E-Cigarettes Are Not the Gateway to Smoking Cigarettes

7 out of 10 smokers claim that they would like to quit smoking in the near future. Many of these smokers may turn to e-cigarette to help reduce the pain of gradually quitting.

So if e-cigarettes can actually help individuals quit smoking, what’s all the fuss about their potential health consequences? Read on to learn more about vaping and the number of physical benefits associated with it.

What is Vaping?

Over the years vaping has risen in popularity. However, many individuals are still unsure about what vaping really is and why it’s used. In short, vaping is the use of an electronic machine, often referred to as an e-cigarette, in which different oils and flavors are loaded and inhaled through a vapor.

Recently, vaping has returned at a popular trend among millennial’s. Now vaping can be used with anything from nicotine to essential oils.

As a result, researchers are finding that there may be some added health benefits that come as a result of vaping. Read on to learn more about vaping and it’s possible benefits.

How to Use E-cigarettes

Once you’ve purchased your first Vape pen or e-cigarette, you’ll find that the mechanism is remarkably easy to use.

To load the cartridge unscrew the bottom of the pen or a cigarette. You’ll find a small spring cartridge where you will load the oil.

Simply remove the old cotton oil applicator and add in a new cotton applicator that has a few drops of your preferred oil applied to it.

From here, you will insert the cartridge back into the e-cigarette and wait for it to load up. Typically you want to wait about five minutes before attempting to vape after changing out the cartridge.

You want to change out your cartridge every couple of weeks or each time you choose to change the flavor. However, a few drops of juice in your e-cigarette can last for days.

You’ll find there are a wide variety of online vape stores and products to choose from, making it easy to always have your favorite flavors on hand.

E-cigarette’s vs. Real Cigarettes

For years there has been speculation that e-cigarettes are the gateway drug to regular cigarette smoking. However, anyone that has tried both versions of smoking can tell you that there is a distinct difference between the two.

Lung Quality

While any type of smoking may have some negative effects on the quality of your lungs, there is a stark difference between water-based vaping and tobacco-based smoking.

Research has found that there are dramatically fewer cases of lung cancer among those who vape compare the two those who smoke traditional cigarettes.

As you discover below, while both e-cigarette’s and cigarettes have the potential to lead to lung cancer, the use of e-cigarettes can dramatically reduce an individuals need to smoke, thus saving them from a higher likelihood of lung cancer in the future.

Quitting Cigarettes

One primary use of e-cigarette’s is creating a healthier substitute for those attempting to quit the use of traditional cigarettes. Due to the extremely addictive qualities of nicotine, it may be difficult to give up cigarettes cold turkey.

Rather than giving up cigarettes altogether, many smokers trying to quit will gradually reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke on a daily basis.

Another benefit of e-cigarettes, when compared to other nicotine alternatives like patches, is that the vapor has total control over the amount of nicotine they intake each time they vape. The individual can reduce the amount of nicotine they inhale by adding less nicotine based oil to their vaping cartridge with each use.

Other Uses of Vaping

 In addition to attempting to quit smoking, there are a number of reasons someone may choose to vape. These reasons may range from physical to mental benefits, depending on the individual and their unique needs.

Vaping and CBD

Over the years the medicinal use of cannabis has been legalized in over half of the United States. This is due to the fact that cannabis offers intense medicinal properties for those suffering from a variety of conditions.

Which is why many individuals choose to Vape CBD oils in an effort to bring relief to a number of symptoms and conditions.

Some symptoms that vaping CBD may help relieve includes

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Pain brought on by various cancer treatments
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of appetite for those suffering from a severe eating disorder
  • And seizures

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above you may want to talk to your doctor about using Vape CBD oil as a potential treatment option.

Vaping and Essential Oils

Researchers found that the use of various essential oils, whether through aromatherapy or taken orally, can result in a number of health benefits.

For example, lavender has been found to help reduce stress as well as prevent various sleep problems. Smelling and or inhaling mint can help relieve nausea or other stomach related symptoms.

Even the use of essential lemon oil can help energize and refresh an individual. Which is why many people are choosing to load their e-cigarette with different essential oils to help treat whatever their current needs may be.

Not only are essential oils safe, but they’re also an organic alternative to traditional medications.

Finding the Right Vape Products for Your Needs

Whether you want to buy an e-cigarette to quit smoking or to enjoy the many benefits associated with vaping, it’s best to start with quality products.

From starter kits to various juice flavors you’ll be able to find everything you need right here. To start your vaping journey today check out our quality product reviews to see what works for you.


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