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Impress Your Friends: 7 Vape Tricks That Are Surprisingly Easy to Learn

The CDC recently released new data suggesting that over 9 million adults regularly vape in the United States.

Why is this new trend gaining so much popularity?

Vaping, rather than smoking, offers numerous benefits as it:

  • is cheaper
  • does not have all the harmful chemicals that cigarettes do
  • tastes and smells better
  • satisfies the nicotine craving
  • doesn’t create smoke
  • can be used almost anywhere without bothering others

But, the benefit we will focus on here is that vaping creates a bunch of vapor that you can play around with. We’re not talking simple smoke rings that everybody knows how to do, but we will teach you how to do vape tricks that will drop jaws!

Here are 7 awesome vape tricks that will impress your friends and keep you amused!

1. The Dragon Master

People tend to like anything involving dragons, as they bring a fierce, mystical feel. Mystify people by turning yourself into a vape dragon.

We’re not just blowing smoke; here is how it’s done:

  1. Take a long hit of the vape, but don’t inhale the vapor.
  2. When you cannot take any more in, forcefully exhale through your nose and both corners of your mouth at the same time.

You may find execution a little trickier, so practice this privately before going dragon master at that lit party this weekend. And to add a little fire, use a spicy flavor boost!

2. The Mystic Bubble

Sure you can blow bubble gum bubbles, but do you know how to blow a vape filled bubble? Not to burst your bubble gum, but bubbles filled with thick vapor definitely look cooler.

Gather the following supplies:

  • a bowl of super soapy water or bubble solution
  • an empty toilet paper roll
  • your vape

Once you set it up:

  1. Such in as much vape as possible without inhaling.
  2. Dip one end of the tp roll into the soapy solution.
  3. Slowly blow the vape through the opposite end of the tp roll.

Watch in amazement as a large, smokey bubble form at the end of the roll. If you want to get all extra, use bubblegum or fruity flavored vape juice and let somebody else burst the bubble and watch their eyes pop with delight!

3. The Vaporfall

If you have an empty water bottle laying around, try out this fun trick!

To make a waterfall out of vapor:

  1. Freeze an inch of water in the bottom of a water bottle.
  2. Take a big hit off the vape.
  3. Blow the vapor into the frozen water bottle.
  4. Slowly pour the vapor onto a table or other flat surface.

This super simple trick is fun to watch as the thick vapor pours out like water!

4. The Mist

Even with one of the super easy vape tricks, you can turn heads, if you walk back to your friends at the bar with a misting drink!

To make your drink all misty:

  1. Use a wide rimmed glass with a cold drink filed half-way up
  2. Take a huge rip off of your vape, but do not inhale.
  3. Touch your lips to the glass, as if you are taking a sip.
  4. Exhale the vapor onto the liquid.

The vapor will just sit there and mist! Everybody will tell you how smokin’ your drink looks.

5. Push Your Vape Tricks

Once you learn how to push your vapor, you can upgrade the tricks you already know and play with your vapor to practice the most insane vapor stunts!

To push or bend your vapor:

  1. Follow your vape shape closely with your hand.
  2. Push the air behind it, but do not push your hand through the vapor.
  3. Gently direct it wherever you want to go.

The trick is to keep your speed constant behind the vapor. Pushing your vapes takes even your easy smoke tricks to the next level.

If you can master this, then you can learn to manipulate the air to also spin and bend your vape shapes! You will seriously look like a pro once you learn to air bend!

6. The Vaper’s Heart

This is a fun way to flirt with somebody sitting close to you! Make sure you use quality vape juice to keep your heart from beaking.

To send a vaper’s heart to somebody:

  1. Take a big hit without inhaling.
  2. Lower your jaw to open your mouth wide together with the smoke in your mouth.
  3. Make a large ‘O’ with your lips, but make sure your lips are clenched, rather than making a duck face.
  4. Do NOT puff out your cheeks or exhale yet.
  5. Curl your tongue at the tip all the way to the back of your mouth.
  6. Flick your tongue forward, running it along the top of your mouth, and keep hesitating.
  7. Once the smoke ring emerges, snap your fingers gently over the top of it
  8. Push the heart at your crush.

This adorable flirting method takes the awkwardness out of the approach and shows how fun and creatively you think. It’s the sophisticated version of blowing a kiss! Just make sure to send a sweet scent.

7. The Flying Jelly Fish

Nail this one and impress even your hardest critics! But first, let’s quickly review on how to blow an ‘O’ and then go on to the second part of the process.

How to Blow Smoke Rings:

  1. Take a deep inhale of vapor, without inhaling.
  2. Shape your mouth into an ‘O’, with lips tucked around your teeth, not ducked out.
  3. Make a gentle coughing motion.

That’s the easy part. Now you need to :

  1. Push your ‘O’ outward with your hand without breaking it up and follow the ‘O’ closely.
  2. While pushing the vapor, take a large hit.
  3. Act like you are ghosting, only do not suck back in, and blow the smoke through your floating ‘O’.

With a little practice, you can take this trick for a swim in public and please any crowd. To top it all off, do it in a room with a black light!

Get Ready to Vape in Style!

With a little practice and the right products, you will turn into the life of any party with these awesome vape tricks. Visit our website to read more on living the vape life! Because, why not make a daily routine a little more fun!?

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