Aspire Cleito 120 Maxi Watt 120W Sub-Ohm Tank

The best tank I have ever owned is the Aspire Cleito 120. I can promise you, you will not regret this purchase.

I was a little eerie to buy an Aspire product when it came down to making a decision on my new tank purchase because SMOK has been taking over the vaping scene. I didn’t feel like being judged about my decision on picking Aspire- but I couldn’t be happier that I did.

Sub-Ohm Tank and Box Mods

I’ve had this Sub-Ohm tank for over two years now and it has worked perfectly on every box mod I’ve been through since I bought it, including the VGOD Pro Mech 2, SnowWolf 200W-R box mod and the SMOK G PRIV 230W.

I ended up using a great mech mod for a few months called the VGOD Pro Mech 2. It really was a great mod, and I was so happy with it; nevertheless, I ended up getting rid of the VGOD because it had no locking system and I ended up burning a hole in my purse which really sucked.

After I threw a fit to the guy at the vape shop about my purse, he recommended trying a SnowWolf box mod because they had a lock button and I’m pretty sure he didn’t want me coming back to complain to him again.

The Aspire Sub-Ohm worked fantastic on the SnowWolf 200W-R box mod as it did on the VGOD. I was very happy with my setup for a few months, but I soon needed a smaller mod for a more comfortable grip.

I did a lot of research on different types of mods and ended up purchasing the SMOK G PRIV. No, I didn’t buy the SMOK because I wanted to be part of the hype; I bought it because it’s tiny, durable and was regulated.

This is the current set up I have now and it’s fantastic. It’s not too fancy like the VGOD and SnowWolf, but since I vape because I quit smoking, I don’t really need a fancy mod to begin with.
However, if I was in a competition for the best tasting juice from a Sub-Ohm and Box Mod, I’d beat everyone by far.

Vape Juice Tasting Like Magic

If you’ve been vaping as long as I have, you’ll totally agree when I say it has really evolved. I remember my first e-cigarette: vaping was still so new and after a few hits the coil would go bad, and when the coil went bad, the juice would taste horrible.

Now, with the fancy and evolved tanks (such as my beautiful Sub-Ohm) I only have to change my coil maybe once a month and the juice tastes as good as it did when I first put it in. I can’t even begin to on how great my juice tastes. It’s crazy. I used to hate dessert flavored juice, but since I’ve had this tank I can vape anything and have no complaints.

If you hate the hassle of changing your coil but like your juice tasting prime with each hit, I’m going to say it again: the Aspire Cleito Sub-Ohm is the best purchase you could make. I really can’t think of one thing bad about this tank.

Aspire 120 Sub-Ohm Beats Them All

The only thing I do recommend is to get a band to put over the glass. This goes with all tanks though; the glass can break easily so it’s just better to be safe. The cool thing about the Aspire is how it comes with a band, extra glass and extra coil so you’re totally set for the first month and don’t have to worry about extra coils or glass breaks.

I’ve been through a lot of tanks and this one beats them all. I’m not sure I’ll even try another one until Aspire upgrades the 120 because it’s that perfect.

The price is great, it is durable and hits perfect. There’s no other tank I would recommend, I give two thumbs up!

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Aspire Cleito 120 Maxi Watt 120W Sub-Ohm Tank Reviews

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