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Your Guide to the Best Vape Drip Tips of 2018

Whether you’re interested in trying vaping to help you quit smoking, or if you just want to learn how to do those epic vaping tricks for yourself, there’s no time like the present to give vaping a try.

Of course, as you get more and more involved with the vaping community, you’ll want to explore all the ways you can upgrade your vaping experience.

One of the coolest accessories you just have to try?

Vape drip tips. Not only will they help you to get more flavor, but you’ll also be able to experiment with wicks and drip shields.

In short: your vape game is about to get seriously next-level.

But are the best drip tips for vapes in 2018? Keep on reading this post to find out.

What Are Vape Drip Tips?

Before we get into the best drip tips for vapes, let’s make sure you’re clear on exactly what they are.

You might also have heard vape tips referred to as a mouthpiece or just a “drip.” Essentially, think of the tip as an alternative to your cartomizer or e-cig cartridge.

They’re beloved by everyone in the vaping community because they help you to get more flavor out of every pull.

To use it, just screw it onto your atomizer, and let your favorite e-juice flavor slowly drip into it. This way, your e-juice will drip right into your atomizer, as opposed to losing some of the flavor as it goes through a cartomizer or cartridge.

Drip tips are made from a wide variety of materials, like aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, or even plastic. You can have fun playing around with different materials until you find your preferred option.

Remember that using a drip tip might not be the best idea for newer vapers. It takes lots of time and practice to get right, but it definitely pays off in the end.

Now, let’s take a look at the best drip tip options 2018 has to offer.

1. the SMOK 810 Wooden Drip Tip

First of all, we just love the elegant, old-world look of a wooden drip tip.

This option from SMOK is compatible with tons of different devices and is seriously affordable at under $4.00. Especially if you’re looking for a drip tip that gives you a good amount of heat resistance, opt for this one.

Additionally, remember that wooden drip tips have little to no impact on the overall flavor of your e-juice. So, if flavor and good looks are your priorities, this might be the right choice for you.

2. the Teflon Tip from Vaponaute

The French may have made cigarettes famous, but now, French vaping companies are also taking over the vaping and e-cig market.

Case in point: the incredibly Teflon drip tip options from French company Vaponaute. Their tips come in six different size options, so you never have to compromise when it comes to getting the perfect fit.

So, why opt for Teflon?

It’s perfect for those who prefer a high-wattage vaping experience and is incredibly heat-resistant. Plus, you’ll enjoy the smoothness of this drip tip every time you take a pull.

Vaponaute makes 510 drip tips, which means you shouldn’t run into any problems when it comes to atomizer compatibility.

3. The Stainless Steel Drip Tip from Modish Metal Works

Looking for a seriously sleek drip tip that’s heat resistant and cool to the touch?

If so, then opt for the stainless steel drip tip from Modish Metal Works. This is a favorite among cloud-chasers, as it’s well-known for helping you to get some of the biggest clouds possible.

They’ll match up with almost all kinds of tanks due to their 510 connections, and they come with a nice, wide bore.

Plus, they just look awesome.

And if stainless steel just isn’t your material of choice?

Don’t sweat it. The company also offers options in titanium, copper, and brass. Although, at around $25.00 a pop, these are one of the more expensive drip tips on our list?

They’re a smart investment, as they’re also one of the longest-lasting options.

4. The Honeycomb Drip Tip

As the name implies, this drip tip actually looks like a piece of honeycomb, with several holes running across its surface.

What’s the point of these holes, you may ask? They allow you to get enormous clouds — the kind perfect for pulling off some seriously impressive vape tricks.

Additionally, they come in lots of different colors, from a metallic purple to a bright green and a classic black.

You’ll also enjoy the comfortable airflow these drip tips provide. The tips are also compatible with high-wattage vaping devices.

Finally, thanks to its aluminum and stainless steel body, this drip tip serves as a powerful heat protector. It’s perfect for both new and experienced vaping enthusiasts alike.

Which of These Vape Drip Tips Will You Try?

We hope that this post has helped you to figure out which vape drip tips are right for you.

Remember to expect a bit of a mess when you first get started. This is where relying on your friends who are also involved in the vaping culture for help will come in handy. However, if you stick with it, we know you’ll love the drip tip payoff.

Looking for even more ways to upgrade your vaping experience? Want to check out reviews of the latest e-cigs, accessories, and vape juice flavors?

We’ve got you covered for all that and more.

Bookmark our blog and keep coming back to us to ensure you never miss out on the latest vaping tips and trends.

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