Falcon Tank by Horizon Tech; Affordable and Durable

When I went out one night, I put my vape in my back pocket and forgot about it. It fell when I went to use the restroom and the tank broke beyond repair. I needed to replace the tank and decided to invest in a new model. I had heard great things about the Falcon Sub-OHM Tank by Horizon Tech, so I gave it a try, and I’m so glad I did too. 


The Falcon Tank Available in Many Colors 

I really liked the fact that the Falcon Tank had such an eye-catching exterior—the finish had a shiny metallic look to it. It was available in a few different colors, but I ultimately chose the rainbow finish because it fits my girly personality well.  


The Falcon is the Perfect Size

The 25.2 mm tank is perfect for just about any vape that I have. It doesn’t hang over the sides and make it uncomfortable to vape. It also has a 5 mL juice capacity, which, while is ample to me, but if I wanted, there is an optional bubble glass extension that I can buy if I want to add another 2 milliliters to the amount it can hold. It also comes with replacement glass in case I break one. 


Provides Smooth, Easy Vaping 

I love that the tank comes with two different types of coils. It has the traditional cotton coil and a mesh option. I prefer mesh coils so that is what I have been using and found the draw to be smooth. I can taste the flavor of the vape juice really well.  

With some tanks, I can taste cotton, but not with this one. I also like the cloud production that it creates. I can use the tank in competitions with ease because there is so much smoke that’s created. 


The Price  is Great 

The vape tank is very reasonably priced especially for everything you get with it. Unlike some other tanks, it’s also very easy and affordable to find replacement parts for when they’re needed. I personally like this because the coils need to be changed every so often and being able to find them with ease is essential.  


Drawbacks to the Falcon Tank

While just about everything is great about this tank, there are a few drawbacks to it. First of all, it’s noisy; you aren’t going to be able to use this discreetly when you are around other people. The noise isn’t so loud that it’ll stop you from using it, but it is noisy enough that there is no way to hide the fact that you’re using it.  

The kit includes two different drip tips: one is a colorful option, while the other has a black finish. While I like the colors and the style of the drip tips, I didn’t like the way that they felt when I used the tank. They were too large in my opinion, but I was able to easily swap it out with another drip tip that I was fond of, so it really wasn’t a big deal to me.  

Overall, I would say this is a good option for someone who wants to replace their current vape tank. It’s affordably priced, works well and is easy to use. So far, it’s proven to be very durable and easy to clean when needed.  

  • Falcon Tank by Horizon Tech
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