Tube Mods to Perform Tricks

Oh, the skills of doing vaping tricks can be eye-catching. For many people, all they want is to “smoke” something without really smoking cigarettes. Vaping an e-cigarette is like a good escape for them, but for others, they want more than just the normal smoking. If you’re one of those guys who want to learn to perform vape tricks, we have a list of the best tube mod for you.  


Temperature Controlling with Kanger Subvod Mega TC  

At just $39.99, this tube mod can provide battery capacity of up to 2300mAh. The output voltage is 3.7v and it has the minimum resistance of 0.1 ohm.  

Those who have been vaping for years know that Kanger is a brand that has been around for a while. One of their most known success stories includes developing amazing mods. This tube mod is compatible with a Mini RBA section, OCC coils, and Kanger SSOCC coils. Other than that, it’s available in white, black, red, and stainless steel. 


Bigger Cloud Production with SMOK Stick V8 Big Baby Beast 

This tube mod is operated with a single button and the construction is made of durable alloy. The battery capacity is 3000 mAh and it’s capable of pumping smart mechanical mode anywhere from 30 to 45 watts. Stick V8 also has a voltage range of between 3.4 to 4.2 volts and the kit comes with a micro USB charging port. The most it can hold of vape juice is 5 mL. It comes in six different colors and the price starts at $39.95 each. 


Affordable and All-in-One System of Joyetech Ego AIO 

Joyetech developed this vape mod with a built-in battery of 1500mAh capacity. The manufacturer has one goal in mind; to create an all-in-one system. The key features of this mod include: 

  • 2.0mL tank capacity 
  • 19mm of diameter 
  • Operated with a single button 
  • Capability to top fill 

This kit comes with a coil made of stainless steel 316 with .6 ohm and the ability to hold up to 2mL of vape juice. The top-fill needs you apply pressure in order for you to open it if the locking system is activated. It starts at $19.95 and relatively more inexpensive compared to the other tube mods. 


Quit Smoking with The User-Friendly Halo Tracer Twist 

This is the most expensive vape mod on this list because the tube mod was created with a goal to help smokers to quit smoking. Sounds too good to be true? Well, the key features of this mod include being user-friendly and with drip tip made of stainless steel. The internal battery is equipped with 2300mAh and the whole capacity of the mod is 4mL.  

Not only does this tube mod has a system that is user-friendly, it is also considered pocket-friendly due to its mini size. The Halo Tracer Twist mods come in multiple color choices including white, black, red, blue and stainless steel. The price for this is $55.00. 


Choosing Vape Mod Wisely 

It’s recommended for everyone who is looking for a mod to make a good research on what they truly need and want. Each vape mod is developed and designed differently. No two tube mods are created equal. Maybe the similarities exist between two models from two different brands, but the key features are always different. Besides, speaking of pros and cons, you will also have to find the one that fits your price range. Nevertheless, these mods featured here are some of the best out there. 

  • Kanger Subvod Mega TC  
  • SMOK Stick V8 Big Baby Beast 
  • Halo Tracer Twist 
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