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The Gamucci E-Cigarette Review

I smoked for roughly fifteen years before I decided that I wanted to quit to try to better my health. Quitting smoking cold turkey felt nearly impossible to do, however, so I wanted to see if vaping was right for me. Many of the vapors that I saw seemed to be a bit more complicated […]

DigiFlavor x The Vapor Chronicles Drop 24mm RDA

As much as I hate to admit it: I love this RDA more than any non-rebuild vape tank I’ve ever purchased. It has a great amount of airflow; the flavor is wonderful and it’s not harsh on your throat like some other RDA’s I’ve used in the past.   I think the airflow is so profound because it’s a four-post build deck, which you don’t […]

SMOK TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank

I absolutely love the TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank. It’s been one of my best purchases since I began vaping. It gives me the utmost respect for SMOK for creating such a great device.  I haven’t had any problem other than a bit of vape juice leakage. The leakage was due to my coil not being screwed in properly though, so it was […]

The Rokin Cyclone Dab Pen

I needed a dab pen that I could take on the road with me when I traveled and found the Rokin Cyclone. This vape starter kit was affordably priced at less than $100 and came with everything I needed to start dabbing right away.    The Cyclone Is Designed for Long-Term Use  The Cyclone features an all metal construction and the leak resistant atomizers […]

Geek Vape Zeus Dual RTA

I wanted to try an RTA and saw that the Geek Vape Zeus Dual RTA had high ratings and was priced at less than $30, which is a bonus already. After trying it out, however, I definitely feel that this is a great RTA for experienced vapers, but not for a novice. Once I figured out how to use […]