges. You inhale just like you would a real cigarette. This is a good option if you want to ease into vaping and feel like you need the same oral satisfaction you got from cigarettes.

You may also opt for a vape pen, which is what you see most vapers using. These are larger devices that contain a chamber for the e-liquid. Vape pens have a longer battery life and are typically a bit more expensive. However, they're often much smoother and can be modified to fit your vaping preferences.

Be Choosy With Your Flavors

One of the biggest benefits to vaping is the wide range of flavors to choose from. In fact, this may be the best part about choosing to quit smoking using a vape.

However, choosing the right e-liquid flavor is more important than you think. If you make a decision without thinking it through, you could end up hating it. The next thing you know, you'll be ditching your new vape for cigarettes.

You'll be amazed at how many flavors of e-juice are out there. Fruit, candies, and foods are all available. However, it may be better to try more adventurous flavors after you've gotten used to vaping.

A great tip for beginners trying to quit smoking is to choose a flavor closer to tobacco. The familiarity with real cigarettes could help you acclimate to vaping. Keep in mind you can have a special blend created that suits your taste.

Consider the Strength of Your E-Juice

According to the National Institutes of Health, 75-80% of people who try to quit smoking relapse within six months. This is due to the power of nicotine addiction.

E-juice comes with different levels of nicotine. If you're trying to quit smoking, choosing the right strength is important. Initially, you'll probably want something fairly strong.

It may seem strange to go with a stronger level of nicotine while trying to cut out cigarettes. However, if you start with an e-juice with very little nicotine, you may be prone to overusing it in order to feel satisfied.

The best approach is to think about how often you smoked cigarettes and start with an appropriate level. For instance, if you smoked a pack a day, you need a high nicotine level. Moderate smokers can start with less.

Lower Your Levels Over Time

After you've chosen the right flavor and nicotine strength, you'll probably start vaping all the time. There's a good chance you'll enjoy it right away. This is great news. You're no longer consuming cigarettes but still enjoying the pleasure of vaping. However, you have some work to do before you've officially quit smoking for good.

The next step is to start lowering the nicotine level of your e-juice. This means you'll be giving your body less of the nicotine it's been used to and cutting down your dependency on it. The process can be tricky, so don't jump the gun.

One of the best ways to know it's time to lower your level is by considering how much you use your vape. If you started by using it all the time and now don't seem to rely on it as much, it's time to think about moving to a lower level.

Try intentionally leaving your e-cigarette or vape pen at home when you go out. If you start having serious cravings, you may need a little more time with your current nicotine level. However, if you feel fine waiting until you get home to vape, you may be ready to lower your dose.

Take the Plunge and Cut Out Nicotine

If you've gone as low as you can with your nicotine level and don't feel like you depend on it, think about making the switch to zero-nicotine e-juice. This may be intimidating at first, but once you do it, you'll realize there was nothing to worry about.

It may help to set a date when you plan on cutting out nicotine. Or, you may just need to be spontaneous and start right away. Whatever method works for you.

The great thing about vaping is that you still get to enjoy the act of smoking, even if there's no nicotine or tobacco involved. In fact, if you've been using an e-juice with low nicotine for some time, you may not notice a difference.

Invest in a Vape and Quit Smoking Now

If you're ready to give cigarettes the boot for good, vaping may be the answer. Moving to a vape will allow you to quit smoking on your terms. Plus, you may find a new hobby in vaping.

Keep the tips discussed above in mind when vaping for the first time. You'll probably find that quitting smoking was easier than you thought.

Check out these starter kits with all the gear you need.




How do You Know When to Upgrade Your Vape?

How do You Know When to Upgrade Your Vape?

There are only three reasons why you would need to upgrade your Vape device. #1 Malfunction its not working. charger may have gone out or the vape may not be hitting with the power it used to. #2 change of pace you have outgrown the pen and decided to go bigger and you want to get more customization options ,or the reverse you may fall into the bracket of those who want more discretion and practicality a lot of vapes on the market really fall into that bracket because they are big and indiscreet, if you don’t have a bag.

after a while you feel in cumbered you always have only one hand available. #3 you lost it or broke it. In any case here are some in-depth signs you need to look out for, should you need to replace your Vape.

Follow your Nose

One of the first signs you may need to replace your vape is a metallic sent coming from your vape. it even effects your pulls or hits so it will taste like smoking pennies so stay on the lookout normally this comes from over use with bad coils or burnt out RDA also keep in mind this can be dangerous to your health.

Some e-cigs even have a burnt or metallic flavor when Vaping. The metallic taste is almost certainly because of the coil. E-cigarettes produce high levels of formaldehyde-releasing chemicals at high voltages. According to a letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine today. Given that formaldehyde is well-documented carcinogen . the finding lends support to the idea that e-cigarettes should be subjected to greater regulations the wick in the head. If it is metal and hard when beaten. There is a hot spot on the coil where the wire is not enough juice soaked.

Short life span

Shortened battery life is a good way of knowing when to replace your vape as well the average battery life span is 300+ puffs once it starts cutting off at around the minimum 300 you may want to consider a upgrade or replacement. This is normally due to habits of overcharging your vape, remember these things are very sensitive and charging them more than 3 hours at a time may cause damage to internal mechanisms. Vapes can be complex machines they can break with a drop or even from over filling your tanks, one small mechanism inside the device not working well

Vape Upkeep

Remember a vape is an item that must be well maintained no matter how small your vape is, some maintenance is required case in point big modes will need a considerable amount of cleaning and replacing parts periodically Coils, Batteries, RDAs, Screws and so on. With that in mind a budget for upkeep is going to have to be a back thought to every related purchase well talk more about that in the next point. Touching base on smaller vape u keep is a little simpler… Household item simple take a normal juul for example alcohol and Q-tips will go a long way. but once you see the pod ends start to rust its time for a new device. You can find out more at https://bestvapesmoke.com/


One of the biggest reasons people switch to vaping is an alternative to smoking cigarettes kicking the stick as some would call it, But with that said a lot of vape devices on the market are very expensive accessories especially when you factor in the cost of parts that will need to be repaired every 60 to 30 days depending on use. Making a vape cost more than you bargained for take the time to do the research to find what your looking for, and if you don’t know ask yourself these questions.

– What kind of vape do you need?

– Is it practical for your lifestyle? (you want it because it works not because it looks cool)

– Can you afford it ?

– Can you Maintain it?

Its crucial here you don’t allow the Cashier at the vape shop or the overall aesthetic of the vape itself persuade you on what to buy. They should be guiding you to locate the right device so in this case I will definitely encourage you to lean towards going into a shop and not shopping online at least until you are vaping for a while so you aren’t visiting smoke or vape shops on a constant basis to make something that doesn’t work for you work it’s a waste of money and time.

The Law

A lot of places like Airports and Hospitals have certain rules and regulations keeping vapes out of the facilities entirely. for example Airports they don’t allow the user to use them or carry them in the facility some Airports even confiscate or ask you to throw them away thru TSA check points if they notice them at the baggage check.

Making the switching to a new vape like Juul or Palm may cut back on this because the device carries a smaller battery and is Discreet so smoking it wont cause large clouds that may disturb other travelers or cause airport security to freak out. most of this is due to huge modes that take lithium batteries because these devices have a habit of exploding or causing small fires due to the altitude of the aircraft so if you travel a lot a smaller vape may be more fitting.