SMOK Alien 220W TC and TFV8 Baby Beast Full Kit

I was very hesitant on buying the SMOK Alien and TFV8 starter kit because the box mod is super high tech and I’m not good with technology, at all. I’ve always had unregulated mods because I thought dealing with power adjustments would be difficult, but after a few days of using my SMOK Alien and TFV8 I have to admit, I won’t be running back to buy another unregulated mod any time soon. 

I’m really happy I have made the switch from unregulated to regulated because I can choose the wattage I want to vape on, which is super nice! I was craving a bit of a bigger cloud and I wasn’t able to achieve that with my unregulated mod. I can now also look at my SMOK Alien and tell when it is time to change my batteries because the battery life appears on the screen.  

SMOK Alien 220-Watt Battery Life  

I really enjoy that I can tell when it’s time to change my batteries because I’m a super busy person and tend to forget to change them. I’ve left the house multiple times in the past and have been without a vape because I forgot to change my batteries. However, things have changed and I’m a bit higher tech in the vaping industry now and I haven’t had low batteries since I made the switch to SMOK.  

May I also add that the battery life has lasted a lot longer with the SMOK than it has in any other mod I have purchased. Which once again, I love because I’m always on the go. Since I’m always moving from place to place, my mod always gets put in my pocket. 

About a week or two before I bought the Alien, I was at the mall with my daughter in build-a-bear and I started to smell something burning. I didn’t think anything of it until I felt burning on my leg and looked down and saw my pocket had a hole in it.  

I reached in my pocket, burnt my hand and noticed my Craving Vapor HexOhm was going off in my pocket since the parking lot.  

My mod ended up getting so hot, it melted and ruined my vape tank. I was super upset because I really enjoyed the set up I had but knew it was time for a change because it could have really hurt me, or worse, my daughter.  

After the incident of my mod trying to burn me alive, I started doing research and that’s when I chose the SMOK. I couldn’t be happier with the way the mod works and the TFV8 Beast Baby tank is amazing!  

TFV8 Beast Baby Vape Tank 

 SMOK totally knew what they were doing when they paired the SMOK Alien and TFV8 Beast Baby together. It is a dynamic duo and they really complement each other. 

 Each hit I take is full of flavor, no matter how long I’ve been vaping on the same vape juice for. If I’m craving some fruity pebbles, there is no need for the calories. I’ll just take a few drags of my vape and the craving will leave. 

 The products work fantastic and it comes with two coils, extra parts, and replacement glass- which I have already used because I’m clumsy.  

 I love the strength of the tank; the airflow is perfect and produces just the right amount of smoke. There is nothing bad I can say about this starter kit.  

 I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. SMOK did a great job and have changed my outlook on regulated box mods.  

  • SMOK Alien 220W TC and TFV8 Baby Beast Full Kit
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