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The Rokin Cyclone Dab Pen

Written by Sarah Niemann

I needed a dab pen that I could take on the road with me when I traveled and found the Rokin Cyclone. This vape starter kit was affordably priced at less than $100 and came with everything I needed to start dabbing right away.  

 The Cyclone Is Designed for Long-Term Use 

The Cyclone features an all metal construction and the leak resistant atomizers make it great for travel and durability. The pen is available in multiple colors including matte black, rose gold, and gunmetal.  

I found that the battery life, although rechargeable, is not as long as with some other pens I’ve tried, it did work well for my needs. It can be charged with a USB charger so that I could easily charge it when I was in my hotel room or traveling in a car, so it’s not all too bad and is very convenient. 

Designed for Discreet Use 

The small design of the Cyclone allows it to almost completely fit into your hand for discreet use. The dab pen has a single light on the R button, to ensure that you’re not attracting attention to yourself when using it. Also, the smell of the vapors dissipates very quickly so that you can use it anywhere that you want, very discreetly.  

The Cyclone is Designed for Easy Use

The Cyclone is a great dab pen for starters; it’s easy to fill and use and has a waterless vapor cooling feature so that there is not hard work that has to be done to get a great experience.  

The pen has four different voltage settings so that you can make the pen as harsh or mild as you want it to be. I found that the vapor can be harsh on the higher voltage settings though. I try to stick to the mid-range settings to ensure that my throat doesn’t hurt after vaping.  

The vape pen also has a ten-second auto shut off function to ensure that the pen cannot go off accidentally. This is great for times when I throw the pen into my bag and forget to turn it off.  

 Enjoyable to Use 

I’ve found that the Cyclone is very enjoyable to use—it provides rich flavor and smooth hits if it’s used on a low to midrange setting. The pen produces optimal amounts of vapors thanks to the four chambers located at the top of the chamber and the ceramic mouthpieces feel good in the mouth.  

It recharges quickly but does start to create weaker amounts of vapor as the battery dies. It has a very basic design which makes it easy to maintain and all of the parts that you would need to make it work as well as possible for as long as possible are easy to find and affordable to purchase.  

Overall, I feel that the Cyclone is a great dab pen to have around. 

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