Limitless Marquee Starter Kit

Before getting involved in vaping, I had no idea what a box mod even was. As I soon learned, a box mod is an electronic cigarette device with either an internal battery or the capacity for an external battery.  

In other words, a box mod is the core component of vaping and you certainly need a good one to enjoy vaping. Both the regulated and unregulated versions are shaped like a square, so they are called box MOD. I found one I was really happy with from VaporDNA, a store that offers mods, vape juice, vape tanks and so much more. 


The Best Box Mod on the Market

I stumbled upon the Limitless Marquee Starter Kit and never looked back—I’ve been using it ever since. I like this one because it comes with everything you need to get started vaping and gives you plenty of options for atomizers and more. It’s also much smaller than other options on the market, with a sleek and shiny exterior that I’m actually quite proud to hold.  

I’ve read other user reviews online, and it seems everyone has nothing but good things to say about this box mod. Not only is it clean and portable, but it also has an impressive capability and maximum output of 80W.  

It’s 1800 mAh integrated battery gives it one of the top range to size ratios on the market. You can easily charge it with the Micro USB port, and it keeps its charge for a good amount of time. I appreciate that because I’ve had friends tell me how other brands and varieties lose their battery life after what seems like just an hour or two. I’ve been able to take it on full day outings without any problems; just charge it up overnight and you shouldn’t have any problems. 

Other cool features include the threadless 510 connection. You can use a variety of options such as a covert tank or an atomizer adapter, which is a bonus compared to other box mods on the market with more limitations.  

You can easily control the temperature and keep the heating under control. I’ve never had an issue with overheating or the box mod being too hot to touch, so I think that’s another benefit!  


Good Value, Good Addition to Vaping Gear

Overall, I think this vape starter kit is well worth the (already reasonable) money. Not only are they often on sale, but these kits pack a lot of bang for their buck. When you think about everything you get, from the different options and fancy features to the portability, it’s a pretty decent value.  

I think other people shell out way more money for a box mod kit that doesn’t even tick all their boxes. On, the list price is posted as $74.99 while the store’s price is $59.99 and the clearance price is $29.99. For prices like that, you get a whole lot of vaping gear from a trusted manufacturer.  

These box mods come in black, blue & gold, or sterling silver. While I personally prefer the blue body, I respect the fact that there are options for other shades, too. Six months after buying it, I still have no major hesitations—other than that it will make you keep wanting to vape more and more!  

  • Limitless Marquee Starter Kit
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